Whole Earth Brands, Inc.

Q1 2023 Earnings Conference Call


spk09: And I, alongside the board of directors, feel incredibly confident about the future of our business. Significant changes have been made in our organization, and it is clear, as highlighted in our Q1 results. We're gaining momentum in our relentless focus on profitability. Michael has done an excellent job in his first four months, and we're thrilled to announce that Michael has now officially agreed to join the company full-time and remove his interim tag. Our confidence in Michael's leadership is evident, and the changes he is making we fully support. I'm looking forward to his leadership during our next chapter of growth. Additionally, I'm also happy to be joined by Bernardo Fio, who we welcomed to the team after more than seven years of Kraft Heinz. In my early interactions with Bernardo, his energy and passion for the consumer sector is evident, and his dedication to building a great leadership team will be a value added to our leadership team. I'd also like to congratulate Jeff Robinson, President of Masco Worldwide, on his performance, Nigel Willerton, our General Manager now of North America, and Rajneesh Ori, our President and CEO of International, and Rishi Deng, our Chief Commercial Officer of North America. With that, I want to welcome the new team and the exciting times ahead. I would now like to turn the call over to Michael. Thanks, Erwin.
spk02: Good morning, everyone, and thank you for taking the time to join the call. I'm honored to officially be in the full-time CEO seat. As I said on our last call, I believe that there are significant opportunities for this business that will create long-term shareholder value, and I am excited to lead the many talented individuals across our global platform. Since I've started, those initial beliefs have only been reaffirmed. I'm grateful for the board's support, and I look forward to updating all of you on our progress. These last few months have comprised of in-depth reviews focused on where we were, where we are, and where we want to go. Aligning strategy and goals cross-functionally is a critical component of ensuring the organization is collectively focused on our critical corporate priorities. The interactions that I've had over the course of several months proved to be immensely valuable, and I continue to be impressed by the depth, quality, and enthusiasm of our team. The leadership changes announced on April 25th, both in structure and personnel, are the product of this engagement and are aimed at simplifying our structure fostering teamwork, and enhancing collaboration at all levels. Streamlining our operations and enhancing cross-functional activities are key corporate priorities as we strive to enhance our productivity and generate sustainable long-term growth. We now have three president and chief operating officers that will lead respectively our North America branded CPG business, our international branded CPG business, and our flavors and ingredients segment. In all three roles, we have promoted from within and focused on giving high performers more responsibility inside our organization. Nigel Willerton has been named Whole Earth Brands' President and COO of Branded CBG North America. You may recall Nigel's name given his founding of Wholesome Sweeteners prior to our acquisition of the business in February 2021. Nigel led Wholesome for nearly two decades as its CEO making it one of the largest organic and fair trade sweetener companies in the United States. Wholesome is our largest business within the branded CPG segment, and we are thrilled to have Nigel here to help us continue driving momentum with that brand, as well as cross-pollinate success factors across our other brands and operations. Complimenting Nigel is Rajnish Ori, who has transitioned into the role of President and COO of our international branded CPG business. Rajnish was formerly VP and managing director of branded CPG IMEA region. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished business operator with more than 30 years of experience in the CPG industry across various geographies and cultures. He has demonstrated his ability to drive growth in underdeveloped markets and achieve outstanding results. He's a dynamic leader in our organization, and we are happy to have him lead our broader international team. These leadership changes are important components to helping us manage the CBG business as one strategic unit, which demonstrates our commitment to enhance collaboration, streamline decision-making, and build scale for future growth. This move is consistent with our philosophy of operating as one company, one business, one team. all working towards a cohesive common goal. Looking ahead, as we continue to pursue new opportunities and navigate a rapidly evolving global marketplace, our consolidated approach will enable us to stay agile, innovative, and competitive. I'm excited to be working closely with Nigel and Rajnish to accomplish our goals across our entire branded TPG business. Within our flavors and ingredients segment, We have been fortunate to have a long-term constant in the leadership of Jeff Robinson. Under his leadership, this business has been executing very well, most notably with its track record of double-digit revenue growth for more than a year now. We are looking forward to building on this success and reinvesting in new applications for our ingredients business to continue to further diversify our sales channels. In addition, we are also making a concerted effort to reinvest and support our most valuable asset, our people. One of those initiatives includes implementing an