Viomi Technology Co., Ltd

Q1 2021 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: thank you for standing by for via only technology company ltd earning conference call for the first quarter of twenty twenty one at this time of purchase been on a listen only mode they've kind of call is being recorded i will now trauma call over to your host mister so you'll be the i had of the company please go ahead cecilia
spk_1: that the operator ah hello everyone welcome to bomb it had knowledge a call him into the only copy call for the fourth quarter twenty thousand and one as a reminder discount when he has been recorded become and financial and operating results were issued a press release earlier today and to the online you can download any friends related so yeah for the company's email distribution lead the by visiting the irish section of the company's website i'd i ah da bomb and oh come on his bed into the call ah mystery shopping job defender chairman out the board of directors and cheap exemptive of the third amateur hours you'll be about our new president and mr wickham tied to head that a the cabinet management would deal with prepare when mark and and hall will conclude with a q and efficient people would continue please note to this discussion will contain forward looking statements made and or to fit have a prohibition of the u s private security implications reform act of nine ninety five forward looking statements bob inherent risk and uncertainty as large the coming actually dog may be materially different from
spk_2: the music scratch today
spk_1: for the information regarding the in the other with an insurgent it is included encountered any report on film twenty ap and other falling to follow the with the you as figurative election commission the company doesn't do me any obligation to up the any forward to the instead of as required by law his else will note bomb is ernie prior to believe in the counter call include the discussions of in audited gap financial information as well as an oddity in a yeah financial measures bellamy twice your life content a reconciliation how the an audit the know young measures to the an audited moved directly compare both good measure of
spk_3: i will now try to call other to our quandary lc own mystery shopping chum ah mister chow will deliver his remarks and chinese followed immediately by english translation arbiter champ you go ahead by the whole graduate i got a cargo women are the our union easy to the you feel awkward take what you go to greece jemima woman to see that you'll bomb the commute to go shooting the show to randy to agility some i wish it on quote quote on just short on three mph you to show you to egypt utopian the woman junior digital the totaled little twenties and october on which i'm a huge thing for me to dump andrew due to suit other shard and you eat a movie punctured your you try me to go to your body gone to do we will madidi schumpeterian to the spot and boxes and lot or she didn't woman tornado to just under your into your month on what do you wish you to the media little top you do she's would acquire juvenile court won't you would i you are lt tommy trojan eg term which it on that to our junior leave it when we a table for report she'd she'd been a tradition the probably true told you should do the atp oh cool powdery to to go avs could you insert into your cultural judah i bought a you know model caught drunk what is it true the a i'd be pushy of cheap a are trying evil she did the country all your a i food or punta gorda i put are you we're g eg a i turn on saddam and she told them to one hundred dollar you wouldn't come to torture them to john jack eg what are your job would have to get on with one multiple the can be paid congrats she for a are some by the judge your job you what we hope he showed you judging poor country to check out with you i'm sure what the day to give him to shelter dogs am not op tie you up for volume human trafficking that was interrupted you choose which you eighty one i'm too young to sort of all costs to but you generally jar by jalan whizzing job and ah yes she did a call aren't you richie should have told us you know hgtv be or 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would you sell you such i wish it on the other to sort of who got lots and lots of to to my yard and walk out wouldn't be junior she comes out the or hooking boyata whatever other social beings you don't you will be measured up on and choose you want to know ya makes know much into that a dimple to talk visiting shop and and pressure de yah much empty their total to hotel movies will develop a mid a huge of i don't weirdly by watching on us all digital woman told pti horrible material to ya tittle you she it up to them she dumps are you tempted or the should on the hoping to yeah titular a sumo sumo tieghem laid off how did you are for our plot jumpy bob when the put on top of eg woman to got hundred people of the coach he won't come at you i don't count on a a somebody to be so beat out under cars should be at the would be a guy with forgot family shall do belong to the got home puncture clique i'm going to the which if i'm good at it will be judged okay trudging on a junior high to to shoot off going to your taiwan so you can be caught out i had a went another fake on gucci suit she told you that she's on can be to that ocean or me a dirty bomb to hawaii shot out each him as you thought she consumes of was a little boko magicians he will boil for go your way eg relieved a little bit you do on the sure that you don't judge else would he schedule or merely shares or that yet for lord you the leaf shut out he you have you the wonderful that it into on the junior body that he will eat a new dementia shuttle of warm water time negotiations you you to the immediately to and yet joyful longer will your what you gonna try and watch it on that you dash of one want all costs social pm sure hope for and of would have a mostly dog shelby to quads which and york cause you to the put on the other shoe shop for gabi which only related one when geopolitical will have to do what minutes family i'll concede on a mogul not audience and children on could you tell by the puberty we should get and set up watching or money if we don't go too much about your symbol on for punching somebody beat up the engine and type of the bottle bishop boxers on dungeon comes to that type overtake shadow image and then and be me that i'm really sorry shelby read your article on the phone with yet or michelle's you forward a partial to me a prodigy until we want a pin that down to end up what he say to tell a woman job we don't found a comment you rejecting women that and dundee from what would he a o l t the tatami dundee dodger fail before home that to me got channel watch it on each watch it if i
