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Q3 2021 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: the day ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the blue cities third quarter twenty twenty one earnings conference call currently all participants are in this and only mode later will conduct a question and answer session and instructions will follow at that time as a reminder we are recording today's call if you have any of
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spk_0: no i will try to pull over to the a war i owe manager for the company miss will distances
spk_2: and you're operating hello everyone welcome to blue third quarter twenty twenty one early concept all drawn enough to they understood that lima our chief executive officer with the out for each our chief strategy officer and the miss the drinks or show are acting chief financial officer we will least the result earlier today the press release is available other companies i'll watch side as well as from news wire services a replay of this call will also be available you few hours on the company's i our website before we continue please note that that today's discussion will come from forward and looking statements made under the safe harbor provisions of the us private security litigation reform act of nineteen ninety five forward looking statements involving huge risks and uncertainties as such the company actual results may be mature real look different from the
spk_3: expectations expressed that as today further information regarding these and other risks and uncertainties is included in that company the public filings with the as easy the company does not assume an obligation to update and forward looking statements except as recall
spk_2: wired on the applicable law please note that during today's call management will also discussed certain know get financial matters for comparison purposes only of gap results and the reconceived station of gap to know get madder can be found in our early a press release oh so
spk_3: please note that unless otherwise stated all figures mention it during a conference call i am chinese i'm good with that let me now
spk_2: q r c on a math he will speak income the first and i will they interpret his remarks a english after that rcs only for in will take over to discuss arc or of scrapped if they are acting cf only assume will provide health our financial highlight
spk_4: please go ahead and
spk_5: she does only a half figured i'd have a gallon to from the or in our union didn't you don't i will go away
spk_2: thank you and hello everyone thank you all for joining off news conference call today
spk_5: good and evil keep you going to have them down to under your but i'm people you guys i would he get table i fancy persona washing but i what you gotta hold it into in the third quarter of will continue to exaggerate our group gratitude you reach our product offerings optimize operations and the huh
spk_2: how are you will or experience but also further improve the company's revenue structure of the result magical age of thorny the progress across our strategic priorities
spk_5: the you would you bamian for unpaid i may you're not all she for what pony them down by patricia julian done for the you would have even gone by hundred waters he didn't he publisher a whole whole clergy and are your thoughts that you got challenging fungal told me the them dollar budget your was under he could buy i've been reading about five million baht don't looking for solidly or while philip them dump yard she said that would you he too gentle job
spk_2: total am a you have to see these apps reach the seven point five million at nineteen point three percent year over year along with fifty seven point one percent increase in are paying you there's particularly our membership services and he house mentions drum monument and
spk_3: we've ninety three point one percent and a while hundred three thirty six point eight percent year over year revenue growth respectively this result for be demonstrated that our strategies of diversifying our revenue structure as well as creating a new growth engine for the count
spk_2: many have started to have fruit
spk_5: hey i'm in a long it will much as you kobasew the yoshida uncle know but on keystone for joe all your whole lot on dick either you know his known since i wish i could else would you got a i hope for the most is i love me you be don't worry for that under during the quarter would continue to to accelerate our product innovation and optimize our operations to provide our users with a more efficient way to get caught
spk_2: back to eat and enjoy entertainment content some features have already gained popularity among our you there's for example the revenue from one chatroom which willing to get the last year afghan two digit growth our mouth to mouth baby
spk_5: share brody a packer tottenham for they changed our shop a daunting that around you oh what i'm sure he ordered by she the punctured the injections out on you know but i will me if you bought you look gate by the the the fungus neat way surgery on on t himself he that shit on a little while we have introduced the flash variety of all rings on the up on the unless base were also in initial stage of
