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Q2 2021 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: hello ladies and gentlemen i give a standing by for about new technology call him at his earnings conference call from a second quarter of twenty twenty one august i time all participants are and listen only mode to a conference call is being recorded oh no turn to call over to your host mr t really the i direct your company she's glad to failure
spk_1: then got operator are hello everyone welcome to vomit and logical limited ernie camp and cop anything in calgary of twenty twenty one at reminder did conference is being recorded cams financial and operating results were issued a writ press release early today and oppose the online you can download any friends really in a sign up for the county email distribution late by visiting the acid should have become it's website at a up doll belmondo com but his bidding to the commentary jumping champ the founder chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer now mr wickham thought the head of our finance department chemist management would begin with prepare when mark in a call will conclude with a q and a session people we continue please note the discussion look into will undercut them in mid entered a safe harbor provisions of you ask how this your medication little mac of nightmare side for look at them and involve a and the effort into as such the come up to an immature different from the do with brett the day for information regarding the and other with an answer than it is included in the camps any report on some point out and other falling of father will as as easy become thousand a c the early obligation to up any forward to has them except as required by law please also note london or new presently and of counter call of a their discussion of in order to get on his information as well as an audit and then got managed to measure bomb threats related compounds a becomes an asian i'll be an audit know young measures to the in early into that most directly compare both can measure oh i will not run a coffee shop owner and see i'm terry southern town with their child labor his remarks and chinese or in italy bought my calculations with our town with got her
spk_2: by the whole because you are gonna a young woman or being or union guard you do the huge you that you're always i'm a widow deal would occasionally during the judo one day you're due to the going gonna punish on fishing the damage equal to she told on much and gentlemen kalmadi those you'd have been the soldier what you're gonna need their due to the social shoot civilian do you i'm in the modi that the to that can be open about good he jumped out on the she they are they knocked out the do them to a shop gleefully put on put on the me when compete and all by mr should immediately that out jogger shop or meeting watching and what eyes or even him a you talk ball on t will jog or a on do what you out he doesn't get bored rigid on graduate and and under to me shit you would you lt the jockey the children of apology to juggle to the woman need i should that your which it onto the on an already won like you don't you charge it onto the part where you could you can forget young
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spk_1: ah thank you mister town of occasionally chunk up upon his remarks people discussing a financial performance of second on a year some time ever wanted for join our going on or twenty one you want or need capital are during the second call here we have the might their the volleyball certain category and into the south of new products with higher got margin for the helsing our does it's operations improving the other august market and profitability our second quarter net revenue reached one point six the same sitting randy with got martin was the deal delivering both year of your other increases are waiting twenty one point to price them and the time know yum the income edge with both to on your shareholders of the company increased by forty five percent year over year significantly improving the profitability happy you're going to have working in a catholic for we shall we have the ballot or on t i o t home capture or which integrated penalty framework he i'll go with them by jyoti can mali censored mahal we're in calculate the structure encourages older implementation yeah i would want doubt loyalty helms bullish the body how users with my home upheld my home devices and self aware of the rest of the troll tom narrow at the naval intelligence internet connection from single product to the entire house bombing in calcutta because the film or daily living and to eighty accomplish my home experience for users to increase our put up drive just a pew a more younger uber we ought be sure you know our champion technology brownie tragedy all which is underscored by our put up on channel operations in the marketing bertha with respect to our product offerings the we continue to focus on a i applications and innovation disappoint our a i helpful poured back you follow me to successful a put the body of the it with new products including that yarrow act me know what be fired the space art direction air conditioners the alpha to path premium way for mobile and i bought a ice my twilight which can lead to the humor helps it help i'll be with that he launched our super proud one thousand hundred gallon water purifier i'll close to l x one ai innate a wrench food and other new a i've heard that the technology great many of the of coffee at products a leading industry consumption trim during chinese six eighty commercial can suck kimmel many of our products the came berra here and the rest a bonnet kept him the fellows including the alpha to pro premier swipeable both the never to use the irritation air conditioner and the new mark washer dryer in terms of cell count all we implemented our larger door better merchant town of geology we have collaborated with high quality more chances to go