Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the concern limited fourth quarter and full year when you doing oh financial results conference call at this time all participants are innocent only march after the speakers presentation that will be a q and a session today's conference is being recorded at this time i would like to turn the conference over to miss when bay one headed investor relations please go ahead mom
spk_1: they feel better but he knew morning everyone will come to our put cause and he a decent you to run a conference call johnny today i'll have hundred children and is the only with jonathan from saw in our director and there's only so feel tom the probably thought we would like to remind you that today's discussion may contain overlooking payment which are based on mental competition and a belief is that he will know and on the week uncertainties and other factors not under the can control which may cause actual results performance or achievements of the company to be maturity different the company quarter you're not be played on july and on polar looking them and to not under any obligation to up they disclose information except as required by law you included call monument were also the fact that a number of little matter what comparison public on for that michelle of month that the mood for matter and know the combination of get to longer a little please see the owners should be issued earlier today in addition a web would play of the common cold will be available on our website at i are both people come
spk_2: with that allowed to the party jonathan our thunder chairman of the of while they're all why and can go also are you are you should you do the trigger you probably could you did actually the i got our dog will be
spk_1: to the older women who she giggles valuable
spk_2: hello everyone welcome to our fourth quarter and media to the to the been a constant call the past year has been a tough one for all of us i would like to get out of their gratitude to our use that and he left her and our employees digital digital cable a huge impact so little here
spk_3: so you don't want to go to cuba can do so but an industry here total shouldn't be bought should embassy an issue yeah that was you should you should he initiated would have developed with you love with solar to hear you choose yup but it a blush are you going to go home days to get will you
spk_1: bottom job added saga first i would like to share with you our cook woman with the fourth quarter when he opened the to be to over the past quarter we'll quality populated hospital of and the at one point one billion and that one of one point they are complete idiot we could lead to a flat compared to leave this employee the last year flat is not quite an ideal outcome i'm already affected by the t related effect of the couldn't make out with over the past country
spk_2: that democrats have been particularly the third and last december poke good candidate for our normal pushes the fourth quarter she had also followed the entire show guy out at all you to work you know how shit she gonna die young on the trump overshot shit the what will magically fifa glam call for the job bundled out in our own she is it was shot occasional up introduction had you need to the use of the
spk_1: died that he treasure large of other champagne he then was a woman does to do yes she's in you need old will go chance to do you feel full season or to charge of the junior they will change oh by the way in the fourth quarter we achieved the truth that give me because malcolm i'll get them back to the second the coffee successfully completed our discriminating on top tend to come home by way of introduction secondly we could become an obese a patina of the fact partner the people would have attacked with to the to the to although our father should elevated are mckee think it was purely for exposure from the to long women both it actually have an expanded employee of the from his breath despite biases including thin know what you're able to achieve profitability the book what
spk_2: oh a death in net income me to this too shabby a vision that the which i'm basically nine point five billion
spk_1: our yard and kenya cause the severe shoulder in in this is a wooden year don't use under can you show pilates is revealed in either hold local journey to the failed to hope kenyans a total of juliet they are easier
spk_2: with a two year old can be to the i was that know what i'm the workplace a few one billion our calculate has been a which i'm disappointed one billion an hour know that a definite income with couldn't sherbet commendations mp which time the eight hundred million they have them yet so or share trundled a inside when the yeah yeah should i don't follow what's under pressure evil that emil and that all says any children are only them doubt that bad garfield
spk_1: are you would have little get your shit yeah your child emil the treaty of issue and the new type of operation the fourth quarter with the police in the hospital in the the cookie sheet nevertheless we train of thought of the go to move on with our new that the let the you for the fourth quarter which has he was ninety one million acted as the percent year over year
spk_2: the actually or our yeah you huge a my your facial the men table he had i just always out that hurdle for young black either can get you fold your with the knowledge manhood elizabeth additional he had years by will do not wanna you mileage chanted and was under go council you don't have you should see that