spk_1: total piece on competitors are what we walk gets his battle channel watch it on to fonda could you hold at puberty which is on shop way toward shows on them and get she's yet told you so that yes off for you to walk through the woman's on campy shooter on you gotta go able to do when we are changing three dogs come chico could see that and of kinda lt jaji journal bought a reports you this guy boucher woman shouted on ideological fonda to those huge don't you will have and good on that items you the we bought shit thank you mister champ i will take little played out fondest or not people discussing of funny to perform an auditor quarter twenty twenty one some hello everyone thinks we're johnny on record or twenty one you wondering if council koch now your documentation you never put a portfolio new put a self girls and he held the brenda reading nice you were delivered john around knew that exceeded a appeared the garden increasing sixty four percent from the same killed in porn twenty louder operations were impacted by calling nike i got murder we poverty twenty one point one percent i'm eighteen point eight put in a year ago primarily about you but to the put that poopaloo optimization i will continue girls over the past several years has been given by continues optimization if i'll i'll he products in holistic solution were inhibition in integration the of cause laundering technology alongside a deep understanding of our does mean that april i'll be healthy guy was tested me for the launching dealt with the theme of a i helpful with introduction of the sierras the a i judge of new products including the mineral water purifier e o x in a as much walid i bought it could do with them to study is able to monitor human health data and ai water heater which is able to stop in the water quality neil ai air conditioners the ranch would i bought two and a dead dog with a i assisted cooking functionality our put up on designed with in the healthcare modification home security and natural a i boy interaction with some new products equip the western european the supported by a i agree with those are able to collect the home and human health dealt with users consent in addition we focus our resources on developing keep her that category and the real out more differentiated an industry leading products them our last year we introduced a therapy of premier water purifier such as to per one thousand gallon killed hundred gallon and ambition to help him to galaxy or it would you will live large blocks and and no issues of the based and the purify water our cage t r p h d to have been working all research and development for three years that on count of believe in cases of water quality data to inbound our mineral water purifier all out which retails beneficial mineral for showman help during the purification process he quit the with nice much youngsters that water purifier product is alpha able to adjust water quality to meet hi i'm used to make we're happy in danbury in the water purification area and have accumulated a significant number out enough to technology with more than seven hundred register path him gets out the and out the full quote it some of the pattern how be awarded a china excellent out and a lot of the right to by china or national intellectual property administration and award intellectual property organization as well as recognized by china association for quality infection and other authorities our super robot bad news represent rapid development of well in particular going overseas markets and have been one up key drivers know our first quarter the library our swim a rowboat at for business which lodged in a fourth quarter of last year has the ballot rockabilly in mid air well thousand and year of southeast asia korea australia and other region and have also expanded into north europe and addition though asian countries get year we are expanding to in north american market ah we wouldn't have a registered our store on amazon and the pound to sell on employee in the second half of the year and the will cooperate with i'm kate a of my as well in a compact it for the robber might yet we find our new show with our differentiated products reintroduced a theatrical automatic our data collection flubber a both last year and the recently launched in a i live the red of liberal robot alpha to pounds compared to the majority of high young liberals in the market gets product equipped with floor laser sensors in the supported by a i argue with them or a to cool detection and the why do with able to identify burial though of digital camera a wider range of and you in detail as well as map yields and support okay upgrade we'll will continue to roll out more diverse and it's liberal products and the a help our mckee shares in both domestic and global market in addition to focusing on our technology operator or the innovation without the mic effort to eat it house our eye on t holistic home pollution and provides a belated bad it added services in the content or including software update product montana services repurchase this comp in the internet