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Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: good afternoon and welcome everyone to the geovax fourth quarter full year two thousand and twenty two corporate update call my name is diego and i will facilitate that a call with me today are david that chairman and ceo mark reynolds chief financial officer mark newman chief scientific officer that kelly big the chief medical officer and dr john sharkey vice president business development at this time ah participants are in a listen only mode a question and answer session will fall a formal presentation please note that conference is being recorded
spk_1: i would not turn the conference over to our host gabby bigger vina of cg capital thank you you may begin think you please note the following certain statements in his presentation may constitute forward looking statements within the meaning of the private securities litigation reform act the statement are based on management current expectations and are subject to uncertainty and change it and circumstances actual results may differ materially from those included in the statement detour a variety of factors including whether to that can develop and manufacture it's vaccine that the desired characteristic in a timely manner geovax vaccine to be safe for human you'd hear that is that seem to have actively program targeted infection and human geovax back people receive regulatory approval necessary to be license and marketed geovax readers required capital to complete vaccine development their development of competitive product that may be more effective or easier to eat and geovax with product do that to be able to enter into favor robo manufacturing and distribution agreement and other factors over which he attacks have no control do that seems no obligation to update the score looking statements and does not intend to do so more information about these factors it contained in geovax is filing with the securities and exchange commission including those that forth at risk factors and geovax it for nk it is now my pleasure to introduce the chairman and ceo of geovax david dodd
spk_2: good afternoon and thank you participating in the geovax corporate update call what quarter twenty twenty two represented continued progress with you have acted will pay off the face to clinical programs that support a good depth and a promising cancer therapy for patients with advance head and neck cancers and g e o c a for as one our next generation cool with nineteen vaccine focused only unmet needs and immunocompromised patients we all should continue to progress or overall development stage grow but this includes or jail that mach one immunotherapy currently in i and a supported studies also the preclinical studies evaluating adapted in conjunction with a dude check what builders continue to be encouraging with relevant data expected this year throughout twenty twenty two we strike good our balance sheet during a very difficult investment environment especially for the biotech industry as a result of are successful financings last year we've expanded our current gonna go programs to include additional sides were also adding near term opportunities related to a baby factory processes and the additional oncology problems recently we had bouncy expansion good depth and base to clinical problem with the activation a patient roman in the two additional sides at emory university and thomas jefferson universe for a couple goodnight team vaccine program we implemented a barber mobile clinical research facility in claremont california to support or a place to go with nike vaccine booster drop additional multiple sides are in the process of joining our base to go with night team trial among immuno compromised patients in speak quoting some potential sites outside the us there are significant interest in participating in the evaluation of our nabucco called nineteen vaccine targeting the high risk of you know compromised patient populations during the fourth quarter we also now you acquisition of the right from the nih allowing geovax to develop and commercialized there in the early as a vaccine against monkey pox or import and smallpox our intent is to be the person primary us based supplier of a junior your bags and be a vaccine against impacts us marcotte resulting in expanded supply and access worldwide especially related to low and middle income countries which have consistently experienced significant difficulty and supply of many critical back change and therapies finally we recently announced or successful progress toward becoming the first vaccine supplier using an alien cell line base manufacturing process significantly expanding the human capacity of and be a base vaccines this will allow us to reduce supply chain risk associated with the use of chicken eggs and to provide the means to greatly expand production call scale to address potential global need again especially related the lower costs alternative for supply to the low and middle income countries our mission is to provide a middle therapies and vaccines that improve lives worldwide preventing are treating some of the world's most challenging cancers and infectious diseases our business strategy a partner in collaboration is anticipated to allow us to provide worldwide access to our products while providing optimal valued our stakeholders we believe that good depth and see ammo for