What is an Earnings Call Question

What is an Earnings Call?

by EarningsCall Editor


An earnings call is a conference call between a publicly traded company and investors. During the call, the company's management team provides an update on the company's financial performance, including its revenue, expenses, and profits. 

Earnings calls are held after the company releases its quarterly or annual earnings report and are an important way for management to communicate with the investment community about the company's current financial standing and prospects. 

Earnings calls provide management with the perfect opportunity to update investors on the company's performance. Not only that, but earnings calls also offer analysts and investors a chance to ask questions and get clarification on certain topics. 

In this article, we will go over the structure of an earnings call, explain why it's important for investors to listen in, and give you tips on how to listen to earnings calls online.

Why Is It Important To Listen To Earnings Calls?

Investors use earnings calls to assess the performance of companies and make decisions about whether or not to buy or sell the stock. 

Experienced investors pay close attention to what is being said on the call, as management will be updating investors on the company's performance and financials.

Now the question arises why do investors care about earnings calls? Here are a few reasons:

  • Earnings calls provide insight into a company's financial performance. Investors can use the information provided during the call to assess the company's financial health and determine whether it is a good investment.
  • In addition, earnings calls allow investors to ask questions. Investors can ask the management team questions about the company's financial performance, business strategy, and plans. This can provide valuable insight into the company's operations and help investors make informed investment decisions.
  • Earnings calls can help investors identify trends. By listening to multiple earnings calls, investors can get a sense of how a company is performing over time and identify any trends that may be emerging.
  • Also, the information provided during an earnings call can significantly impact a company's stock price, as investors adjust their expectations based on the company's financial performance and prospects. 

A quick tip is “Whenever you are listening to calls be sure to factor in any changes that may have occurred since the last earnings call when making your investment decisions.”

What is the structure of an Earnings Call? 

It can vary, there is not a trend across all the companies but there can be a trend in a specific industry. But every call involves the CEO or a senior executive of a company who will report on the company's financial results for the past quarter in a presentation. Investors listen to this call in order to get an overview of the company's performance and make decisions about whether to buy or sell shares. 

After that the CEO or other executive answers the questions asked by investors. So, whether you are a long-term investor or just looking to get ahead of the game, make sure to listen to earnings calls and benefit from the valuable information they provide 

What Do Companies Mention In Earnings Calls? 

During an earnings call, a company will typically provide an update on its financial performance and discuss its business outlook. This may include information on revenue, profit, earnings per share, and other financial metrics. The company may also

discuss any significant events or developments that have occurred during the reporting period, such as new product launches, partnerships, or acquisitions. 

It's important to be aware of the topics that may be covered during an earnings call. To help you better understand and organize the information you hear during these calls, here is a list of common topics discussed. Consider copying this list for reference during future earnings calls, as it can provide valuable insights. 

  1. Financial performance
  2. Business operations
  3. Strategic initiatives
  4. Market conditions
  5. Financial outlook
  6. Investor relations
  7. Executive leadership
  8. Legal and regulatory matters 

If you are not familiar with some of these terms, don't worry. We have provided additional information about each term so that you can fully understand its meaning. 

Financial performance: Companies typically mention their financial performance, including revenue, profits, and earnings per share, during earnings calls. They may also provide guidance on future financial performance or discuss factors that may impact their financial performance. 

Business operations: Companies may also discuss their business operations, including production and sales volumes, new products or services, and any challenges or opportunities they are facing in their markets.

Strategic initiatives: During earnings calls, companies may also provide updates on any strategic initiatives or projects they are working on, such as expansion plans, mergers and acquisitions, or partnerships. 

Market conditions: Companies may mention market conditions that are impacting their business, such as economic trends, competitive landscape, or regulatory changes. 

Financial outlook: Companies may provide guidance on their financial outlook for the coming quarters or fiscal year, including expectations for revenue, profits, and other key financial metrics. 

Investor relations: Companies may address questions and concerns from investors during earnings calls, and may provide information on dividend payments or share buyback programs. 

Executive leadership: Companies may discuss any changes in executive leadership or management structure during earnings calls, as well as any plans for succession or leadership development. 

Legal and regulatory matters: Companies may also discuss any legal or regulatory issues that are impacting their business, such as litigation, government investigations, or compliance issues. 

In addition to these points, investors should also listen for any announcements or updates about the company's plans, such as new product launches or strategic partnerships. This can provide insight into the company's growth prospects and help investors make more informed decisions about the company's potential.


Where To Find Earnings Call Information? 

You can stay informed about upcoming earnings calls by checking company websites or using the Earnings Call app. But our app makes it easy for anyone to access this valuable information conveniently, as it brings together earnings calls from all companies in one place. 

How Long Is An Earnings Call?

The length of the call will depend on the size and complexity of the company, but most calls last around 45 minutes.

What Is The Difference Between An Earnings Call And An Earning Report?

On average, earnings calls are more informative than earnings reports, as the latter only includes reported results. This can give investors a better understanding of how the business is doing overall, and what future prospects look like. 

Additionally, it's always valuable to know how much debt a company carries and whether it has any upcoming liquidity issues. Keep an eye out for upcoming earnings calls and make sure to pay close attention to the information being released. It will help you make better investment decisions. 

How To Listen To An Earnings Call Online For Free?

If you are on a PC 

  1. Go to https://earningscall.biz/
  2. Then type the name of the company on the search bar
  3. Then select the company from the search bar to go to a company’s page 4. On the company’s page, you will see all the previous and upcoming calls 

If you are on a phone 

  1. Click Here and download the EarningsCall App
  2. Then type the name of the company on the search bar
  3. Then select the company from the search bar to go to a company’s page 4. On the company’s page, you will see all the previous and upcoming calls


In conclusion, earnings calls are an important way for publicly traded companies to communicate with investors about their financial performance. By staying informed about earnings calls, investors can make more informed investment decisions and stay on top of trends in the market. If you are an investor looking to stay up-to-date on earnings calls, consider using the EarningsCall app to stay on top of the latest developments in the market. 

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