that entered him and content as well as drills and our services can be applied town all with thing to have like theories and the landing learning capabilities are the key to i t home industry we have been vigorously promoting them off by comprehensive service model out one said he walked or always select high quality stores in ituri than the of our served it's allies and provide users with one the services including south experience after value an installation services or with the rap conception out great and involving you've been the if you take a king on brown get a fashionable in a school college he he order to promote our three by while one long term strategy and for that the bad about the the training ground it out the helm areas we are pleased to warming will call mister bob bow as the company president while prior to joining have been served as the general manager of painting and has extensive experience in a consumer it industry with and on a joke where billy bob and will be a brand new energy and inside our brand new development i'll look into how did we were sexual or our growth judge from three plus bout you first the world will construct our lt holistic home solution to our of find keep top a i thought i owed he put extra a second would look develop related pounds in improving brandy and once in a position the out the ditch counting round in i have become lucid the area and a third level extent of like dogs to integrity scenario bit experience in the film business with live with the mod for upwards did the our products marketed channel as well as increasing popularization the up helms modification or but deliver us down been helping your almonte our uniqueness and i'll t homes home lucius area and brain long term shareholder down oh don't get concludes our ponder three months on it now came to the detail punish review of different quarter of two thousand twenty one as well as alec for the second quarter or the never around you were one for twenty six been a or in be reprimanding it encourages sixty four percent a year old beer are primarily due to the continues cassette for ruled out and a significant increase in south of new product orbited market finishing the of what happened don't basis that out the birth quarter of last year you to the covenant you are dumb you from iowa thing at home for bold increased by one hundred and album point five percent to nine hundred and nineteen point to a meeting or and beat them four hundred thirty four point go a mini or and be the fourth quarter of last year the broth what primarily are driven by within self increases for thirteen new products it or in particular the balmy brandis liberal well both and the smart kid from product romney's from our home watered solution the correct by four percent to one hundred and three point o eight many or and be the decline was primarily due to the decrease in average selling price a nutshell me brand new blood profile projects fall and death was partially off guard by the successful introduction yeah that increase the scout you have a new therapist balmy brandy watch a profile put it which narrowed the year i'll be your decline for have more solution compared to previous quarter around here from consume both worlds sixty four point a mean your in be compared to is many army or the for quarter catchier yeah avenue from more comforting other include by six point four percent to one hundred and fifty seven put anything on be on one hundred fifty seven point eight meaning or and before the bitcoin that that's year gross profit increase the by eighty four point one proof down to two hundred and fifty five meaning or and be and gross margin with twenty one point one percent compared to eighteen point eight percent for the first quarter of that of last year how did it primarily driven by our outwards to shifted the business and the put that mix to would hire gross margin products or including the will out you'd new balmy by the what if you fire and flip a book alongside the optimization of margin of home i'll put the lights and how to control measures total operating expenses increased by sixty three point eight percent to two hundred and my team for a million or in be primarily due to the girl out our tickling costs are indeed bounces the increased by ten points dylan put down to sixty five point six meaning or and be found fifty nine point three he meeting or and before the fourth quarter of last year are many due to the increased those are in the experts in there were later the salaries and expenses valiant marketing filters increased by one hundred pin point eight percent to one hundred and thirty a meeting or and be bumped sixty five point by meeting or in be a year ago are primarily i should be able to been built days it out the for a quarter of last year due to the call night you are when the company energy very limited and marketing and advertising activity a g l a or a bounces increased by seventy one point three pretend to sixteen point you meaning or and be compared to like on find meaning or before the first quarter of next year are primarily due to the increase of personal inability salaries and expenses net income attributable to on in our shareholders of the become make increased by one hundred seventy three point two percent to forty nine point one million or and be and non gaap net income attributable to audi our shareholders and kill me included the by one hundred and six point eight percent to sixty five point three meaning or mb additionally our balance you need to remain healthy as of march thirty first two thousand twenty one are we had a cash in the cash equivalents l nine hundred and six point three million and be are restricted caches would fly point to meeting on be are short term or deposited over night dumb point got meaning or and be assured him back know your or hundred ninety six point nine million on be well now let's turn to our the outage