spk_2: exploring how to get more offline traffic for example would plan to launch a feature enabling argue there's two posts or share of lot activity information we were also aggregate information off our gdp que friendly of left basis to keep our new there's more of like spending choice
spk_5: fuck up on bought you some third party be calling from god he didn't look i do too familiar with it comes out with i phone call it that yes shirt on don't ship fun are people that say congo whether or not to the a lot of we're familiar with you some plunging dumpy i forfeit do toggle i'm i'm a dodger stadium some form murtaza page will be given month e de boer for for to nail down our to be huge you don't we should have to seeing that salvaging from i'm when cat
spk_2: in the third quarter by improving have a reason we saw increases in you the success rate nation france me as we're as the time off and on the app decide when cat food
spk_6: we will love that horns
spk_2: further both see the pain racial think it's membership services to more than thirty percent me while we roll out of federal thing come through which you their cashiers tower block lifestyle stories and the reviews of restaurants and products it will further enrich our offering and the problem our community members with greater greater spending jointly which will enable them to leave the trains of people's daily necessities
spk_5: say what is your bamian homicidal miami to do to dollar eating shit on ancient with don't push it isn't cash your drupal only yoshida shit on for you to pull your what level thump they offered you how you include some indeed that he's on in overseas market well leaving you love the south east asia and
spk_2: countries with have strong network effect would begin to pad are call marketing spencer's for advertising in see quarter and the transformed our strategic priorities are optimized and product and operations
spk_5: thank you for both obama and woman seen we got shards little the when a by to take what you buy the youth about full of hope some time keeping she bludgeoned looking did you see people are talking java into giving the will not good i can do the ball up wouldn't will be among luck porsche live on each other you know he's young he answered
spk_2: travers and often most important for the lgbtq community and the we are always community to providing a safe and secure environment for members from different a cat petro backgrounds and societies in this quarter will introduce a series of new features and blue the both don't that peak and international versions too bad that to new their identity and the privacy the new protect him from texas measures include automatic safety and security remember doing members personal chat prohibiting screen captures and screen right recordings through left streaming and
spk_7: video call
spk_5: tighten up on me it on the cause of this will have a huge and ontology my pleasure fisher sargent or year that your you to out on bail which and clerks and zone include what i do yoga put into i'm good
spk_8: following what about quit i can one that i mean feat awful lot said you would assumed yet
spk_2: will i will may not have shoot pool but we didn't you an allergy and college hunting think of all the junk and what about it but my to shut off the path to market another milestone for he health as we launched a mr her on november fifth a consumer house brand providing male person to person per person know and the sexual health care products currently mr her pro like six core customer friendly products in decreed and a convenient the packing and got great feedback from the community with the help plans to provide more products and services to expand our country to all male customers
spk_5: origin condor by talking about get i execute region bungie do i've been sung by joking that invaluable jogging and the arguable to tell about been just as a founded under so it was the phone clicking calm when he did you find out with on bullpen hiv food i yelled at bundle that should be ah me luck to the conclusion that without him one of them got independent clergy and costing to gender financial a lot to pushing that nice and gentle opium pipe or me a doubt these you can for urgent call a champion or like complete autonomy computer data
spk_2: health services have also step closer to our goal of a one hundred feet express delivery services or thing another thirty percent quarter over quarter growth of new bucks others in the third quarter of twenty twenty one of hiv prevention is a vital part of our commitment to covering the maeve of or over all men house this grilled shows as just the how you important it is for these community we are proud to gradually develop a house into a comprehensive homeland of land platform covering all aspects of and house me and we am to further your house our products and services to create more valleys for the community