employee stock purchase plan. We want our teams to not only think like an owner, but to have the opportunity to become an owner and share in the equity value creation we hope to achieve. We also recently announced our intention to return back to the office to continue to support and build a unified culture in the organization. Individuals can be productive both at home and in the office, but our top priority is building a strong and collaborative culture, and that requires us being in person together. We have several other exciting initiatives internally that we are looking forward to rolling out to continue to build a culture of excellence, excitement, and energy. I'm also happy to share that our plan to shut down our Alabama manufacturing facility is progressing according to plan. We are in the process of moving our equipment into new, lower cost environments with established co-manufacturers, and those lines should be up and running by the end of the third quarter this year. This will assist us in controlling costs, delivering margin, managing working capital, and ensuring that we are delivering on our commitment with customers. In summary, I am encouraged by the changes we are making and the support it will provide to our global operation. We have an energized team that can make an impact. My job is putting them in a position to succeed. We are pleased with the initial results of these efforts, and we will continue to build on our early successes in the year ahead. Before I pass the call over to our new CFO, Bernardo Ofeo, I also want to welcome Bernardo to our leadership team at Whole Earth Brands. Bernardo joins us at an important inflection point where we look to capitalize on a number of opportunities that lie in front of us. His demonstrated experience, coupled with his hands-on energetic approach, should elevate our team as we embark on the next chapter of growth. With that, Bernardo, over to you.
spk08: Thank you, Michael, and good morning to everyone. Before I get into the financial performance, I'd like to express my excitement on joining Whole Earth. Firstly, I believe in the power of the company's mission, which is to enable healthier lifestyles, helping people enjoy life's everyday moments and the celebrations that brings us together. The brand portfolio and geographic reach sets this company to be uniquely positioned to meet these growing consumer needs and drive value in one of the fastest growing categories in the CPG industry. Being in the role for only two weeks, I already see a significant amount of opportunities to reduce costs, especially from a supply chain perspective, and focus on new growth channels, as well as drive more nimble revenue growth management. I believe that my experiences at Kraft Heinz and 3G Capital will build upon the solid foundations that my predecessor, Duane Portwood, and the broader finance and the accounting team have put in place here. My aim is to help the business generate sustainable, long-term value for our stakeholders, and I'm looking forward to sharing more details with you during our upcoming investor conference in the third quarter. With that, Let me walk you through our first quarter financial performance. As a reminder, please refer to our non-GAAP reconciliations at the end of the press release for additional detail. And I encourage you to view our supplemental earnings presentation on our investor relations website. For the first quarter, ended March 31st, 2023, consolidated product revenue grew 1.4% to $132.4 million versus prior year quarter. On a constant currency basis, product revenue increased 2.8% versus the prior year first quarter. The growth deceleration as compared to previous quarters is largely attributed to a decline in the wholesale ingredient sales. This was a conscious decision we made to avoid incremental import tariffs that would have jeopardized our profitability. Reported gross profit was $32.3 million compared to $39.6 million in the prior year first quarter. Adjusted gross profit was $39.5 million compared to $42.8 million in the prior year period. The decrease was largely driven by cost inflation, partially offset by pricing actions. Reported gross profit margin was 24.4% in the first quarter of 2023, compared to 30.3% in the prior year period. Adjusted gross profit margin was 29.9%, compared to 32.8% in the prior year. The decline was primarily a function of higher cost of goods sold, due to the cost inflation partially mitigated through increased price. This resulted in higher sales to protect year-over-year gross profit dollars, but on a percentage basis, results in a lower gross profit margin. In addition, the decrease was due to cost inflation above price increases, including increased sugar tariffs as demand for organic sugar continues to be strong. Compared to Q4, adjusted gross profit margin has improved 100 basis points, reversing the trend of consecutive declines in 2022. Consolidated operating income was $3 million compared to operating income of $7.1 million in the prior year first quarter. Consolidated net loss was $19.8 million compared to net income of $2.7 million in prior year period. The net loss was exacerbated by high interest expense and book income tax of over $10 million. We expect cash tax payments between $4 to $5 million net of refunds for the full year in 2023. Finally, consolidated adjusted EBITDA was $16.6 million compared to $17.8 million in the prior year first quarter. The decrease was partially due to an unfavorable foreign currency impact of $0.4 million due to the strengthening of the U.S. dollar.
spk01: Excluding the foreign currency impact, consolidated adjusted EBITDA decreased 4.4%.