spk_4: cause the youngest and eighty dollars you know i mean for other too well either
spk_2: oh he has a larger either try to teach our and a yoda some up on the cover of as usual are you would appear to get your shit jail chat and new the video cause you got i have been the of what i see issue he had fallen additional philosophy be your to the lab was for to go valuable questionable not will shit give you my deal with a shovel
spk_1: yeah usual short term module hi jenny without issue positive social darwinism one are sure to go together as he had done those shitty that out to show did he he's shown the animals are in the public yes you will and what i usually suffer for the get your who the giver now let me share some details on the you that goes on the biggest recovery for you the bachelor which many of you may be interested alongside work resumption falling asleep that to love this year we saw i was so they knew that such job and by way of i will call put the magic pill which you know it's record high doing the for to market to the to the three of a newly married side music quickly exhibit a potent between my million the average than they used our ask for the first month to the to the tree quit by more than fifty percent year over year new the actually reaches that in the habit to be able to made you are talking can reconcile and in february our monthly active enterprises i thought to the highest level making all of the tree the thought of yeah yeah bill well the total number of our you that is going back to be that you're able to the my i knew how do they the theory our hope that one which will make the guy ritchie
spk_5: the average number of both got the part that is applied knew that actually reaches the average monthly number of palm of little comfort of quit before i may have computer equally through february
spk_2: to guys that goes yeah well i the news recently with me hello cap on demos by the now work from our compute the prison avoid them ability and have a deep voice and in his life he told the new that news and appropriate that it was that said he are you from canada that are you doing incredibly dumb jock know the digital you cannot have been done on your lead allergy on his said on to the other day of asia the us is alarming generally of without any policy that judicial out without some sort of the are highlighted yeah that one insists there are certainly challenged and ship the down to the museum have essential to kill me a ghost i shot has she found on t simple and would you share your job additional bonuses or shall each year universal compile a putting us on and hello shall issue of live with us to yeah because your question this is a one inch scissor shinji i finish all of please of the tools and quiet when they said a day or she is a huge he's a hero of the city's over following your leisure suit that either by the event of these up inadequate eat this is all of that ya showdown with you a dual the one in seducer dosage of we it was young and eventually put in a higher
spk_1: california teaching dad quit who don't see the family could you hold us and that he fumbled or to little can be fun not follow them useless each i thought wow i go back to the goes know like to share some pure white a killer appeal now do the quota of but he a white collar among the new that following the bachelor new color you shall fall back option will have a platform on my color you like it terms of both at remember on their country the isn't work at no a chance to choose from the bleeding the number you that some second and an election pretty cool much faster than the number of the the input chastity it is a testament to our ability to spend our penetration effectively and continually load to matter the such you are a the small and medium sized enterprises liverpool i demand from definitely ah isolated actually which shows the faster recovery time of this and he compared with much into pipe it the fourth key work without cash we had way to need some quick recovery a blog has traction then the we said our has it should totally to for time high in the first quarter of two the to the tree with estimated hour forty five percent go to the crucially and more than twenty five percent growth year over year the fifth a key what is the other service industry
spk_2: the other service industry writing likely to come that has the apply for to the foot caught up with here
spk_6: since the food much about we have seen more than a forty percent year over year increase the total number of newly job healthy
spk_2: yeah idea fire jail for the gumption a new show at home usually as usual joined another got on github eat eat eat algae and how are you oh gosh you know how these are all here for a joint session your job yet was yellow vision the teacher he's you shoveled she's running shops had gone and that she year jail for them and gather you at all it can be like sure you betcha
spk_1: the licensee eighteen years hold a job you put on yet to push pedal does it also emergency gdh from gentle was a cash in alabama the kenyan the years that them got to watch that some other factor photo shop plummeted growth trend setter include a retail has position in high end manufacturers such as the new energy and automobile as well as the healthcare industry or cook on the wow well as take an education auto show the encouraging sign of civilization and recovery activists been set
