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Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: welcome to the alpine immune sciences fourth quarter twenty twenty two earnings call currently all participants are in listen only mode as a reminder this event is being recorded or would now like to introduce can johnson senior director of investor relations and corporate commute occasions at alpine miss johnson or melcher the call over to you
spk_1: and you carry good afternoon and thank you for joining us with me on the they are doctor middle all effective chairman and chief executive officer understand the and president and head of research and development and already chief financial officer for it on the corporate image or like to remind you that was making forward looking statements trying to call before looking statements are based on our current expectation and inherently involved in the can't read some that ours result of the timing of events essential publication of clinical data and expectations regarding his efficiency of trash and investment a gentleman surely from those is it as such or looking statements as a result fitted with going out and he may refer to the most recent as you keep our regarding the factors associated with
spk_2: mostly though
spk_3: very direct
spk_4: oh by the doctors rouser judah point three driven by right and that at all and apologized but because you bet your glass door editor of the bath and was a with a convenient once every four weeks so any of those regimen and we will leave as potential benefit patients through with multiple types who are of you are inflammatory diseases of we are now and we recently to you to get the mouths of oh that with initiation the ribbit ribbit study the first phase of a study in the problem it was a low as as if not a new moon afraid and occasion
spk_5: i do to probably
spk_6: the brightest is primary members rapidly
spk_4: oh still early development investigator years for the program and interest and participating in the ruby tuesday is highly encouraged in addition or really three airplane initiate ready for bed that you i mean that opinion in the second quarter of two thousand and twenty eight as include the other in drums that opinion or lot of usually to be mia
spk_7: and coded movies
spk_4: expenditure of national data from both really three bedrooms or mental state by the end of this year she brought of element eventually over both accepting multiple occasions beyond that including our ruby tuesdays instead of live in georgia resources as well as your neurologic going flooded and other medic indications he replaced by the collaboration with to better help accelerate the broad development of both accept cross is most when the cases with an increasingly evident sometimes challenging but the drowned rabbit to that it gives us access to his twentieth or members who provide sixty percent of patients jeremy united states it is no our efforts to leverage tevez platform and analysts capabilities to at the identified and recruits that resistance for really three and movie for with the potential benefit most of texas we will you but with as says it's potential to be a pipeline but with a strong balance you to promising preclinical and phase one of the monster data we are rapidly moving forward bit of a robot developed by both sexes an now at a our standard of your progress by update and of roger a bunch of the and more show ever
spk_8: as you mention
spk_4: as a reminder of it's accepted as diffusion of a very happy to and to inhibit more potent the to people about putting a while i'd actually like you viewing pretty the clinical relevance of you playing i'm confused grow in multiple auto you to be been proven concept and were encouraging i would be up with very least in the at the be the such as and within within the faintest idea probably be syndrome to my you brother the preclinical studies of in fact that your superior to well as an icy elders as well as convertible a people that to demonstrate on activities and multiple relevant joke and they've one for humans human he in a know how bought your but with hypothetically well tolerated
spk_9: as demonstrated excellent became
spk_4: putting those related reduction to circulate in a minute result and you're in england as well as the idea probably wrong and biomarker black a decision i'd he was additional have you got experience to the uglier than we are just we focusing on to them first is repeat three and open the one that is but he argued will notify us it but it has just recently begun roman
spk_9: i can surely follow his review for an open they will that the study in oregon
spk_4: the digital data from the study it does it take you to next year to begin more of a tuesday
spk_7: including one uses them the the arabs human touch on is really do
spk_4: if not that you in other areas are great and including apology argument allergies garage terminology as well as rheumatology beside me i'm a between vision could proceed via accelerator approval
spk_9: a summary on the and of be part of good or bad
spk_4: and you'd have a different way
spk_9: the just the computer based that he and brought it on and potential