spk08: Detailing the segment results for Q1, Branded CPG product revenues decreased $1.8 million, or 1.7%, to $102 million for the first quarter of 2023, compared to $103.8 million for the same period in prior years. On a constant currency basis, stagnant product revenues were essentially flat compared to prior years, as higher prices were offset by lower volumes. As I mentioned before, the deceleration is largely attributed to lower ingredient sales, where we made a conscious decision to reduce sales of organic sugars to avoid incremental import tariff penalties. Operating loss for the blended CPG segment was $0.8 million in the first quarter of 2023, compared to operating income of $6.5 million for the same period in prior years. The decrease was driven by the impact of cost inflation, higher costs associated with our supply chain renovation project, and unfavorable impact from a stronger U.S. dollar. Flavoring ingredient segment product revenues increased 13.3% to $30.4 million for the first quarter of 2023, compared to $26.8 million for the same period in the prior year. On a constant currency basis, segment product revenues increased 14.5%, primarily due to strong volume growth of 8.3%, driven by growth in the licorice extracts resulting from the company's commercial expansion and innovation efforts. Pricing was also a significant contributor, increasing 6.2% versus prior year. This was the eighth consecutive growth of top-line growth and the sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit top-line growth for the flavoring ingredient side. Operating income for the same segment was $9.5 million in the first quarter of 2023, compared to operating income of $7.8 million in prior year period. The increase was primarily driven by revenue gains and favorable product mix. partially offset by $1.6 million of favorable purchasing accounting adjustments in the prior year period related to inventory revaluations that did not reoccur in the current quarter. Operating expenses for corporate for the first quarter of 2023 were $5.7 million compared to $7.2 million in the prior year period. The decrease was due to lower compensation expense driven by favorable adjustments and transaction-related costs in the prior year that did not repeat. Moving to cash flow and balance sheet. Cash provided by operating activities for the first quarter ended March 31, 2023, was $4.1 million, and capital expenditures for the same period was $1.6 million, which resulted in approximately $2.5 million of free cash flow and adjusted free cash flow of $7.4 million. As of March 31st, 2023, we had cash and cash equivalents of $26.6 million and $427.6 million of long-term debt, net of unamortized debt issuance cost. Our long-term debt decreased from year-end 2022 by approximately $5 million as a result of revolver pay down of $4 million and normal amortization of $0.9 million. At March 31st, 2023, there were $72 million drawn on our $125 million revolving credit facility. On April 24, 2023, we enter into an amendment to our lower agreement, which temporarily increases the consolidated total leverage ratio covenant to provide near-term flexibility and improve access to our revolving credit facility. The consolidated total leverage ratio will temporarily increase between 0.25 and 0.5 times in the next four quarters, and then return to a regional maximum leverage ratio of 5.5 times. by the end of the second quarter of 2024. Even though we feel comfortable in where we stand, given the challenging macroeconomic environment, we decided to take a conservative approach and add more flexibility to our balance sheet at minimum cost. Reducing leverage to three times is the company's top priority. For 2023, we expect our leverage ratio to remain constant, but we're taking immediate actions where we can to reach our goal. Let's shift to our full-year 2023 outlook. that we are reiterating today. As a reminder, our outlook is presented on a reported basis, which includes the impact of foreign currency translation and our expectations for growth are presented on an organic basis. For 2023, we expect consolidated product revenues to be in the range of $550 to $565 million, representing growth of 2% to 5%. We expect consolidated adjusted EBITDA to be in the range of $76 to $78 million, While we are not providing quarterly guidance, we do expect the first quarter to be the lowest quarter in terms of overall adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBITDA margin, followed by sequential improvement over the remaining quarters throughout the year. Our top priority is cash flow generation, and the results of the past two quarters is a reflection of that and what's to come. Finally, we expect total capital expenditures to be approximately $9 million. And that concludes my prepared remarks. Michael, now back to you. Thank you.