spk_0: your for the second quarter of twenty twenty one all we currently have the net revenues to be between one point seven p t bidding i am be and the one on each flight any are in be are representing a year of the year go out there was two point one percent to nine point eight percent or the about the accused based on a current market conditions and their or reflect the commies current and preliminary at me as if my kid in the operating solution and kept my demand which are also get a challenge arm and lot of concludes our prepare were bought a web or now open get called odor q and a patient the head of our final pm army stairway town time we are going to show and elder the quote you up
spk_4: operator please go ahead we will now begin the question and answer session to ask a question you impress star than one on your touch tone phone if you're using a speaker phone please pick up your hands that before pressing the keys if it any time your question has been addressed and new would like to withdraw your question please press star than to for the benefit of all participants on today's call if you wish to ask you questions to the company's management in chinese please immediately repeat your question in english at this time we will pause momentarily to assemble our roster the first question comes from lillian lou with morgan stanley please go ahead thanks allowed to at least a chance to questions forces are on the ya sweeper robots ah what kind of far growth were looking for this year over iraq cause obviously in first year has a very strong growth a momentum and dummies to invest my should know where have the plan to ex ben the the region overseas and in cycle hobble getting to the u s
spk_3: i'm on amazon so any particular guidance or or explanation no far how we gonna grow the business overseas i will be very helpful
spk_5: when does second question is on the ah me to price increase impact
spk_4: his first q we already saw on the gross merging decrease on on sequential basis of versus fourth quarter last year ah so how we gonna look had the a month or more trend in the following quarters thank you
spk_6: palm oil down with ya disgruntled your shoes the way you on the saudi to seasons i will i don't watch and learn pee on something gioia you know she or the are year when the yomiuri the will be out our guide to the supposition that we mourn on so that would stop the movie that nelson year automobile shisha mom a whole in were not you should where he got to the for the here are chiquita my lord the odds a recession hungry more who have to go social or the not from the do the or talia to be issues of a new york in will be may sitar ah when they your mail for me on the got cheated aguayo while the whole gargle with you she equations hello too many shot you may eat to amazing handle j billions heard you the you know what be feel sad young law mama that much cause answer to that woman she shall show our day whole me and else on the t du da a girl you indeed a huge shock ccs okay thank you for the next question harmful both go to him about he of super robot also to have a business growth was in particular in the allow me grounded fearful or both or if that the rubber global own brand with the logo for your countrymen on the bull know if you obamacare the from address bull market according to our you stayed on the market feisal the through it all about this private to rich over can be the and i am be by twenty twenty one and close to twenty billion i am be by twenty twenty two there were more players in the industry can we observe the market share of your birth has been increasing first twenty pompey and this turned this his father to continue we also farm or would merge with all differentiated products including a serious a couple met it doth collections repr were both and the a i lisa raitt out for apple logo we recently introduced
spk_7: on the such and such a situation and the observation the market be bounce off of swipeable about we are positive flower market shares in gomez the market and into four years
spk_6: in terms of the global market the mugger five is also a huge and promising with think wow research the video our law potential opportunities particularly in to europe and north america we have so i'll slip away but in europe east asia australia and to sell score both were below both of these first quarter in overseas market is in our previous is that nasa will is been to north america markets we recently successfully register house dog on a muslim we'll start to spells whipple other products in the second half of this year
spk_8: we also plan to sell our products on some of like channels in the north america
spk_6: we allow station in north america and the in additional windows and markets we are than the global monticello so we become an important driver are over all business on for the second cousin about the of boss margin and be on raw material prices griping arm as we discussed compared to twenty twenty all or course module for twenty twenty one would demonstrate a minute full recovery
spk_9: wow we also experienced some armed with them seasonal fluctuations go to some promo promotion that you love such as the are coming june eighteen campaign in the second quarter which way is back to have some impact on our course margin
spk_10: i'm seventy decrease of this will mature costs would also be a factor that in of the guatemalan for the whole industry
spk_3: as for the if we have taken some cause optimization measures to mitigate the impact on raw fuel costs including price law agreements with supply artist and some panicle upgrade will cost saving third we notice the latest news that the government plans to take measures to control the woman she was price up it we're that this with by the pressure for from does increase in will mature course to be relieved under the government's involvement
spk_11: yeah thank you