spk_7: the number of open position he fell marketing for pyramids the had a function that prevented he didn't want to see them
spk_1: i'd be a whole computer show that called up people with me the the first quarter
spk_2: the recruitment activities of medium and large enterprises of gravity to pack up to the thing ah potential of flying over overall economy is why law and give us confidence in our to shop for this well do you know what he should get to lose ashanti was the show is i am i'm irish it to the as you drc yards away roberts suzanne i'm you bike shop was leaning towards are here never played juliet watch it on i'm seeing the or what sort of time here in which i urge you to do the food you might say or yard in shenyang wanna let you fool out of she did you under again games with video
spk_1: and fifteen woman good job die or suicidal your show and jogging of watch the whole time the pontiac true god you you cheated flat helena peanuts year you guys meet you know to a long leash would have yet to jokela we remain committed to on the taking our social responsibility as a pack that public you can provide can do to the to the company was once again shorted wilkinson he that he did you know to hang on top five hundred enterprising movement it for the second competitive yeah
spk_2: the company than the time that is able people that a point in philly and administration's been trying to the lungs the value of a just much of this is some sense of purpose of this this is it feasible village it to provide solid to accumulated one hundred thousand table top secret to outrun the to the a trip
spk_1: we also recently caught up in life overnight the and worth playing the kulemin festival is a neat way up into pieces to go through the flight i'm such a cool the summit which is expected to offer hundred a pound of up with open position for college student across more than to publicly to prices a highly guess is him to have a man goes them to leave he gonna kinda you cheated local shop the guilty about overlay sharia don't know we go to do it again with you man
spk_2: what a while the judge if other charities and i you want dust devils the they with allergies yourself that's how much is it
spk_8: in one not the to share with you today our board of directors of a new shell credit for one to approach approaches up to one hundred million dollars over the next month to support our along come share price that ability that our to the core over to allocate of feel hear about commission on you
spk_2: luciano whoa whoa and early november he won't do that
spk_8: of our financial results of the fourth quarter and the school year old when he could he do
spk_2: that late help you better than our numbers
spk_8: before i began it will that all comparison off on on your computer based or like on the like a i'm running and of have already passed it is written on the one point zero if lived on been on a aren't be one point one it is expected is what they at the same level with got fourth quarter of for with you on his bike the car with a house
spk_2: what a two year old are you for me to already ruled by six percent tomorrow before on by philly put up a enterprise customer number or clunky for the food was three point six get it down by ten percent compared to compete with one mainly due to the he created a small five the account affected by the youth the radio station to station in the park top of it here
spk_9: as well as coli outbreak in having order and awkward wild the ratio an awful his or her stated that it is a healthy lab
spk_2: revenues and the the number of key a pound of meat pies accounts may pay a good was and them and both achieved the record high for a pickle
spk_8: now that turn with half a five
spk_2: for the operating costs and expenses will army one point will be the in the order of them percent year about you may need you to number one increase the employee related expenses including share his compensation related to hong kong i view and number two bungie twenty two world cup sponsorship what a four year old was twenty two full of of really have alexander's degrees of like by while of them to harm me point seven day
spk_8: cause of revenues increased by forty five percent to are only two hundred and food elite in this order primarily driven by that the be as a employee related expenses and a sober and enemy far as our user base had used weeks that and a higher security the arm
spk_2: ross modern excluding service conversation expensive was eighty two point six percent for put it down by one of them
spk_10: disappointed in paris last quarter lady because of the rally was in a quarter was a happy by the court situation
spk_8: well the majority of the thought was field lot of fit
spk_9: for the for your voted for me to also parameters of with a liar
spk_2: with them to the seven hundred and fifty five me with as a great with and eighty four point one i adjusted it gross on down by frequently points compared to what was what
spk_8: you to hillary raven
spk_2: we are expecting a gradual crucial recovery of was models this year along with our valid rock sales and marketing expenses increase the by a three says year over here to argue six hundred and eighty two lily in border what run you to the might be paid off on you for you to fiba world cup
spk_10: or the polio when you put you to our sales and marketing expenses while army to on one it's hard to believe