spk02: Thank you, Bernardo. As you can see in our results today, our primary focus is on driving profitable growth, which was reflected in our improved margin performance. As we discussed on our Q4 call, we had a slightly negative impact on our net sales performance due to the press surrounding erythritol. I wanted to reiterate that since 1991, in the U.S., the FDA has approved erythritol for use in foods and drinks and has certified it as generally recognized as safe. Similarly, Erythritol has been approved for use in more than 60 countries, including the European Union, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan, among others. We strive to provide our loyal customers with safe and high-quality products, and as always, we will continue to monitor any updates with all of our products. Following the news, we saw an immediate impact on our sales, but those sales have continued to recover. Additionally, as Bernardo mentioned, Wholesome ingredient volume declines had a significant impact on our branded CPG segment due to quota limitations. For the branded CPG segment, the impact was a 4% reduction in branded CPG revenues. Excluding ingredient sales, all other branded CPG revenues increased by approximately 4% overall for Q1 2023 as compared to Q1 2022 on a constant currency basis. Despite those impacts, we were able to deliver a solid adjusted EBITDA performance with improved margin execution, which is a result we aim to continue to build upon. Part of our reorientation of our leadership is to streamline our corporate structure. We will continue to find efficiencies wherever possible. Overall, a good start to the year, and we remain enthusiastic about the opportunities we have ahead. Before opening the call to Q&A, I would like to thank our team members all around the globe for their continued efforts that make our company better every day. With that, I would like to open the call for Q&A. Operator?
spk05: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, we will now begin the question and answer session. Should you have a question, please press star, followed by the one on your telephone keypad. You will hear a three-tone prompt acknowledging your request. Questions will be taken in the order received. Should you wish to cancel your request, please press the star followed by the two. If you're using a speakerphone, please leave the handset before pressing any keys. One moment please for your first question. And your first question comes from the line of Bobby Pearlson from Canaccord. Please go ahead.
spk11: Bobby Pearlson Yeah, good morning. Good morning. Thanks for taking my question. So, just curious, you know, congratulations on, you know, reiterating that 2023 guidance. And it sounds like we're going to see growth on a sequential basis for the balance of the year. And I'm wondering within that what the mix might look like between branded CPG and flavors and ingredients, any color there in terms of shifting mix throughout the year.
spk01: Sorry, can you repeat your question just at the end? I know you broke up at the end.
spk11: Yeah, curious about the mix shift between branded CPG and flavors and ingredients throughout the balance of the year. How do you expect those to play out mix-wise in terms of contribution to that outlook?
spk01: Yeah, so as you saw with Q1, so we have our...
spk02: For flavors and ingredients, we obviously have a strong order for Q1, one of which we're excited about. We obviously had continued growth. We're hoping that continues throughout the balance of the year. Our branded TBG segment, we expect that to catch up, you know, throughout the balance of the year this year. And so, you know, Q1, we had some – we obviously took some pricing. We had some volume drop off. We made a conscious decision to not sell into the ingredients volumes. We expect that to –
spk11: Okay, great. And then just as a follow-up, there's been talk continuing this year of consumers trading down from maybe premium to mainstream or value products. And I'm curious, you guys are very broadly positioned in terms of your SKUs relative to those tiers. So I wanted to get a sense for what the impact's been on Whole Earth. And in terms also of volumes and the pricing actions you're taking. So I know there's a lot to unpack there, but the main thing is how's the portfolio positioned versus that dynamic?
spk02: That's a great question. Look, I start off by talking about the flavors and ingredients segment, right? For any types of trade downs and changes in consumer products, from some of those macro changes. With regards to branded TPG segment, we sell a broad, diverse set of products. Products that serve, if consumers are trading down, we're able to sell products into all three channels, whether that's value, whether that's premium. And so we feel good about where we stand today. We sell, we have a private label business, we have our branded business, we have our ingredients business. So in terms of the diverse mix, we're set for navigating any trade-downs or any changes based on any macro changes and changes in the consumer appetite for products.
spk01: Great. Thanks.
spk06: Thank you.
spk05: And your next question comes from the line of Rob Dickerson from Jefferies. Please go ahead.
spk03: Great. Thanks so much. I just wanted to focus on the tariffs. situation I guess just in Q1 it sounds like there were you hit capacity so then you'd have to pay additional fee but then the decision was not to import more so then volumes go down and kind of going back to the question was just that as you get through the year does that go away I think you said because you won't hit those capacity constraints or I guess the import constraints and therefore you will able to import because i'm just trying to right size you know um essentially your decision should not drive volumes because of the cost but you still need to import the product and i don't know if organic sugar frankly is different than regular sugar but clearly sugar has inflated you know a decent amount and i don't hear you talking about incremental pricing to offset so i'm just trying to get a little bit clarity as to kind of why that corrects. And I guess, you know, also doesn't sound like there's more pricing coming. Did I have a follow-up? Thanks.