spk_5: sasha which he is obama has been cheated on foot putt on the you the ugly little they should get usually don't know tj brodie you wish you good jimmy young un hollow married damn by she weighed boy a hook doug wead honey beautiful popular to get use illegal your to he been so i've than having the i don't going to be able to teach medium calm the show her daughter did you have young what we recently quit all that into into magician of a bongo
spk_2: our commitment to corporate social responsibility is older of them by the charitable activities conducted the quarter on the warden met on the word mental health day on october tenth we collaborated with a mexican actor paul polo lauren he's openly gay for we're
spk_3: oh to rise with abilities of different sept group of the lgbtq communities we also donated to the organization dedicated to the well being of marginalized to boot
spk_5: bungie do so each team getting for the when you shop to buy photo know eachother don't wanna you're teaching so you don't go your much hunting or know these are you hopeful the u s didn't boil by your boot you don't puncture he does all the way more people modern you shouldn't go for that don't you mean died job
spk_2: someone that you live quarter because of call it nineteen and hathaway's in the macro environment we suffer from some setbacks for our laps during mean business but i would like to emphasise that by continuously is moving our products increasing you there's we'll need to pay and improving our revenue structure we are confident that we will see a robust growth in revenue as well as prof in the near
spk_5: kinda was young he alive and okay so keep anyway i've read but i don't think over the son of a while now let me turn the pull over to our said or alfred who will discuss that are are correct strategies
spk_9: on sunday you miss the mark and thank you everyone for joke or today as miss the modules you oh business stays on the right type toes all long term goal is quoted as we continue to focus on top of my the open up for you and by birth of buying a revenue stream we are pleased to increase we to see increase revenue contribute
spk_10: he from our membership services and health related products services
spk_9: the revenue from membership and he helps as but then he over to the revenue was thirteen percent in a person respectively comparing weise six percent and three percent in the same period last year
spk_11: furthermore
spk_10: you addition to pursue pursuing powered pop like gross
spk_9: we are still in the process to reassess how business model
spk_10: in order to balance between revenue growth in put the ability
spk_9: in the so quarter of twenty twenty one
spk_10: we implemented majors or course control to improve our operating efficiency
spk_12: for limbo
spk_10: our overseas that with high end of the promotion expenses decrease twenty five point four percent on the sequence your bases says we targeted to overseas bases on two countries and regions with higher all
spk_13: and
spk_9: organically acquire users so means such as was a mouse in activities
spk_10: we are looking for long term sustainable growth in the future and the see considerable potato for increase motivation is our product in the service will bring go do to go
spk_14: looking ahead
spk_10: we will remain committed to execute in our gross villages we use a focus on reaching our product offering in up the my the our services we will also say who are me she always continue oedipus of breathing a wellness old house ten hiv prevention
spk_15: in the quarter
spk_10: we been discontinued
spk_9: lee operation of last two please contribute less than one person or to the remedy the passcode is it
spk_10: lead be lesbian users be has different the thumbnail uses with a lower willingness to pay for online social networking services
spk_16: going forward
spk_17: we will continue book a song growing a local business to serve the will be of that lgbtq community we believe we are on the right the right his toys the next stage of ghosts with the solace or while strategies and a strong as accusing
spk_10: no they meet on the portillo at the civil dreams homes flynn who were providing details fungal financial performance
spk_18: i can go out right now let me go through all financial i lived for a quarter of people i go into details he played not that on lambert prevented i am indeed allow for the third quarter of twenty twenty one puddle as they did other wide open to changing it's all a year over your bases are like otherwise specified for detailed a lot of if content now a earning pride through these vicious available on our website although the revenue will kill three or them mean be two hundred seventeen million dollar lie point three percent year over year and driven primarily by the decrease the our revenue from live streaming throw it is and get caught her our total am a use the group like him point three percent to sow point five million with a strong growth of fifty seven point one percent from our total the your users to reach that a hundred seventy saw the southern
spk_19: hi one