spk_2: agreed to said year on year
spk_8: excluding the world cup sponsorship expensive
spk_2: why stars are for the next ten year on year by is brandy and the customer acquisition of it for people the to demonstrate our important the money he should be and or dollars founder ran of right that he said and you know that attraction what's on the fringes way well i'm in pain is effective marketing strategy while expect a user wealth continue to give up our monthly expenses will be mine heard an underpowered good people our army expensive in this order input is the by forty eight percent year over year to army four hundred and ninety four knitting mainly due to the replaced at a party that a set of it
spk_8: on a full year of point for you to rb says it was our be one point eight the elite up by forty four percent young year for the faded dna that is where he was the by a hundred and eight of them yeah we're to army two hundred and forty eight needed for a night due to increased not a phony lividity and it at a professional from is he made it into our feel fiber the thing
spk_2: aha excluding share of it's from the station and upon completing the headed feed our i a that he had a benefit in this were was a hundred and twenty three getting up by fifty percent year on here and afford a full year old point five to dna benefits decreased by take people then primarily due to the one all share based on the station benefit of army one on get it right belied the input on widely a two hour to an ideal
spk_8: are simple calculations show that eat it cooler the service organization and wallet fat sponsorship and a professional soon as he's really into our hong kong leading our adjusted of operating margin last hockey return for this quarter and ninety percent or the full year one
spk_2: not law in this corner what are the a highlander eighty five minute he thought he shared his compensation are adopted daddy come on it's border was argued fifty nine eleven
spk_8: he fucking funny to regenerate positive annual net income all rv a hundred and seven guinea and adjusted net income of argued some hundred and ninety nine getting
spk_2: that cash generated from operating activities was already a hundred and fifty hey maybe for this quarter an arm the one billion for the to you as of december thirty first than twenty one to our cash and prevent and a shorter divestment
spk_11: they that to already soaking point to any
spk_2: and now for our is follow on the first quarter of twenty twenty three ways that are on a labeouf would be foolhardy
spk_8: one point point five billion under the rd one point
spk_2: a year on year importance of nine point eight that to that point six
spk_8: as don't have enough to mention that are calculated fresh believe in this quarter is the back into to place by alert
spk_11: forty five with then quarter over quarter
spk_8: and of more than twenty five that he over here which he had done a good start on a year
spk_12: we all have allowed to you to route and will be fine for the recovery of economy with is that so long
spk_13: where are opting is it for the whole year ago and it's be a cognitive to strive for an accelerating biggest was
spk_0: with that come to mind the air remarks now i like to answer questions
spk_14: operator
spk_0: these are hat
spk_15: thanks care if you would like to ask a question i have a saying any capacity star one and one on your telephone and wait for your name could be announced actually choi your question you compress staff one and one again if i again that staff fun and one on your key path ask a question please stand by while we can powder cumin i can thanks you on that i confess question
spk_16: please stand by
spk_15: and your a snitch on line of place on from the yes please go ahead
spk_2: a i hear got his out at all that's left out what are those as a i'll or flowered tea an the gosh have some other got is another not or say i hear as other twenty or whole check off with russia should was home to the your would like has ever since all your matter that the see that the radio some out that to was on yet while i have never what i'm a contradiction to what i say that way huckabee is on that ah natasha guys are setting up with us or to i got up at how am i as how could i could the devil a teacher quite yet coverage of the us and for the job you're hired as you don't know anything else has a larger force with at abbey yeah and it harder to that i yes she without out for know now some authors have had a national to me that johansson the and now shows also have you got auditors are not let us if i am that commercial fucking requests
spk_17: chance or my first question is about on could manage my share my collar under recover transpose had a year off example odd how do you see the ratio between business user growth versus that the job that are you the ground and if the cat that as we could and budget recovery on how do we compare the difference between a cake the precious asset
spk_2: customized i'm a second ottawa to ask your thoughts on that a competitive landscape in twenty three if we think about whether their competitors will raise or step up their investment in a reopen environments and how to rebalance the revenue growth of says the margin target for the whole year
spk_18: thank you
spk_2: i'll to any of us a whole but that was intended your home
spk_3: the what unleashing digital cable before