aswan than are older initiative provide significant value expansion opportunities for the company or shareholder and stakeholders while providing compelling career development opportunities for the members of our chain as a reminder good afternoon is a cancer therapy currently an expanded motorcyle evaluation among patients suffering from a day of said that answers the product has received orphan drug designation from the ft eight encoding pro the current clinical trial is from the ft a orphan drugs clinical trials problem our focus is on completing the initial temptation study funded by the the we will review those results would be of the along with our recommendations for an expanded program while also discussing with the of the a the potential for an expedited biologics license application and we're excited about the outlook and promises adapting within in advance head neck cancers as well as other opportunities and indication relative to the expanded use of good depth this includes the potential application of the underlying technology in conjunction with other therapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors and potential synergy with are internally devout geovax mach one tumor associated antigen approach relative the commercialization we anticipate partnering and collaboration support of worldwide used for which business development activities have been initiated the vast array of under medical needs with oncology represent significant opportunities which back to advance novel approach your such as that of good depth and therapy against multiple tumors good captain in conjunction with immune checkpoint evolution and the geovax motwani want cancer immunotherapy approach addressing various care are patient needs world was as previously mentioned we hold worldwide route rights for the use of good that's good and the geovax tumor associated antigen technologies and all indications are plans include the successful development commercialization globally and conjunction with collaborators and partners get yoshi ammo for as one which we refer to as cm oh boy this one isn't phase to clinical development as a covert nineteen vaccine targeting both the antibody and cellular arms of the immune system the goal is to provide of more robust and durable protection than the currently authorized vaccines especially for immuno compromised individuals this vaccine hold promise over the current authorized vaccines from several critical areas of differentiation and valued very patient see ammo for as one is being developed wrestlers patient population to the middle compromised individuals currently and adequately served by the authorized back change and the various monoclonal antibody therapies a recent article in the new england journal of medicine address the critical need to address both antibodies and t cells relative to protection against sars probably to the faction and for the by day see i'm all for us want to specifically constructed to include a broader focus on the source code we to buyers including both the spike protein and the nuclear captured protein resulting in strong humoral and cellular immune responses as a result it induces strong antibodies tcl sell responses such immune responses were validated and reported last year in the lancet micro publication of the phase one day data addressing the cellular immune responses via inclusion of the nuclear power plant protein is especially critical mongols patient populations who have immune systems with a blade the ability to melt response the antibodies stimulation this includes patient populations with various blood cancers hiv sickle cell el nino kidney disease auto immune disease and others repairs co mobility we estimate at least fifteen million such individuals in the us alone and over two hundred million patients worldwide we believe the ceo for one has the potential to address a critical worldwide medical needs and commercial we also believe that an opportunity for an expedited regulatory have made just for such a development program we'll see imo was one we also anticipate partner in collaboration to curb a worldwide distribution providing a novel vaccine a support of patients with such compromised immune systems regarding twenty twenty three miles homes accomplish publish this year includes accelerating efforts in support of the good after that she ammo for as one pays to clinical programs moving the geovax and be a vaccine related to him parks and smallpox and development and advancing are in the a manufacturing process and operational validate asian during the first half we anticipate reporting initial public result of the safety lead and for the she ammo for us one immuno compromised from presentations are scheduled for the world actually congress in early april the vaccine summit twenty twenty three in late may as well as the i said site close eye cometary international meeting and late night in addition to the recently reported side expansion of the good depth and study will dissipate redoing initial data later this year also this year we anticipate recording or other preclinical information related to the use of the good depth and up technology used in conjunction with immune checkpoint village furthermore when tend to provide updates relative to i do support of study of are advancing geovax mark one tumor associated and gene therapy in early june our team will be actively participating in our school twenty twenty three during twenty twenty two we strengthen our balance sheet adding thirty seven million dollars during a time when many biotech firms were furloughing programs and or people we feel that our capital development success reflects and for support believe in the value of growth opportunities underway at geovax we continue to receive wrong answers related the capital investment development which will evaluate but we're focused on execution towards or twenty twenty three goals strengthening shareholder value and achieving critical reporting milestone for our current development programs now i'd like to turn the presentation over to mark with the most geovax chief financial officer for review of our recent results in financial status mark