spk_1: oh what you are an idea lydia what would we them to go to the place i did you to the show me you some of which and the should honor to granddaughter not be down obama say one leave with issue you with would either be buda you could would either way it's all these are going to be with them and i put the to the political young pathological shit on the twitter i'm a real common become and the undeclared you know tied to the got yardage years old and eight to the in own the way to tell i should consider when another funny which way that we don't do not actually are yehuda with analysts on the internet we were with a huge and on t legal fees are you be the top to bottom so you to the committee poetically more had to even out your see the creature that she that a the anjouan it a shop so mr uncommon also common yeah i'll adjust quickly chunk point
spk_4: so the for the of the punching bag development of the obviously build up business so we have established the an independent department so i was super bowl bug or category down there with you have been attracting the talent farm or all books with like them down by to the second thought that belgium the about the for the goddamn business
spk_3: within two to three you know whether got a as one out the t categories that our our job to do though we are very confident that the up her that category will be one of the libraries go to sabotage my dose as well as to done our profitability yeah so that documentary comments were monitor to have is helpful a funk i did not have bought you shall we say so etc shock to she ah about you take us out to check on as every lie i should repeal jolly good down the law a woman should say your meals girl required non profit off of the phobia be petty officer
spk_12: hi she in the has it has out sheila
spk_1: a woman to do some would agree was liberal school a yoga a woman's on champion doubt on days at all i'll go a little hellish don't do you love your bother with well woman she's roots do with animals and yesterday didn't know she won't go to lead or twenty minutes to didn't poop i want to see the movie all than our to the do them mattia you'll be all your shoe on them
spk_0: attributable the column clunky and to prevent a professor
spk_13: ah she get himself bit on garcia
spk_14: ah yes so we already have some internal killed regarding in our to allow both category or in terms of product and database men out there are team development or you but the have done nothing global market now under our aim is to develop the toddler in thibault nada
spk_15: on category that the next question is from way he and rudy way to see i see see please go ahead hello classes about
spk_14: marcus allen
spk_15: i think we know the actually the program march with sell me i love low
spk_3: how how the company plans to further promotes itself on the ground and the products and know them that the market actually i suppose should be the water purifier and the robot vacuum cleaners and the second the classroom the about it over thin like are we going to like promote more category the overseas or a currently we just filled limit little calgary zero at like the water to fired ended the body back and cleaner yeah that by caption their shirt i can the odds are very bad you're going comes the high sure you're going to be apart like when they think would you to one woman does little to advertise here
spk_1: i think or feel like i did you hear me rather have identified with your financial own no difference he was on is your bath chicago be will sure she had one could do have he lay low key and good you want he had been to one issue dung beetle he three trump would ensure would you know you to me the to make up she had a phone jump on which and setting up onto an ideal meal should totally hunger know john handler job him challenge it on the to me that she who swallowed up you may to move to sega did you could have a to numb to the damage to someone that you know we don't get that she your solution that empty space you bar pin peggy launch an excellent billy joel could you hold hi to the shooting and a are you don't get some some we'll whom pushing them to you but could you hold i don't me good choudary them to later side of be time to that those out you didn't do you do you bunny and ah yes again he meant a to go there shall be to him and or journal plotted champion oh poor traditional children on again yeah and ah should on the the wealth and again coach on what you got a much more liquidity go on that would only in the fadi a money like your tv she has how did you get additional now golf course you know pushing the to know how that can be so you on that just i'm in the embattled total her she gonna jump to don't shit on the tv humor or to the lead up your daddy a things with any mess we demands on the each we will just he had to use the huge you can jangle has should be deluxe be open to that number of your didn't require your how i you up i wish issued on and watch and to we all share how did you didn't say to or how a shock at the bullets and on a pseudo to be done a quiet woman day our she don't take a genius to lay back to l sure to put the jacobo the pm late and much russia bob saudi year and taken bullshit up the ozone old old on a yacht he he's i don't know how would you say pay me down the she dumped and question and the takes shoot on donegal forty pm a woman generally the color joke way to a problem with it and dark glass box national cushing that humvee gave hope and don't keep at each on the which we gotta go block legal forgot to shown in which any good held it up oh how much to do trump white house bill for the for a question about how to develop other on blinded business or into met him that and also be stupid focus on developing our eye on t and helm holistic put up with you yeah we have expanded to like it won't obey our six p academy up had a calgary and under a pilot door almost a whole helmet the areas and a way out to house in the key categories in the as can use that away and to develop most a deaf ear it you are driving