spk_2: little cheaper a woman on the canal and can get him on his i used to harness walk towards love that peter and the he'll go on t you the jail though that he should have the he got fucking up ah a whole some from be done to her class
spk_19: talking about it on her
spk_2: quoted as usual governments usually comedies that the washington
spk_20: time to do with you feel boys will have to have a hunch or choice
spk_2: ah tao gonna year by the oh my dad he gets paid a the device to just go on canada
spk_17: some gander
spk_2: he had only love to go out of show you a much energy mumbai she that should are sure that ah he has you push and shove it in than she she says at again probably not no oh cnn shows shazia the check on her she's you want to say no king chemically i am i'm wary of much you i want to cuddle joshi you the ones you i could live frugally compliance it that's a lot of other people had my father's ugly at the mindset
spk_21: balance yeah what will to be a cuddle up
spk_2: cousins your quit without him as the way sounded which avoid shots year and he did she die of with that with know
spk_1: oh that the toy they're kind the life he's a llama like and regular should he should he have that he or she either you have our he were dead soldiers for the ashamed of trouble spots it was getting your championship they the bar
spk_22: leave the been any john in a few was the cable well as long as he says he ever
spk_1: personal quotes about your it's a little again the city though five he was enough to get you holding though noble the cheaper thank you for your custom designing your complain about to go chasing after this is that to like i guess is that we're not all the according to cycle fine for both our the
spk_2: which have anything to political content in terms of enterprise neither that our to quite number has or has taken a historical hi which is not what on coal pollution and for the racial or until quite catch him with chewed up the with the same day as like one of my all white with him
spk_23: as a trend with philly
spk_2: well in temecula bill of the five or until the the we have looted that the more they can be a more flexible and their recovery of baby with this factor the author the end and intercourse of course the legislature is that we cannot walk into the for them be back then put a large enterprises are barely probably be the or later than that them with a new back to this is still on they uncovered perfect the that of like for the to add that with it's not all about a of ability is is because the department of places they are clue that were making that decision i have a feel it's been years in two thousand and eight and presented hi i need up his information that is a mood will be awful the problem of such in the ago and you should you know ensure all the whole if you don't wish i wish more credible to the woman said the weather no a computer fired on the love even though he were older one of the harsher a bail out yeah to what are your wife yeah but i doubt issue with that the navy so of a teenager the duty that wonderful
spk_9: ah
spk_2: one them to the he got to have the go on ya buddy feel it he had an apple pie in the spotlight a job the with a you saw the push what is your the i couldn't that lisa that together you were i got your dollar i hate jogging additional that the who was the summer it
spk_3: how did any the suspect
spk_24: he suggests he deserved monopolies on what she thought that ladies over the years
spk_1: what would you like you know woman behaves as you that you do not as a download saudi women are getting book while the has we are not to the office bush about to go on and you just gotta do to deal with which would love to shouting either good deal with the number to he here as you please you on what she's yet you'll such and such as well i know with indicator mentally the tumor
spk_15: and what else is either get a the what are no opportunity look for work with a passion for lucky she said well you know yet but we're going into know them lot of shit
spk_25: what alleged and occur
spk_26: when eventually
spk_0: the obama and clinton wanted to division the complain about come over all compared to last they've had not changed as you have a crappy are predicted that when i that come out the economy ah up here they are the i has to think more she to acquire new that the year and will you have already fear that kind of pressure cooker but tell each half of what we tend to do and
spk_27: whether it was a half hour or coffee ha ha ha with that they are not going on without tasting according to our on pavement strategy what they saw a high you the occasion and with me and now i'm not even with on our local do we were still are hoping to acquire a true to reach the you don't go tablet of forty two forty five pm this year what i have i'm quite confident that we can achieve that habit week without overspending and won't affect our market they could get all hail of that matter thank you thank care on that icon next question please stand by and the next question as from the line of everyone from morgan stanley please go ahead it got all i got a bit better get on a when the organ a o l m t how much he guys are eager to saw a what kind of to go to the issue loud kinda just like yahya find the she really has a blog autodesk suggest watching and a she and he has a bag of drop out a way to our whole iraq i'm just had to dollar canal landed a job in a shuttle hush away something i shop and i've got caught up ah a she got back a binding found out what your mail them about what privileges or trigger you a and bush as you look on his project be and about yeah for paper you just gotta just a junior to the topics to talk to somebody michelle my my enough by a woman bachelor show i just saw a woman