spk_3: thank you david
spk_2: starting with our income statement the first thing to note is the lower grant revenues recorded during twenty twenty two as compared to twenty twenty one which is reflective of the wind down of our grants from us army and the night for a lassa fever and covered my team preclinical problems as we focused attention on our clinical pro once we do however intend to seek additional non of government funding for a preclinical velvet or comes and the future research and development expenses were not point one million for twenty twenty two persisted team point six million for twenty twenty one representing a decrease of six point four million the should be noted however that the twenty one expense included whole point three million licensees another up front cost related to our licenses of she ammo for us one and get up to excluding these costs are the expense actually increased by five point nine million it increases workable plan the unexpected as they were associated with new clinical trial activity for see him for us one and get up and including mange strikes or in costs for clinical trial materials the increase is also reflective of higher personnel it's insulting costs this were stacked up earlier in the year general administrative expenses were five million for twenty twenty two as compared three point six million and twenty twenty one with the increase is associated with higher personally insulting and pen costs so overall net loss for twenty twenty two was fourteen million or eighty three cents per share prices eighteen point six million in twenty twenty one or three point three dollars and four cents per share again the increases during twenty two twenty twenty two are primarily associated with ramp up of organizational infrastructure and other costs associated with the see among for us one and get up in clinical trials turning out of the ballot she our cash balances sheet december thirty first were partially twenty seven point six million as compared to eleven point four million and a twenty one change in our cash balances for twenty two is reflective of nineteen million used an operating activities are set up proceeds from stockholm for in january and may with combined net proceeds to us of nearly twenty eight million and an additional seven point six million proceeds from their actions of warrants during the third quarter of last year or us any common shares now stand twenty six point three nine in summary were well positioned to accelerate in advance or clinical problems with the cash runway sufficient to fund operations and priority programs to the end of twenty twenty three funding earth really ongoing face to clinical programs and preparing for the next stage of development or of most significant use the more cash and our top financial priorities i'm happy to answer any questions during the cuban i'm an hour now trump call back home to david
spk_4: thank you mark
spk_2: my colleagues and i will now i answer your questions joining much for the kiln a session on doctors mark newman kelly mccain and john sharkey our chief scientific officer chief medical officer and vice president bush development respectively oh now trying to call over to the operator for instructions on the question answer period
spk_0: thank you
spk_2: and before we take questions i'm going to hand the floor at the mark reynolds for some common thank you the take a minute to a tell all the listeners that what you just heard was was pre recorded by david in may i'm unfortunately david had an unexpected a family emergency today and he is going to be unavailable of to despite the loved you in a session ah but i still have with me today of mark newman john sharkey and killing the key and we'll all do our best to answer any questions that may arise
spk_0: they'll turn it back to the operator now thank you at the time you will begin our question and answer session if you would like to ask a question press star one on your telephone keypad a confirmation tomlin indicate that your line of in the question que
spk_2: you may press the starkey followed by the number two if you would like to remove your question from the queue for participants using speaker equipment it may be necessary to pick up your have had before pressing starkey once again traffic question press star one on your telephone keypad
spk_5: our first question comes from jason colbert with dawson and james please do your question
spk_2: a guy has a congratulations on all the progress graph couple of questions across a couple of areas first on depth at what point do you think you hit a proof of concept that's what i'm trying to understand phase one to trial at what point do you