spk_18: the decorating out if you for that streaming through it is the called the overall reduction in our total revenues the venue from our faith operations contributed starting point one percent to total revenue a slightly increased from my point seven percent in that same period love to hear lawfully we also accomplished a meaningful progress in diversify your our revenue streams with encouraging gear or what your revenue growth from membership store with his and that he hell he gets quarter
spk_16: revenue from left to me through it it was him in be one hundred ninety four point two media reported until a year over year degree of with twenty three point nine percent that equates was primarily due to the decrease in the average revenue poor paying you there for lab three for it this as a result of
spk_18: day had been in that talent show left dreaming industry in tyler romeo from a membership grow if it was among the thirty five point one million up ninety three point one year or yeah they equate was primarily due to that significant increase in a number of paying users from benefited from and i was membership throw it is on the county of acts revenue from edward hiding where the mean be starting point six million or thirty four point two percent with the you raped primarily due to our continues i fourth you attracting more edward hydra with that was other what hiding and the much with aleutians as well as improved edward hiding efficiency revenue from watching that details of he has reached than to two point eight meeting of one hundred thirty six point eight for thoughts okay house to achieve strong the moment momentum in the coming quarters as the accompanied devote more resources to expand our health related offerings normally our cost cost of revenue did with by eight point three percent to demean be one hundred eighty four point nine meeting the decrease was primary due to the degree of revenue sharing costs along with a decrease revenue of left three me authorities and possibly of sides by the ink
spk_10: right cost of products connected with the growth of he held merchandise sales and that think way to stop fast
spk_18: the gross profit with them be fifty five point one million dollar eleven point four percent the gulf margin was thirty one point five percent remain fly to read thirty two point three percent from the same period of luck to you
spk_10: with respect to oppose accelerates romeo contribution from our membership throw it to achieve our own marching improvements me now has revenue sharing and the commission caught the or the key components in our cost of revenue we remain committed to actively explore solutions to reduce revenue sharing percentage and implements the more than double modo far left dreaming through atheists
spk_18: operating expenses for them mean be one hundred fifteen point seven million dollar thirty three point two percent year over year
spk_10: sales and marketing expensive for him and be fifty six point nine million down one point nine percent that decorate with mainly due to the degree of shower based compensation expenses the partially offsides by the increase advertising and the promoter expensive and stuff cough
spk_18: technology and the development expensive was sixty six point to meet him up thirty one point six precise for you to it was mainly due to the into stuff part in the technology related departments and to the content one and a band been caught of each was poverty
spk_10: outside by the degree of shower based compensation expenses
spk_18: angie and eight thousand or thirty one point six million and out them to six point one percent that liquids with mainly due to the degree of sharpest compensation expenses partially offsides by the employed thought cost this quarter we had impairments of goodwill and and tenable i size of them in be meeting which was due to the termination of left to relate to the business ludlow was seventy three point eight meeting compared with a net loss of the hundred forty seven point eight meet him in that them period last year productive and that love with them in be sixty two point two million compared with a be to the nagging thought of seven point three million in that same quarter last year adult contemporary thirty twenty twenty one we had ties and attached to be villains and attorney paul the it's often be three hundred seventy point nine million compared with six hundred eleven point eight million as of december thirty one twenty twenty now moving forward guidance leaving the decree thing and certainty in that pilots shown left dreaming industry we are not providing spicy feed them your guidance for the fujairah twenty twenty one that concludes of prepared remarks that novel them the call that questions operator of go hide
spk_0: he as a reminder to ask a question you will need to press spot in the number one in a telephone to the doj atheism dismissed the pound a husky least ten by well we compile the to in a monster
spk_20: once again these best time will tell us once again these best taiwan on it's on the of a first question is from the line of
spk_21: lola champion
spk_22: new capital is called him something