spk_2: sajid of hobby it onto that they they bought your fingerprint had actually justice summer the whole that's hundred albums off way i play has about how to gemma gun charges or saw today landing seven a doping i showed them after city the once you go and he artificial your is a colleges or gonna klink here to further develop all factions your whole or to the shock and an email go back and check allowed only the j got a here are we enjoy away way up of english yeah well i that besser canal google has i have an apology to sell easy to slip out on a good synergy with our back to the to the as as are on the guam the desert it's impossible man or woman they'll cuddle up to tango canarsie goes from the national popular song when she got hello and here was out your told myself i just saw your that apple's are they had to produce was your way day you hold your publisher on of can jump the gun or just issued for to check out why we they to that what other saw a new chair your milk milk chocolate for chancellor george a that day from watching a towel concert hall of i see commission that level of filing back to quit your job data to be in selma there were due to the phantom and a half walk an unseen by himself thank you for taking my question i have to cut your breath question about yeah the and an appointee my rates mean there are fiber and under general actually had been quite high pressure me for the youth unemployment rates so ah do you expect to that's a bill argonauts i've been in some popular labor apply for i'd guess i'm more of the yeah you know the university or college are college graduates are but one of them as bad as from india blue collar job actually have quite as a high demand for this mess with match or will impact on the the or i am of the landscape of the yeah requirement in china and the how pathetic well trying to you know average on this mismatch and address our strategy ah a the here are the second question yet that we heard that's a yes or no longer idea a labor shortage after the time times you you are when more and more you know the yeah the labour actually to call him back to that are to that at yale one or two to three are not sure if if he them out that while we also when it on a blonde at well understood the question if a little bit long and about yet have you tpp are people talking about that for in the longer term is a little bit you know that lower all of a little bit the to know the up a job of the a white collar could be replaced by the truck to catch had to pick labour lumbered had oh what's your fault of being out of the like it ah good shit nigga
spk_8: woman in the canal landed the down just since as your food you pills if we're learning have been done a quiet she's a hot a jewish and got caught
spk_2: you're still young and and in in in jail time out to dinner please ensure has equal share them achieve but i doubt he'll nail try to to get enough of quite he lays down the highlands you know day to die and agility dongle i'll just shit at home can get shovel shahbandar the other dollar at about that i that she thought she bothers you to that ivanka are you have to go to wait another of john that out to got a lot of good job where the maturity the city that i won the title does you do that she was that budget
spk_28: ah put another a highly go on incredibly about how the i have used to hit our cities on the plot a woman teenage are you a to cough offer to bigger than jogging a project dollars is much older than the kids a couple years your showed what i'm a junkie the sure what about to get outside to die if you cheaper
spk_2: don't want somebody to the show was shot down the tissues got ya know that his shadow of should that to put it back by molecular is young does not gonna shoot one possible to the know either kiss them gather food until combat the color the value of us educational they did that national the computer setup and if you do not have a t gotten in general he got his lawyer the language of look but a good one as you shut down here until july was really into on the cover that had a key that a tissue judges see here
spk_1: the on ensure that on the ground the day one hundred grand was unable to capture
spk_29: ah job way to the four pm
spk_1: and when didn't hear shit a dry it gives a shit about you do it's what you got mail goblins you or is it but thousand of your saw the show on t shirt so she had gone out hold your one she could funny which was a alia guy accusers you shall not gonna autumn job or that good idea done for google and dollars shop guy who we're kinda really hit on leisure that i'm sure we'll why didn't your knowledge as usual biggest challenge or don't you ah are or that hundred that nearly the is a keynote jumping up and he says clean your conceivable a catastrophe that was you know of your kind of the hundred should get you should that you got a the google gosh how the show i am campfire she in a while back sources to play a of logic of cultural clash of shit thank you for your question if any other culture or there are two types of our blue collar the first the other family in the a the other tell me she they have the have it is to faster a as well as to put it fell that that no issue i felt like of the top hockey is why are the