spk_5: walk away and say yeah this thing works
spk_6: mark or kelly which want to be take that question please well this is kelly lennie lennie sure start off on you know that that that really kind of a hard question to answer we we have proof of concept in i'm in a general says from from the the phase one studied this already completed in that we demonstrated that ejection of tumors with kidnapped and followed by for their been infusions on israel trying to tumors now i'm in the of this is palliative therapy so we have no expectation that we're going to him they were going to do to improve overall survival or or even necessarily linked in survival but but we we do have proof of concept already did this technology was retailers the kurds daddy is designed to to follow up that initial trial by giving repeat it will striations of get their plan and repeat with will there be the patients calling to activate it the elo the did the protein inside the tumor on the and to assess not only for what to say she profiling is it in with repeated nutrition but to see whether we're seeing in alex a accelerated benefit or expanded benefit is shrinking tumors and you know we've it's a small number of patients i'm we've now in roll eight of our target pin i'm in
spk_5: once that once stage completed we start looking at all the data on his are qualitatively was quantitatively epic will have a better sense for that
spk_6: and that information should start to become available towards the end of the summer given to the timelines of the of the of the trial itself does that help answer your question yeah no no but that doesn't mean it establishes the timeline we get in we're going to get a p get any was kind and see what the data looks like what what's the best case scenario a that you'd like to say oh i'm a year and best case is is week we we take our data package to the fk and they they look at it and tell us well you know if you can give us similar data in in additional in a reasonable number of patients with what a reasonable number would be we were initially hoping it would be somewhere in the neighborhood twenty the a forty but is probably gonna be more than that
spk_5: but that then then we can achieve an accelerator approval for for this as an unmet medical needs hum
spk_6: but yet again will ensure it depends on what the data looks like when we finish finish the trial and what the environment at the at the ft eight is in terms of accelerating approvals for these kinds of therapies at the time and we presented to them okay fair enough i understood similar question on the coby to vaccine program that to face two trials what's the next focal point it was that we should be looking at in terms of that dataset ah well so so the to trial that we have ongoing are one of them is in healthy volunteers at it as a healthy individual there's a heroic is booster and were on about film between a third and a half way through enrollment with the addition of our new clinical say we anticipate you accelerating in enrollment dramatically hope to have that study fully enrolled within the next couple of three months at at at at at worst and you're given the follow up that can that the primary in point five primary immune
spk_7: marker in point is you know i'm a month or so after the year
spk_6: after the booster so we should start seeing some of that data hopefully by the or three quarters well take the early color for this year the the the the study that we've got ongoing in patients with human logic malignancies is is a much slower paced study on we've we've not been able to enroll their study quickly as we had anticipated at the city of hope national medical center where it was begun and for that reason we've we've begun enlisting support of multiple other academic medical centers and by the summer time we should have a handful of those lined up and in rolling patient so i wouldn't anticipate any any significant read out of that form a gosh
spk_2: my best guess a year
spk_5: something like that
spk_2: typical learn your this page the it's it's hard to it's hard to find patients still meet the eligibility criteria for this for this trial
spk_5: fair enough and my last question is really understanding the importance of the and the a manufacturing process is what what i'm thinking here is that what you're saying is you know in the event that there is another pandemic the ability to be able to make a vaccine
spk_8: at scale high capacity high yield quickly becomes critical obviously year differentiated from an m r in a process which is a pretty rapid process to but you're making the point that you're getting away you know eg based vaccine technology is is that if something in the past that
spk_5: you've now got out got this critical piece in place is that that understanding car
spk_6: with add to that
spk_2: yeah
spk_8: mark martin him and let me comment on that one sure i'm yeah that is the goal here ya the mrm ne is a platform is you match movie really enables you to do a rapid response so there's a difference between a response and you're building up vaccine capabilities so the so i'm production gives us a large scale
spk_2: but it it's also the idea is to get back to kind of the normal world vaccines were you know childhood vaccines are are given a young age and you hope never to get never to get sick last your life type of thing and that's what we're looking at for your our our products so larger scale need larger scale