spk_16: twenty employees and the position out that the trending brand a i ot at home holiday take our solutions area
spk_0: oh so ah as widely no doubt in india path to have to one year
spk_17: did told them bio t it helps when if occasions or have increased intimate the my kid jovial we games are did we can have a better development in a domestic ah my kid to with our advantages in that initiation on so for the had a great listening to watch her to fire and live
spk_9: dob up against us do that kid category ah black death year and the built bill
spk_17: he then belt and the investing more how aryan be and a marketing we thought his name you get chewed category and the we believe the two categories will be out though death or drivers blah top line as for your second question bow down to overtake my cake and showed all go out of death year a doubt we will do you have touched on a development here our clip about business in debt export market so so far we don't plan to expand that category are bad will you be
spk_18: oh expand dub our global market as well as the challenge and the to increase our bending employees over market index live about bought thought category
spk_3: oh thank you
spk_19: yeah
spk_3: the next question comes from roger doing with meet him and co please go ahead i thank you for taking my question or two questions here for smooth a follow up on ja rule maturity cruiser price increase our customers will give us a sense of just how much the a raw material increase a blood clot or thousand reporters oh and do we have any plans to increase our our retail price good like others have done in a the three or in the tiger question or is you around the tried to throw you for sweeper rob robots internationally ah a the produce rosie different a not only was the domestic and a world that continue to be a margin drug for the year thank you our love for each other out your should be go see why you wanna one's ego would you should going to do got to been one has his our current got his home do you go out a tumble i can't prejudge ago quarter or upon it all dishes is a job wash or obama your meal i don't to make your pot so little don't you go the toddler of each year argentines are canadian that didn't apologize to know your your your shirt a totally different a quart form and a good uses whole local news is on do with the dog out to lose all your bills the to be a real hold loyal to get a hydroponic children they do that ah the good look item and done he was a tremendous a sting and a clue ye her junior truce to the show she's retirement and was they become each and a dummy the shawshank i'm a handout out the to you the show to a huge hit out on top of the closure will get you to build up at us and on the a woman to has reached at all or he could just as locks because it's a woman should on that he go on monday he should have been there too many georgia
spk_1: she on to negligible in a while kg honor teach biology no meet up with after she got to the tradition on a college for little two jobs i shall fight for your terminal shonda to the issue me a good looking at getting older gentleman he was struggling yep we should all have been community know java you know elite to the diego diego homage if woman yet i told you that get out and a sheltered yeah go on the lead to a woman or a tie you lotta modi be the how did i get attempted to come got on it hundred number to see that wow that's what your problem tnt to the ice sheet yeah be know how to delete have been determined to somalia doubt i will come to promote joke lead us to go to look i didn't choose to get been cheated to did to you in digital camera shutter from to the other torsion is on goods was as usual and that he got to do on the which he gone the pogo to be beach two women on then told california literally that have been to modify the question of how good a social on pogo the shuttle to eat into broccoli shop i doubt it'll jump and good hundred and from the shawshank i'm a woman can tell out a little shit or minute two children and rich uncle me that do i shall but it'll it'll do it away without a the beholder heart get to shield and eight time and dunno the tortured a mature that would be to require you to the or but to this ah the good of the gym with the shop on monday can go up she lays on woman daughter's i would to god london feel that she turned her some you go on the job or plot to don't have been off how does pin woman you to these others are now general town sagging away jimmy to me that i'm called on the community which shall be used in it on each and the chancellor the don't can go on somebody on a budget on monday or league life though ship had googled under woman's a our job don't out all you don't do mostly on the she dumped it on the do we do should be which as she met on the hundred to do people him go easy on muslims or do with others on they'll take all the whole life those you don't you don't tie your body your your your tom she the me go together so this point in public he learned to me that he was done on the show on an option pike look after she got she got tie you bother to all going to jamaica could you can have calibration a template for the third clutching about impact from a guy you trace of the realm i tell ya countdown didn't cancel our uprisings the id ah dell we have seen like gap at increase of the real to out on how to increase the difficulty of back yard down girl we have taking like or three measure to me the good impact they'll first ah out some other company into posts and the three down the increase that yeah p r up some of our product to some and with a avoid damage to their code we outdoor optimize the south and the product juncture is our del we promote the felt more products with higher margin out with them holding the smart kitchen products we sell more ah get me too high and way for do a trip with higher glove my him
spk_20: i'm sorry we have been are increasing the person trade
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