spk_23: good morning thank you for taking my question of could you outline for us was the key factors are that are negatively impacting the live streaming business and and give us a sense of when you think that business might return to growth thank you
spk_24: ah i were on this is
spk_9: yeah
spk_25: full and lines to me business in china on is become way more competitive
spk_9: ah especially on companies some the actually give them a high place female hi revolutions
spk_26: and these high rubbish is my cause a deeper and more severe competition
spk_10: in the market
spk_12: oh what we're doing these that we are in for maybe several mages to improve hours are like to business
spk_9: for example we help song last will know last few months
spk_10: give them some training to help them to attack them audiences oh so we will introduce so diverse some features such as such a scheme of got him a petri pieces
spk_9: or to keep users engaged
spk_23: with his back to see some far more concrete results are you know the funny funny too and just as a follow up question am
spk_9: you mentioned that that the market has gotten compartment competitive for performers but i think and you're prepared comments you also mentioned you think you can raise that cut the blue city takes and how how would that work we try to i'm on are we trying to introduce mob know the pod over you tried to increase the content full allies for me and either meeting earlier so we will try to help lo sab a less well known the like fema to give them some tranny use in the hell them to attack them audience and also because of all those alleged mm
spk_25: do not to lie to me we said we saw with a brew app
spk_27: oh no the the super the biggest because of a user the have a damp a stronger
spk_9: the stickiness in you know products so i was into do to deserve the nature of our of users
spk_28: we will we will we will be able to improve the like to business
spk_29: over the next few months
spk_30: at it thank you
spk_0: thank you
spk_31: i next question is from the line of my team more of sex small capital research is color
spk_32: yes thank you
spk_33: your press release in progress on he how am i know you mentioned the six products have been launched for mr her i was just wondering maybe if you can provide us with more color and details on how you're building that awareness and you know getting and out there on i'm and also how your kind of maybe gonna open up to
spk_34: you are all males or man
spk_25: oh
spk_9: okay oh we go we actually not a pretty open if you are mcgrady activities to increase the awareness of the prince of the brent
spk_35: right now loan know we we we increased awareness of the brim with the know how many a within the hour the blue on blue at products
spk_36: oh we also have the plan to open no sir hardy the somebody on my store
spk_9: ah to sell products oh i see you in a neocon home the cells phone or the sales phone the customers of sue always a burlap will be more than enough to generate innovative or generate significant event revenue
spk_31: by you know me too long term we were trying to sell sell their products to ah alisha customers outside of the who uses
spk_9: good good of the other question i had was what are your plans to do with your net cash it looks like you have something we quit my job fifty eight million us dollars it's sixty five percent of your market capitalization do you have any plans to say penn that are do more acquisitions or reinvest anything
spk_37: oh we still focus our core business
spk_9: the novel our cash position some although is is is it he says by enough full of praise you for the next or as useful in there for years we won't we won't we won't use a casual alla purpose
spk_37: alan and out at eight o'clock or business
spk_32: because i'm not as we may she is sally of now we have we have though he has business and we just launched a new of brandon and that we need the cash to i spend a our prices so are so pull out as position with no will be many useful
spk_31: local business
spk_32: great thank you and is or lastly are there any new features or benefits the you think the you are adding to live stream in a besides training some of the less experience live streamers that would maybe make you more competitive and the space against some of the appears that are offering
spk_10: higher revenue shares i'm just wondering if you're putting anything in there that's really going to make you you know more more differentiated
spk_9: one he is there that can features can we like it features of ways them were like a pk among the a the life him us
spk_32: ladies the one and then some features that
spk_30: if you even a if he if if the use out of the first time to to buy a bipolar service we might have some discount for that to try to attack more user to pay for the seventh to pay for to pay for the live streaming services
spk_0: great thank you and that is it for my questions