spk_0: manufacturer me that map needed to meet that piper a distribution so it's some we know where folks that kobe so you can always being compared to the the r on a vaccine groups for actually targeting that feel totally differently so it's it that's that's the issue it's it's kind of
spk_9: we can small scale and certainly address what the current technology we are smaller nice types that patient populations but the really expand it which is what's in our plans shadow fit into the cell production based systems yeah thank you for that really weird clears that up for me a lot congratulations on all the progress of david as well by you
spk_6: our next question comes from vernon bernard you know with hc wainwright please your question i answered my question on have of them have already been asked and answered i just wanted to fall of i'm jason's question regarding i get that than that the kind of the see that we might expect from the phase one to on imagine matches the on that a patients have been enrolled on and perhaps expect some data at the end of summer but what kind of data would that be would that be just dumb data in which you confirm that i get up and shrinks tumors or is there are some other kind of advocacy did you expect your now well and the where we are we are measuring i mean our our our our in point measures including to yeah we we we we we graded these these these tumors under richest one point one and we are will be taken to a measurements will it will be looking at not only the the this a quantitative an impact on ejected tumors but the potential mom in effect on on just distant distant tumors that they were not injected and it it's it's it's as much to to give us a sense for or some confidence in the in the what we're doing is is is actually benefiting patients i'm in a meaningful way just in terms of improving somewhat their quality of life i've ah but also sort of getting us some some guidance with regard to direction for phone on studies i'm here we there's no doubt they will gonna have to add additional patients to the
spk_9: to the to the in that wouldn't did we will have at the end of this trial but whether that means we'll we will be able to for example a increase the amount of of the their being were able to give patients to to give it a chance to to be due to the to activate more the good their in inside the tumor tumor measures that are injected well that means weekend i'm either dial up for debate
spk_6: check the the amount of the injected
spk_5: add new buyers the carries the in that the the activated activating protein into the tumors your those kinds of questions will will get some sense for where we can take this the study as we go into additional patients that didn't help you
spk_6: yes and hour as a follow up am devon expectations on the harmony repeat cycles on may be possible especially when you're also getting for derby
spk_9: well so so each cycle right now involves injection of a good depth and three three three three the death and injections over a two day period followed by within three days are over there be now when in it's five cycles for each up to five cycles for each patient
spk_6: now what were the weekend ed ed additional cycles little additional cycle would be useful on with we really don't know that yet in in again that elite with these are questions that that we want to explore i'm as we as we progress the development with development program that but we don't have a nothing nation never be able to make it make that decision perfect and you expect to discuss
spk_9: data from the temptations are worth the effort to a
spk_0: what you think that old be a this year i'm
spk_1: yeah and the wait wait wait wait we are you obviously sort of constrained by by how quickly we can enroll these final two patients and then if if you sort of follow if he if the final to patients follow the entire five cycle program on you know what we were lucky
spk_10: basically six months from the time that the last patient is is in rome so ill give us in a month or so you to to analyze the data in and pull it together schedule a meeting with the of a
spk_6: so we were hoping we'll be able to get it get in in by the in the year but there are some factors that are beyond our control in that regard
spk_11: i get very helpful and thanks for taking my questions
spk_5: or next question comes from jason mccarthy with maxim group with your question
spk_6: i the to join me on the call for jason mccarthy i think for taking the question i just you for me as most of my questions have already been answered by our firstly i guess sort of funny a broader perspective i give up any number gonna get the proportion of patients who are getting regular boosting and be back a shame and would you expect expected to be for the addressable population for your vaccine or curious to hear it on what when you mean patients you mean he we're are him the logic malignancy population or who you talk about specific louder for the are covered out related to the covered vaccine i guess how many people are in up to date and actively getting to stir and i get if you're coby back into your currently developing would be adjustable to population attention oh well i mean i would i would anticipate that that the yogi given given the impact this disease can hear born in a immunocompromised compromised population the patient virtually all of them will be getting your regular boosters with him or in a vaccines according to the schedule prescribed by