spk02: Yeah. Thanks, Rob. And, you know, one thing I had mentioned is, you know, when we think about our court allocation, right, this was a conscious decision that we made at the beginning of the year. Right? When we went into the year, we didn't receive the allocation that we wanted for Q1 2023. And, you know, from our corporate priorities, we're looking to repair the margin profile business that we have today. So, we made a conscious decision to pare back selling through the ingredient channel, which is a lower margin channel for us. And in order to sell into that channel, we would have had to pay a tariff on the ingredients that we sold. So this was a conscious decision, one that we were very cognizant of and is in line with our corporate top priority of preparing our margin profile.
spk03: Okay, okay, got it. I'll leave it at that. And then you mentioned in the prepared remarks just kind of opportunity and new growth channels. I mean, clearly, you know, you're not a large company. So I assume there are many different channels where you can go, but at the same time, I'd also assume that you've had some visibility on that over the past few years. I know there's kind of a lot of rotation in terms of new management, but at the same time, there's also legacy, and I'm sure you've looked at it before. So maybe just kind of touch on what those new growth channels are, what you see going forward.
spk02: Yeah. Yeah, look, in our flavors and ingredients, I've been incredibly impressed. since I started with the team's innovation coming out of that business, right? We're finding new applications and new areas and channels and industries that we can go after for selling our products and using our finished goods outside the core of consumer-related products. And then when we look at the consumer product side in our CPG business, you know, we obviously announced As you might have seen, you know, our regenerative organic certified exclusive launch with Whole Foods, which we were incredibly excited about. We have some great innovation coming out of Swerve. And, you know, innovation is incredibly important for us, right? When we think about our CPG business, over 10% of our net sales are driven by innovation. You know, that is incredibly important and something that we hope to continue to build on, you know, in the future.
spk03: All right, great. And then just the last quick one, a little bit broader question, is just some commentary, again, and prepared remarks around, you know, being back in the office, you have a new management team, kind of building a culture, right? Maybe if you could try to broadly define what that culture would be an ideal situation. Thanks.
spk02: Yeah, look, for us, it's incredibly important for our team members to be together. right, not just working within your individual function, but in working cross-functionally, building relationships. You know, we want individuals in our organization to communicate and communicate often. You know, I think, as I said in the prepared remarks, you can be just as productive as you are at home as you are in the office, but it's just tough to build a great culture, you know, if you're not in the office together.
spk01: And that's why we're making the rotation change. Thank you.
spk05: Thank you. And your next question comes from the line of Scott Mushkin from R5 Capital. Please go ahead.
spk04: Hey, guys. Yeah, thanks for taking my question. So I actually just wanted to go back to a question that was just asked around the tariffs and kind of the volumes and the branded and the sugar area, the organic sugar area. As we move to 2Q, 3Q, and 4Q, the dynamics still in play that were in 1Q.
spk01: Yeah, we're going to continue to manage it for the quarters ahead.
spk02: And we're going to continue to monitor what the allocation is.
spk12: And, you know, for Q2, Q3, Q4, you know, we'll message obviously appropriately.
spk04: Okay. And then, you know, I was kind of remiss. I should have congratulated everybody, even their new roles and whatnot. So congratulations to all on the call and looking forward to working with you guys. My second question is more longer term. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit over the last couple of years. I was wondering, Mikey, what's your vision for the company long term? That's part one. Part two is, what if the turnaround is You know, the economy gets worse. You know, things are much more difficult. Kind of what's, you know, kind of plan B? So kind of a two-part question, vision and plan B. Thanks.
spk02: Yeah, I mean, look, from my perspective, we have a great team in place. I mean, obviously made a lot of changes to our leadership organization. And as part of that reorg, you know, we're really excited about the team that we have. And, you know, I would talk about when we talk about the vision of the business, you know, We want our international CBG business to continue to grow. There's so much opportunity for countries that we're currently not in today for us to expand into. I mean, we're seeing continued international growth for markets that we've entered into. I mean, if you talk about China for a second, we've grown for Q1 2023 relative to Q1 2022, that business has grown over 80%. You know, it's continuing to find new opportunities to sell products. In North America, we have many low-hanging fruit opportunities. and that we want to make sure that we continue to go after that will create material upside. And with Masco, it's continuing to operate and find new ways where we can create new innovations for us to sell products. That business has, you know, as I just mentioned, that business has a lot of new applications to go after, and we want to make sure that we continue the growth pattern that we have seen historically.