spk_4: for sure additional data that the program progress alternate column in all if ever i will not an overview of our the work we're at it and we're very first two thousand is what you do rabid you recognize under labradors programs for the quarter ended december thirty first twenty twenty two was two point eight million compared to one point five million to twenty twenty one the difference i early rarely to lower revenue recognize our issued abby partially offset a revenue recognize the services or performed is an excellent our libraries with horizon which was executed in late two thousand and one one research and development expenses for the fourth quarter and december thirty first one it way to a a a point eight million compared to fifteen points or motion and twenty twenty one degrees was primarily attributable a higher personal related expenses agree that count as are ongoing and plan and clinical development program better on administrative expenses for the fourth quarter and in december thirty first twenty twenty two you are four point four million compared to four point five or twenty twenty one and we reported that lot of the day in point nine million to fifteen point two million for the fourth quarter and and twenty twenty two twenty twenty one respectively as of december thirty first twenty twenty you i'll buy a facet of messages told two hundred and seventy three point four million if we anticipate should be sufficient on our plan operations twenty twenty five on call that bitch
spk_10: paintball
spk_4: never now and you're encouraged by the private of sector about the that we believe only truly fun dual people that and amateur as a result we will live in the broad sense of for the from men become an important new disease modifying therapy present months would be some mediated or an inflammatory diseases posing we will you be elated combination onto the next day that by as we progress throughout the course of this year and incentives
spk_6: as they are now in the phone and questions
spk_11: thank you
spk_0: if you would like to ask a question please signaled by pressing star one on your telephone keypad if you are using a speaker phone please make sure you mute function is turned off to allow your signal to reach our equipment again press star one to ask a question and we'll take our first question from the line of mike olt from morgan stanley
spk_12: please go ahead
spk_13: a does thanks for taking the question progress and getting new ruby three study going here maybe just a question in terms of both basket studies and maybe you can comment on how you're currently thinking about dosing and if there's any additional dosing work you plan to do before getting into the indication specific cohorts in the basket studies and i guess part of why i'm asking a looked on clinical trials that girl that i noticed some differences in it's interesting that you're using for ruby three and ruby for thanks
spk_4: damn it out a the first bar that by things question and i'll as emperor i doubt if you want to suggest that the reminder really three has two different those escalation know device to both and eighty milligram over and two hundred and forty milligrams forward and really for always or directly you know it's been a great know that cozy groups will be no record that group
spk_14: that's correct and so there's no there's no creed
spk_4: education sort of age of this that he will be going directly into the all three diseases and both trials
spk_15: and the doses of much matter
spk_16: got it that's helpful
spk_13: maybe just one more question for me i noticed in the press release of for for ruby to you plan this sort of start that study mid twenty twenty four and you make a comment on some based on some enabling data from from ruby three and ruby force that is maybe can just clarified you're what you're hoping to learn from those studies that will enable you to start ruby to
spk_9: the primary mode you know data and you know that a wife betty we ran into to have an indoor study
spk_4: get it will give it greater confidence in the do it's collection for the face you think that the large they
spk_17: you got it
spk_18: thanks so much
spk_0: a mile
spk_19: and we'll take on next question from the line of para bancroft with callen please go ahead
spk_4: hi guys and thanks for taking the question though i'm wondering what do you expect the rate of enrollment to be in the basket to read now especially given the to better collaboration and and when do you think that you might reach full in roman think well yeah well as rolling in general has been a challenging for the trial environment or pacers that being said i'm pretty pleased with the way when we read at start were getting alive investigator interest and a lot of asian and and then you saw that i commented the best it today so that in and of itself is encouraging that as a early on in the started a trailer that trend is always i didn't really really rapidly
spk_20: the dramatically know that a lower that driver
spk_4: that up yeah i think it we love roads route very traditional way worse euros and we engage investigators in a really active waited to that if i fail to fame in a trial i think one of the thing that an industry that we've done fairly poorly is using them as a new the letter another record system than
spk_0: large station across multiple that has presented by the quickly and them to patients in clinical trials of each as yell the company a we know them well run with them sit at a naval there in a member partners identify patients are relevant good be removed for to and rather cut drought
spk_21: i think