spk_38: thank you and next question as from the line ethan you have less to ask incorporated hi good evening and thought it in my question like a hot want to thank you know what if you on which a bang lt go into anything she dies that so thin i the that they got onto the mahdi that he thank you sir iraqi yadier with on she died as a woman down had some the force it that way like she's embodiment at the ago and he the have gone high yield disinfection dodgy decline human freaking out other that you can i like answer a woman go to that the apartments you awesome the guardian call that you the fancy accounting the depends on the mobile me see me and quite the and on the for the show on him quilt or shop i prickly catholic for myself my book and that is the company gov martin was under pressure in two three what's missing is are you doing to improve it and my second have had some you've gotten your plane and that expectancy for the newly like brand new year also a self growth of he held would continue to be going to three
spk_39: what a the company expects reason for the help contribute and wrong he held next year
spk_5: thank you and the and have a full up when they kept thinking
spk_40: on it
spk_5: and when i watch your language monitor shillings young woman it's they have without you down if you know for sure that he's a monitor even your shirt facilities are largely you feel for leave end up for the was lauded did our hearts and calm down and commodity to get it and him that of yours or mine
spk_40: when i played some down the year without on good authority on a dandy non atlanta well my way to the only man to be allowed the shit on bail elements digital dollar their highlighted in i should have obama or major the whole as i changes yoshida shit hot to reconsider my different you do it out on the shit
spk_41: i'll feel have either use that allah gonna sit in to have that at home in the don't eat at a gas or logical hundred would you go out nibbled me like an animal cannot write highlighted should be the preferred they highlight a lot on a woman lady what he's on how does i am i a portion of it as on holiday little fanatic ago today and shall i know and high waiting for you
spk_18: oh pot i wonder too late to deny that he presented a little that can own lives and elvis outlet for your happens when i get i add your first did a meeting and the shahada go to a up again an animal can only been that we can get
spk_42: neil put on with you
spk_10: ah okay follow thoughtfully put a lunar module what we're trying to do is that the first though we will not increase the revenue contributions from our high is a business
spk_25: dumbo the membership members you said is is and a health related business with a better as a revenue starches we spoke to her to go respect to be to be to two together got better though a gbm or another bus service point the second boys that
spk_10: well over for overseas of business we also are implemented the ah the expense control as we mentioned earlier the advertising and promotion spent his was done i'm uniquely by put and on the sequence your bases and we will continue to do so over the next few quarters so you will see
spk_25: oh a much better are operating he be should see ah
spk_43: especially your ponytail are you out on a pulley to
spk_9: as second this oh boy is that we will also try to improve our ourselves
spk_44: technology related expenses specially with a tulip a with
spk_5: you might already go see the high expenses related to tech but by so that tax bases are pretty much one off so or so ago evil especially next year we will see a play the a better the expense of the expense of saving ah you know tech area so we've all these we see your we we will have a baby the to be managers and probably have a be there will be modern as well mark know what i am wins garda and away market on and authorization that which one i saw actual a man behind your as yourself moment as a cashier at any a clerk and adani got and on i don't think we'll either dead or young that involve preoccupied at he told you a woman thirty the journal a clerk and harding little sure
spk_8: we're late for nicer than in june two thousand to got and on the down eager for about poor woman that seahorses you on about home
spk_45: until the bag and she the jan how old what i'm not i soon ensure that an uncle tom i've been time shut down there you go yelping so mad when jack put another boring you that either
spk_40: argentina for my winter
spk_8: canada for you are on it was easier for her a woman the tips and headed your way with you on the eleven got all the into the harbor at all but i mean you have on the down the that we live action omega fashionable man that's nice to your donation that can hop on and on board at it or
spk_5: i talking about engine don't know thirty two pm pay a dreadful came by hook or hot it would jump humanity don't pass it off all the women and and the and you'll like it or in june and you and unity the podium outreach what i a challenge
spk_46: you're mad hatter sure she's got a town or to your what policy on on gender gender queer eye or other ago molly issue
spk_10: call that only going to die something without signing sign you for your to drop on bluff archers on that which will go to lock on the border and on complain at a lot nicer jungle item which elements on him that a new one time can i got i did you do so you will or splenda banks and attention either one hundred i'm a trans to the good would you do that