spk01: And then a plan B, if things are worse than expected, especially macro.
spk02: Our plan A is our plan B. No, I think, look, we feel very comfortable about where we are today. You know, we feel good about where we stand. We think there's a lot of opportunity to go after.
spk12: I think, you know, we want to make sure that we stay on plan for 2023, and that is our top priority.
spk01: Perfect. Thanks. Thanks for taking the questions.
spk05: Thank you. Once again, should you have a question, please press star, followed by one on your telephone keypad. And your next question comes from the line of Ryan Mayers from Lake Street Capital Markets. Please go ahead.
spk07: Hey, good morning, guys. Thanks for taking my questions. First one for me, I wonder if you could call out some areas that you feel like you guys can take some more cost out of the business and, you know, where you feel like you guys can gain some more efficiencies.
spk01: Hey, Brian. This is Bernardo. Thank you for the question.
spk08: So we see that the biggest area where there's opportunities for cost improvements is in the supply chain, like we mentioned before. Similar to what Mike spoke in the prepared remarks, our supply chain renovation is supposed to – it's proposed to drive $11 million savings year-over-year and build upon that. Other areas that we are looking for is logistics and also better networking capital management.
spk07: Got it. That's helpful. And then – Next question, you know, so excluding the wholesome ingredients business that, you know, a lot of the other questions have addressed, you know, you said all other branded CPG was up 4%. I was wondering if you could unpack that a little bit in terms of price and volume, just so we can kind of get a sense of, you know, what the volume trends look like for not the ingredients business. And then, you know, kind of using that to get a good understanding of what the underlying demand looks like.
spk08: For sure, Brian. And also, I welcome you to take a look at our supplemental deck on page four. We had a visual of that. But going back to your question, in Q1, our branded CPG business price breakdown is 8.9%, offset by a volume decrease of about the same amount, being half of that because of the ingredient sites. As we progress through the year, we are expecting more balanced growth as the realized LCCs will wane away as price starts to decelerate through the quarters.
spk07: Got it. That makes sense. Thanks for taking my questions.
spk01: Thank you.
spk05: Thank you. And your next question comes from the line of JP Wollum from Roth Capital. Please go ahead.
spk10: Great. Good morning, everyone, and thanks for taking the questions. Maybe if we could just start on kind of the new organizational structure regarding branded CPG. In terms of thinking about that, you know, was there an opportunity within that to kind of pull some corporate costs out? And if not, or if so, maybe just is there any way you're thinking about kind of SG&A and whether there's an opportunity for some more cost cutting there?
spk01: Thanks.
spk02: So the leadership changes were a reflection of empowering individuals in the organization who have done a great job historically that we wanted to make sure could lead our business and our teams going forward. Now, this is, you know, Nigel obviously built Wholesome into where it is today, and we want to continue that growth pattern. Wholesome has been a great acquisition for us and something we hope to continue to build on. Rajesh has done an excellent job finding new opportunities in our international regions And, you know, where we can sell additional product and Jeff and Jeff has done a great job with math. Go.
spk01: So we're excited to have him continue to lead that business. Okay, this sounds great.
spk10: And then. Maybe just looking through the queue briefly, is there anything to call out specifically with the performance in Europe? It looks like it was down a bit year over year and just wondering if there's anything special to mention.
spk12: Look, Europe is very important for us.
spk02: And when we look at our brands in Europe, they are market-leading brands. And for us, when we look at Europe, we have We sell products in three primary areas in Europe. That is France, that is Belgium, and the U.K. And there's a ton of white space for us to go after. We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that we have in Europe and something that we hope to continue to build and grow going forward. We've had some market share growth in those regions, and it's something that we want to continue to go after.
spk01: Very helpful. Thank you for the time.
spk06: Thank you. Mr. Franklin, there are no further questions at this time. Please proceed.
spk01: Thanks, Jeff.
spk02: And thank you all for joining our call today. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to update you on our progress Most importantly, I just wanted to take the opportunity to also thank all of our team members globally for their dedication and efforts.
spk01: With that, thank you, everyone.
spk06: Thank you. That does conclude our conference for today. Thank you all for participating. You may now disconnect.

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