spk_22: and we'll take our next question from the line of thomas mess with sdb securities please go ahead
spk_23: i get up new is brag on the on for tom
spk_4: we just responded to a question about you gotta about just truth or any other on duty factors or any other obstacles or geology backers during the encounter in or as you progress and about the trials like yeah they've right now i'm in the reason we put your valium places to be pro active it started that he get he either thing that you want to be in front of
spk_24: they their traditional efforts are looking and that is that is started from the lot of and awareness on the tournaments and strong awareness and stay in their read with the investigators and by end greenery bunch of better was the one after you know he added on the around and why didn't have a while to at the beginning of the trial and do as we push into
spk_0: a to study next year that bit is all day so you're probably why the collaboration between us it's better to the that a fully integrated to eat and leverage as he will introduce studies
spk_25: thanks so much
spk_4: and
spk_25: and we'll take our next question from a line of mark breidenbach with oppenheimer please go ahead
spk_4: hey good up you guys i nature to get our questions on a quick couple for me i'm for for some on the true got a library soon on have you any specified what what they're getting in return for for helping are optimized and roman of up really three and ruby before i say i the lucky ones that don't see them oh my bad
spk_25: yeah sorry sorry what what's true that getting in return for help you guys and role in ruby three and four
spk_4: but it is a traditional thursday even the there's gonna be like viewed as a that i'm yeah and then the as a role as or number of patients dancer project is that they need to be able to generate a service feed them as a result the that so and it's not any any definite jewish authors
spk_25: okay got it and and and with regard to the upcoming publication at a wc i'm from ruby one either everything and that that permutation that that we have already seen what what i'm going to be the focus of of that that upcoming presentation next week
spk_22: or main goal is to read or a awareness they didn't present their last year and then you know sure you're aware of that nature that you know didn't build awareness about the target and the molecule on out with that audience and or will be updated phase one data on with regard to an additional all of this from the subject
spk_25: at all of the general clues about changed to student health of our predicament
spk_4: okay got it and maybe want one last one for me and i know you know to mention the eighty milligram and two hundred forty milligrams of dosing over the in ruby three can you just come on the disease schedule than and how those compare to on with a day you know if we if we pay taxes at that that the closest if equivalent are competing drug have how how about the doses schedules compare between between your dragon and remittance thank you get our our trial both are everything it you for we those regimen has it all goes is about those is being tested out as far as we are aware of agenda is one hundred sixty milligrams of of you weekly
spk_21: and it appears to be their choices are all that the old files
spk_26: so encouraged them were to fortress two when we did he oh my god what is the really starts at about best the glass potential for though the where they keeping the differentiate as is one that when we're home studio yellow my for meetings many judges schedule and the fact that we cover both cytokine more completely then either the was i happy be that the allows it
spk_0: a pretty broad development language for
spk_27: got it they a particular questions
spk_13: indian
spk_9: and we'll take our last question from the line of job pink guinness with hc wainwright please go ahead
spk_4: everybody good afternoon takes take the question
spk_27: wanted to get a little more color if you can regarding the end of year initial data from both ruby three and ruby for is is going to be essentially early response type of data for each type of indication or you know can we get more than that initially with regard to see any translational or rpd data
spk_4: there will be focusing quite a bit on of a traditional and point as well as biomarker related data so tedious and points including any margolin target i target as well as and of what i mean by biomarkers or things like that he had him one had no can identify the as you to that anybody has had their respective oh in a body of there will be looking at of the will be as will be looking all that and on the point of view him for that when your
spk_27: that's great and and you think you could just remind them in since it's a basket concepts you know how many per indication you're looking for and how many things that might deliver for these initial data
spk_0: in the back into our daughter would be alone with the already been to go and say that we're getting to dress lead them really great of our getting a threat credit other effect fb i can live as afraid as and primary memories about the exactly how that make the gonna shake i am too early to the right now but early on great
spk_4: that the demands of interest is coming in a trial
spk_0: sure got it thanks lot
spk_28: there are no for the questions doctor gold or to call back over to you

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