spk_2: gotcha anything terms of manufacturing after the ten me a better on until between the two of them to eight weeks as well as compatible with a third to leave before that the top hockey government has been much a lot more compared to the topic of those are the recently have been improving i in to there is up quite effective population
spk_30: then see max it we look at our pack one which he does a cheat the to live or die or the mood for concern i have achieved that the tuned up the parts and want
spk_2: i'm surprised people are a whole pack on top of the do the manufacturing industry what he have of does that compared to last year or the average achievement person or has are likely to quit i'm not huge like the effort what what up the courage to achieve some level of of you have been much greater if they thought the first time i have been talking about with lot of lamented a publicly held and about that that the the over all what human without has the quit little bit but the the effort one topic for me to put it
spk_20: with with much either probably the felt the feeling of the severe to have got a job fucking with much greater competitive while the to they have on that go about them with matching or questions you ask to the to quite professional that to know about how does the proximal find a job
spk_31: then there are less i've got offering which that somebody to do it quite difficult for happen
spk_2: that is the helipad wouldn't they have been that especially the buddha a book hello manufacturing other establishment was listed as a picture that there's a quite a lot of flexibility for them or top secret felt like the both in terms of that the open a gate and that the job you're looking for we have seen adoption or of the top secret to sneaky the treated on kind of neat trick for that's why there are only one topic
spk_20: well sure fire you for your to go back yard yeah
spk_27: the to check if you cheated your party for for bob and supposed to gather i don't wanna that young child
spk_2: you to that you should have to watch from for today's you do that usual taking the here on the family are you gotta tell them what they thought a shitty will do the washing machine of her mother sure i have actually have a lot worse for the in the full of and she should issue that a common language of a huge bad tada a bad attitude
spk_20: to the security that that the much he loves you can all the pain that shit internship emotional should try you got any children
spk_2: yoshida ah
spk_1: comedy me financial foolish enough and not buying a google i thought that was it up to down legitimacy dishes at a party with the jewish don't know that i'm not sure how it thought
spk_32: the a the them
spk_1: bundle had to the would go to the teacher environments you data delegates with other kids are older than it was issue so a lot of the novel yeah not sure what they
spk_2: shows yankees you're typing he succeeded did as usual do that usher it didn't have to the gym
spk_33: and out another your not questionable tactics between the cheaper quite an interesting question is this your too early to to come
spk_34: for the actual application of this penalty on happen but know that not too much to say that we have been a highly ah for focus on earth
spk_35: penalty on the challenge appear to eat my roof top i will continually know he said though the team has already up high this can lead to some has know for example for example to generate neither me or prison on blunted among it motivated as a truck the our team coffee therapy or the end up
spk_2: on the
spk_36: so of or whether good or it will impose a challenge for some of the white collar job the truth of my advantage of concern a similar to the manufacturing industry like a movie or
spk_1: movie are adamant within the warehouse the robot has pay some of the physical work of the blue collar worker know that you are you a new technology some of the what collar job might be although it played by by some of the i heard that that back up with interruption
spk_32: oh yeah for sure
spk_37: and while nagoya the of year he said send you posted up
spk_38: sort of lab she's is either a causal know yahoo
spk_0: hauser ensure
spk_14: here
spk_0: agitate usual
spk_39: when the season and sort of a belgian of the ship was you want a chain and of thousand dollar is young man
spk_40: illnesses
spk_39: i i hope that we can obama either not not not fat people from i'm not be able to tell and is i've always liked i guess what kind of that it the template follow you back i found the i did acknowledge the i hope that they will be and that i confident is it on done that as it when him thank hair
spk_41: on that icon next question
spk_39: please can i as such on the line of tennessee shell from goldman sachs please go ahead i got going to go and a like a hot when she was so it kinda yeah kinda to constitutional
spk_20: op out of the oh yeah point
spk_2: eagle has acquired a good you for totally haha now an omen that aren't aren't either not sure shoulder diana died of a gosh
spk_42: nationally salomon tragic are funnier if you hot in here on a whole lot of attention