spk_1: cdc in in the air and the
spk_6: did you cancer society's but we don't have any specific numbers reason
spk_12: is a what what we do know is that the response that these patients
spk_6: generate to him already fees is is so optimal compared to that seen in a normal healthy individuals and that they remain in a vulnerable to the he said severe illness when they get infected with with with this virus
spk_1: i agree he appreciate the color and are moving on i get to had any luck camper trial how large do you think the child will go in terms of involvement and i will kind of respond to a d think will be clinically meaningful to me to program and
spk_0: well are you get you you've just asked two questions that were gonna be a good gonna be here for live yea about on your we we don't really know right now what they're gonna require in order for us to to can be granted in accelerated approval on yeah
spk_6: we have some estimates from some of our consultants that range anywhere from and eighty two hundred and twenty patients but whether that's really what they're thinking right now we we don't know i'm in terms of of of what sort of in points or want to read out on a you know
spk_2: again
spk_6: we don't know what what the episode is gonna be weather's gonna be so tumor response in terms of three kids whether it's gonna be a quality of life measure some combination of that yeah we we we really don't know what they're gonna require and you know between now and and are meeting with the to the if the a we're gonna solicit input from a number of regulatory specialists that have been working in this area a give us some thoughts and learn in in recommendations about what to present would you propose got a i appreciate you taking our the kind you provide updates congrats again on the quarter
spk_13: our next question comes from robber the boy or with noble capital markets least their question
spk_5: good afternoon i was hoping that you could discuss some of the things are in the depth and trial and specifically the use of the checkpoint inhibitors that was mentioned early early there was a mention of the the dosing regimen but ah i was cured
spk_6: as as to whether you're going to have separate onto the checkpoint inhibitors or all all patients or how you going to go about testing it either a lot of leaving it up and either alone or a combination yeah so so what well i mean fundamentally what we don't we don't have a study design specifically in mind at this point in time however we recognize the potential that adding a checkpoint inhibitor offers to a therapy
spk_14: like the devil a mean they're sort of biologically plausible a rationale for doing this and ill there are other
spk_0: a therapeutic agents in trials in head neck cancer on that are sort of capitalizing on this on this concept oh at the present time so so we have some ideas about how to go by doing this but week we don't have any specific design in mine
spk_15: at this time
spk_16: the preclinical work it's ongoing is is with our with our collaborators at emory university i'm in which they they demonstrated in animal models some very encouraging results which you know i think are gonna support them yeah but movie for the in in how to move forward you are are are thinking it this time and in this is not meant to to commit committed in any way there are thinking at this time is that the or offering the depth and was a checkpoint in the context of new of therapy is a very appealing approach and we intend to to explore that gloom extensively as as we discussed taking the program down the road and in in multiple different directions
spk_6: okay thank you very much thank you just are minor to the audience ask a question press star one on your telephone keep had to remove yourself from the queue press start to our next question comes from kumar roger with rough capital capitol police a question
spk_17: or typographic my question so far to one with regard to the mach one eye and be filing
spk_6: what needs to be done that before and also the timing and with regard to the got up in find what are the thing in terms of flat screen failure rate and watch would we expect being terms of data i'd basket well as well put out or i'll take the good depth and wanted a mark of mark will address the mach one question but oh so we're not presenting anything it as go on yeah we are i'm gonna i'm i'm going to be going to that meeting in in a belly myself have the opportunity to interact with many the key opinion leaders in the hidden the cancer field the pick their grades to or the sea so see what the what the state of of the art is a home with the using so therapeutic interventions either alone or or in conjunction with on them checkpoint editors another in the logic to i'm a move at all the edge of and but but we'll go out the nation that with other in the logic gum stimulator stimulants and i'm so so there's so there's no data that this gonna be presented it as cool because we don't really have a complete dataset be able to present
spk_0: on
spk_2: a what was your the question that good depth and before i give it back to me at i was wondering what what the your thing in terms of that clear green failure rate that ah ha yeah i'm
spk_18: so
spk_5: that that the the that's really a hard question to answer because