spk_9: what i'm going away i got a whole new york a little
spk_35: we'll meet again they put any way to achieve operates and some are you charging on a boat on way to a in plat down he got for up until modernizing going on a journey that affords impact
spk_10: he located
spk_47: when we started thirty how spaces specie lot of two thousand nine p
spk_10: we already got the quite the weather's so prend police business meeting that a lot time we already plan to do that oh your business though the focal the come from apprentices ah so it's okay you see always on
spk_9: oh he house really the dogs to the it was developers step by step of stage by stages
spk_10: wow so them sold for thursday's your we see the are allied a medical medical so medication business the sick davies that go we launched the miss the her the come from the bread
spk_48: and third the use the have them the reason we launched them his or her come to a base that we know we know are we know always or users leaves are very well as we know that that do would be a strong demand from our users for these kind of the come from the products so last
spk_49: you are we decided to launch the miss a hearse friend and are doing these are stage
spk_5: the brand has sub six like of six products ah for the second stage next year we will try to expand upon ally of them mister or miss the have
spk_8: the and out because because we see that this do i get up every i'll get out of popularity among all users are we see them mr her father shoot had club whether sick leave a contribution to out to the he house business
spk_40: if in the future
spk_5: holiday little too hot come out killed thanks sound article to little role and i thought i thought that are you sure that it on himself
spk_50: as an elementary doll i i cannot how to manage usual a monopoly oral of our canonical that to god applications of attempt to off of she's on she's or thompson love on a smart dog shit i gotta apple's the danny ago sure want my husband's wishes that spoken for a pattern got such she label
spk_43: leo would you change the middle either down there are for with it only got one for so you a lie as i mean yeah i would handle them the soldier the login the comes out deploy that you can catholic no matter what he did we end up to sold with it and she declared and a i that if we want to honor of the other for that in are sold or that he had golden ago up
spk_9: in a yeah cause mudslides you saw me yet again i play pencil good water done here i saw your father to the puncture holiday the solo dad chewed off
spk_10: or brush up on the a total up your swollen they're gonna die to what i call upon me it will your booty baggage it up on you though his you on a little ratings and he will go on board at all of us ago you love for the and a whole july the common cold weather down here as i a lot of athletes you are not to go again and ocean with that was you're not a woman can blink his
spk_25: you all bought a glass or whatever the machado on your part yeah no no she didn't on t that able system getting
spk_35: oh okay
spk_48: in a zoo already see that that we have a strong
spk_9: cells grows phone the membership is this a also phones shown the cells goes the house really business
spk_43: oh the wizard wheeze a mob pay those are never knew was cultures
spk_51: so we used by to see up a the
spk_43: ah bitters a
spk_9: the marches in the future and also a lower i know the allies to a business is the biggest the revenue contributed but we are not position ourselves as a lifeless shimmy company
spk_10: so are injured
spk_9: plenty plenty to
spk_25: you'll be able to see
spk_10: i'm much more ah pay those are the revenue on the revenue structures because we will try to be bab the all illegal business and apologized to me business we will try to have a i them issue earlier will try to are given more vicious human probably wheels or we will ah
spk_9: the of people are some economists related business
spk_52: the along we saw live streaming a business
spk_38: it's a lot is either one area we are we are considering bomb so so we asked the old the accompanied ah quiz show which are dedicated to the socal a lifetime or to provide the like i said these to of lol uses this mission has not been changed cartesian oh thank you sam other to their efforts what i'm doing talk on tight modernity dog oh gosh darn cancel can do the year long so that we lack of a civil crave friends on here which can home that how isis on the gas engine combo core old and down and may you know
spk_53: my eg go for that alleged on the put you utah your meal
spk_5: and sell it on they had be so so consider prevent shocker a sensor i have a follow up
spk_54: regarding the global market or would you please your more color a common of your overseas market in kind of the out or of new and they you all of the magic