spk_2: of your call it all out onto the edges he for now i'm i'm actually shocked at it if you don't go wash issue wage good and and anything and petra sounding good you're hiding and not draven she's gonna showing cellular and autocracy if they have i'm a yankee for knocked it all went on to think i shall had him a contract cushy appearance or chicago alderman that are funny and not yet to me out on my phone so i thank you for migrant fucking the question a congrats on are funny without and strong i'll look for the fourth quarter i have two questions for think about i thought innovation including the recent i atrophy rgb technologies and three under i have is a cost for around twenty percent of revenue between tight how should we thing about which areas and we are playing tree and back in a straight line investments and it would with your body and pet project and arduous andy i'm a model and are improving the efficiency of and secondly i as we understand and mccain campaign around a fifa world cup has finished ah canada share anything that you have observed about and much the outcome and what is yeah i got paid on marketing and branding and we have to calculate year get the chauffeur fifty four
spk_20: the year two dollar
spk_2: my g and kind of agenda have to go much but you can articulate total silva georgia if you on his own the mail today called the other that
spk_1: children to kids without challenging and was machine the sheer stupidity for the either get it
spk_7: they have that has given me to have high on they are
spk_1: then on the thirty and either yeah marco to use as a buffer tube is one hundred years after our region on the not that i was using job you do lot of to to my back come player or come to alone
spk_43: bhutto cheerful he does he could it doesn't as you for your
spk_1: total on the a community and genital normally i said that to into if as you yahoo a deeper that said that he get a hold on yet it's all a number of i could be available for ahead and keep an eye on the language of should stop ah lady who was a edition issue
spk_2: ah for the upon other had is fundamental to the shit one the and about on your mailbox what was your life will see that yup and go into a bomb i'm in social without financial to shoot like a latina a total ah
spk_8: ah about i love a question regarding our our
spk_1: nothing to fear
spk_2: all as me now continue to have another i actually hadn't are taking too much i need to the conclusion that audit up with a sharp edge of fourth edition mario anymore the most notably can attract the a was actually looking i haven't found that while i'm i did not have a lot and no more a pen the major as they still be what better and movie when i even painted in computer science it and also live out create our let me put to in between a half
spk_1: the hat though the will be a more not it or leave she factor as i guess they will happen could have too much about other that image ah the world you know how she owes this year i am if she replied judge it and shit a huge ai secret ah i'm one of us that it's not that silly to water without was a long shot him said as she didn't have turned into your the candidates yet a woman with in another not see let's use without of yeah the whole
spk_2: and of that tell that that i'm confident that differently he had enough of ability and out for an ambitious sure to let for the last of the technology i thought as a large company and earlier they they want a fairly typical i didn't do that ah they're holding a gun i went home and she him and he does that bother example doctors her
spk_8: should the ability to chelsea let them live had other division of your legit and first half of almost done are you cheat and i'm shauna to show that woman yahya said you'll either jager imperceivable of portugal and woman for the love fish on the bombshell digital marketing the shot
spk_44: my darling little blue shirt and qaeda she got people to him a shock jock junk out
spk_45: oh yeah it was really smart to the one the flat get that for don't usually a lot you gotta keep up i should lay and that she had she it
spk_8: should i have a shy as should body eta she divinity go for launch a that trump trouble not talk or they consider a team had to good that a lot about it she oxalates wire down the up one yet and said
spk_2: he watches on the i'm not going to fail or to each that she bobby jones on it enda about i think i can guide an hour a week i went up there are some that are a topic on the path i can say was in and out outcome with the know about official
spk_8: well the the married of back and without go
spk_2: the but to none of this year will not that we have it lived with quite efficient and i believe that they don't matter to me which know he got him are many to have to look for this a clock the prefer not the cost of the market africa over a lower price or mobile i my mouth and you can logically met him at our new the cop
spk_8: i'm very high osha obama much to pay the local
spk_46: lucky for one month lafayette of the i'd settle one don't know what brand commission had been could i know and is that to i would do our to come up with them know continued should is attached to know that here
spk_0: the guy and i like to add a little bit too
spk_1: to this bill muggy spokesperson to and he does first of all
spk_0: in some of the user growth for the twenty great would be with the her is would be a good year of the their books and other you know that the way you have ran the past performance a to have the and ambition

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