Q1 2021 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: Hello
spk_2: ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by for lee jews. First quarter 2000 and 21 earnings conference call. At this time, all participants are gonna listen animo after management in Iraq's there will be a question and answer session. Today's conference is being recorded. I would now like to call over to your host. If he came head of capital markets for the company. Please go ahead.
spk_0: Thank you very much. Hello everyone and welcome to the jeans. First quarter 2021 earnings conference call released our financial and operating results. We are newswire services earlier today and they are available. Online participants on today's call will include our founder and Ceo Mr Markle I. And our acting CFO Mr fondue management will begin with prepared remarks and the core will conclude with the Q and a session as a reminder. This conference is being recorded. In addition, Ernest highlights presentation and the webcast replay of this conference call will be available on the Ir section of our website at iRS dot the result. FM. Before we continue, please note that today's discussions will content forward looking statements made under the safe harbor provisions of the U. S. Private Securities litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements technically content words such as may well expect target estimates, intent believe potential continue or other similar expressions, forward looking statements involving Henry risks and uncertainties. The accuracy of these statements may be impacted by a number of business risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ maturity from those projected or anticipated, many of which factors are beyond our control. The company is a failure advisers representatives and underwriters do not undertake any obligation to update these forward looking information except as required under the applicable law. Please note that legit Ernest press release and this conference call include discussions of uncredited gap financial measures as well as unaudited non GAAp financial measures. The just press release content. The reconciliation of unaudited non gap measures. To unaudited gap measures. I will now turn to call over to our founder and Ceo Mr Marco Life. Please go ahead.
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spk_0: Hello everyone, thank you for joining us today. Yeah,
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spk_0: We are very pleased to have started the year off strong as we maintain our robust growth momentum in the first quarter of 2021 laying a solid foundation for sustainable development throughout this year. Overall user base continued to grow in the quarter with average mobile Emma us reaching 59.7 million, while the average monthly pain users increased by 12% quarter over quarter to approximately 400 475,000. Thanks to the effective execution of our operational strategies. We also witnessed the strong growth in our first quarter revenue of R&D 495 million up 34% year over year and 18% of control.
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spk_0: During the first quarter, we continue the building and enhancing our unique and the virtual audio ecosystem in particular, expanding our food.

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