spk_5: an update or change with your daddy's overseas expansion and you policies and you know and she answers i like that i'd i'd argue canal on and i have on him and other you are not be done on the in the the sheriff guadalajara soderling know that with unlucky he felt not hot and he that a got sold andy i you know that on by them do i do sit underneath did up between your teeth on it under alex the line i have either i a you that them sooner he should be
spk_55: hello been done on their that he been a heart attack on a life and son
spk_8: and i don't on a map and decisions on your pocket and on
spk_5: to is is this phone number use the window down by to it's they all of them full however the the yahoo i'm a universal know is if economy here now much effort put down that alley the bullshit as another how is it out as on elementary or it's out on your of antisocial however should have got a little thana i will name i said into the street hockey wheaton the gods and call eight while the you see you may wanna buy on the away woman tiger can political majesty mccain about should i say that you're sure that the way audience interviewing pages and holiday guys would along with show you know what made you may all be all fall they argue that insurgency soon you
spk_10: when whether put up a couple know how when the up with we can be lethal are quickly devotees what the number she gets to go you will giordani that had gone and seen that only for you're in when a put up numbers lana job when i go to woman's i poop or that a keystone woman the saw your father is a saudi holiday got a big and the lead or publisher know when that and woman that me and gonna we're gonna do that on a little know that highlighter three bought a ticket home sinatra but bloodline shall suit hundred would have either they gar to the white as whole thing that he got a cantina want my younger jelly and would either she can ballymore that he didn't alkaloidal gently to have a year
spk_9: figure got i may your found that he got on a twenty the put on a times i kind of hung up or you or that he that you know he can golf not have any before the n who are but real quick google i won that each know see laugh what's going on and goshen to got a you leave with actually to the number donkey that glyphosate i'm tina relations
spk_10: guy that he only the downing a movie off or cannot ah yes what you that the the other side for out with isherwood year we don't all you got a t sociopath is a saudi at in the dumbed down the budget lamp
spk_56: oh okay a for for overseas business
spk_10: the and the you fall was his business was some not to when michael million
spk_25: who beats or almost three million so the me you
spk_35: does this a two places as many as soon as and through last year
spk_57: so the young you goes for the may you would serve they point five percent be a year and the cells
spk_35: for the sales contributions for sales contribution
spk_10: his you can see from there was a release what was his business accounted for
spk_9: thirteen point one percent that point one person
spk_10: minnesota dc of us versus my point seven percent in impure last year
spk_9: so if you do the calculations the overseas cells within the was rapidly as city by men in moses a twenty eight point two million some pulaski as old as younger sales course was a twenty three percent so as you can so so he can see that the i was overseas is over his business and continue to grow or in a circle the year
spk_43: even we are already implemented some majors to have all the posts in the are used as control
spk_10: so are you the eyes buys the for the future strategies concert what was his business
spk_9: what would what we were do is that we will continue to implement the the coast major send the a course control measures andy smith countermeasures and the and a me you goes were more rely on the soccer the organic growth nope one the second the sega ways that we will try to enhance our so muller patients
spk_5: mother the issues are flower with his business
spk_10: and the we will try to a because up while especially for our lives should be business overseas
spk_58: right no sod our overseas or lies to me busy is more ah is more social network oriented and the in the future probably will be traceable arches will love to
spk_18: good so good a care and a talent show or oriented
spk_25: we believe we're in this way this will bring this will bring you more ah sales revenue up overseas bases next year so our target for our target internal target for with his business next year is to try to try to have leads busy to become a profitable and the nine
spk_24: oh owners are not had a and on by the food you are you guys who down the bill for too sure on the to thank and junior on keeping on yahoo the we more come down of and flat out as by accident what he met a guy who's and decay that than doubled and eleven
spk_38: i don't what the and up another additional additionally we permissions sir
spk_20: the full i'm a you have a new overseas accounted for
spk_59: ah forty three papers and or the told me you
spk_60: as so meeting that the a me you are
spk_18: and as if i that maybe is concerned overseas bases already a very sick leave impala blah business
spk_0: oh shit accident are great i know and cure

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