spk_19: in in the that that the patients the that are offered to us by our on our our side investigators on are those that are sort of at the end of their are there other therapeutic options and your patience tend to be a pre identified
spk_6: at some point well in advance of the time that they're really ready to enroll in our trial and whether they they start whether they show a response to a current therapeutic regimen that their own or whether they they find themselves in alone the in such dire straits it on the because of their underlying disease that they don't qualify because of your abnormal blood chemistry is or or cardiac failure whatever on it
spk_20: it it it it's it's it's it's kind of all over the place and so we don't really we don't really see on the patients aren't patients aren't aren't screened unless they sort of get to the point where they're in a position where they investigated think there's a reasonable chance to they couldn't kid can enroll in a trial
spk_6: there was a get to that point i would guess that are screen failure rate probably somewhere in the library twenty five to fifty percent okay that's great the
spk_2: thank you and our next question comes from jeffrey cross with crystal research belief that your question
spk_6: thank you very much money my questions were already out but the questions remain you just addressed as go but us back to be presenting any scientific papers or kind of thousand patients or dataset publication at any of the three scientific
spk_21: contents into your than him
spk_22: put forget their pillar for offered running it works for the oh yeah we have been around
spk_2: we can just not ask only got better yet
spk_8: get a room right yes that there's gonna be data presented with the world that team congress
spk_2: in early april oh there's gonna be day off on t ammo for his world is gonna be data presented at the their she's someone in boston a i guess it's early june
spk_5: maybe lately
spk_8: lucille for as one in then there is a close i told that he averaged size psychometric complex and they were some dated a mom that's sort of similar lab if more technical lab stuff of a cushy the with our with our trial there's gonna be presented as well fantastic i know you been working very hard mode that along that's night news the second question is which regard to the manufacturing arm and adding that is one of your goals yeah if one wants to look at your manufacturing validation want to have and just say real you hope to have by certain date what would you say the percentage of working toward that is complete now that i knew more about the specific died at the center fifty percent there should be present they're getting present their just reflect
spk_2: mark john that years
spk_18: ah what
spk_23: so we have different we have different viral vector taxis rides a barbarian the the of all a field we battle for s wine which is the other kobe first step towards the universal kobe vaccine
spk_5: and you match each of these well we're we're release evaluating each of these with different cell lines for express systems and that's a step stepwise process so the first thing you want to know as their particular virus will grow and a particular sell i and sometimes they don't sometimes the
spk_2: answer causes the toxicity of these satellites can be duck or a janitor chicken origin there's they're all tumor cell type of lines but would slightly different genetic variations based on the urge you get from so you marched through the series of events and say what cell lines supports which virus now for all
spk_5: for a swan we've actually got a choice we've we've taken that along to the point where we're comfortable we could make a choice you whatever we wanted to they are produced with differing manufacturing technologies which week me oh they're out there we were just have slacked how we wanted to do it so irrationally actually at the stage now where were talking business terms that would be a job sharkey ah my don't know the forget it with but a share any details on that but that one's ready to go we have another candidate and or another research level product where i think we would know exactly where people go
spk_23: but it's it's not it's still in the mouse model of it's second kind of a a secondary approach more be universal kobe ah
spk_5: but it will not focusing on that as much of the oh for s want so you know what were their but i think you were say that each one of these is likely to be a specific paired system it would be great if we could find a single manufacturer and a single cell line that would do it all for us armed man i'm hopeful the maybe we'll get lucky but realistically we have seen variation and so we
spk_2: were you doing doing the right stuff each of the steps for each products or the lead brock already proven we can make a decision yep a purpose
spk_0: are we on a production company can her with what you said one final question is ah
spk_24: you're seeing a lot of interest in a lot of movement out there are much pharma companies with now comes with burma we're seeing snow strong interest in partnering with your normal companies with unique indifferent to the technology that i've been changers musical seen a lot of interest book that a partner
spk_2: lp out one night yet a basic question so at that will bring back the world's weekend bio spring european partners
spk_0: and and you know we started touching with companies are last year with a bio and what i say you that

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