operation beer and to have larger you feel a lot and improve your image the larger thought of by users with more killed him food in market mary beth experiences and the to be helping with more are you healthy our trailed new technology brand image we have established more out and fight at like ship feel and both in compelling over two hundred square meters in the three hundred gram it is effectively are equal on now he said guns yelling and the other public good to off without installation and after also visit furthermore the can look out the promote fond of sell decreases customer acquisition caught the and the drop of other of like mardi gras according to the national with dash of market research report one twenty the total new development apartment transsexual nationwide it needed one hundred fifty thousand square meters and point one with equals more than ten million or unit but on our nation for eating huge potential source of golf or the my home of health is marks yep we also increased our a bad mood in brandy and marketing on your by reaching more diverse consumer goods with our only channel marketing towards in brand the apples were invited to one the of china pouch elaborate he become our product both person i help you know brand recognition among younger generation to target more consumers in cities we collaborated with for could media and the she tell me that to advertise in a long one hundred major city the difficult and nation that were three talcum at the airline method to include our exposure to high end consumer furthermore we plan to advertise on television the and other channels in a folding month we out joke than our new channel marketing on social media or including built in our early to wrap book authors shop one they do and the kill l that grinning
spk_3: look at it
spk_1: i didn't notice any at is that he had to dampen our camping can lower the breadth positioning as well as go out how to murphy where also to the our demoted market up in and out over to the spanish in the of our liberal bubble business is progressing in line with our addiction or in addition to have a prayer the probably more than ten countries in the world as your end up really are we began selling unions in india saudi arabia a tiny and and north european countries in the second quarter as we shared in our privilege or and all ah to put out were launched on new as amazon or got marquee our official entry into the north american market will continue with a capella globally and the begin development of the self are creating more than a second topic furthermore our product pike can i increase a therapist new flip a could products for both them that they can the market in addition to our about it up collection the and you beat this infection technology we are making a great slightly later he and optical why do acknowledge aptly oh i believe that there are three major giler diablo benefit in the transformation young development at my home and a tree were the main consumer group in china are undergoing captured totally should or the income of the pills night he gets it has been clean and the younger generation has become a major conception driver in china according to build a research conducted by our third party consort him the night his generation cliff for a month technology put that in a more likely to the mail young purchase my home the that can wait the development of new eligibility over the past two years have created an emotional connection between customers the own the mod products or and merely other industries have also entered the in allegheny era he meant for marked for death good idea about mountain home industry and really to an increase in consumer except him thirdly are try to fight the perceptually have input weekly other the passenger on called her report issued by the ministry of industry and information technology chinese government or the person know you were palin creature read reader the fight you will exceed forty percent and average any girl leader five doing that we'll fight with one hundred percent by twenty twenty three the military militia and the dad my life and my home will be key part in promoting out the application on national policy support them alphabetically the development of the i'll keep my home industry we are committed to become the lady walked about the home pollution wider clotting ballot our whole court him law do you are looking to the second have this year will continue to improve our products to a are inhibition the of our larger thought that a merchant cannot me how much reality afghan kinda our town thing and knowledge
spk_4: brandy
spk_1: with the ongoing development of be ancient china we remain calm begin the our ability to capitalize on opportunity and deliver long term growth and more as contributed positively p r consumer caught with like an industrywide intelligent transformation on filled that concludes our found its remark got now turn to the detail financial review of the second part of the year or at what else the alec for the call it never knew they create a slightly by one on five percent to one point is since it's bringing or and be from one point is the a painting or and people thing on his attitude an increased by forty three percent compared to the same curled our two thousand i think the gliding your ob or decrease was primarily beat you up birth without decreases in what could fire more pounds we've gotten found a product folly a job month or more drink finish him and that killed our height basis that doing the same period of that year due to promotional activities after cop uniting and down they pick yeah i'm from iowa the at home before you increase the by seven point nine percent to one point the team bidding or in be from the one point there have been or and able to fit in on him that you to girl look primarily driven by silk increases the third him credit for it particularly the felony bruntingthorpe about both in the washing machine felony from our home what are the lotion decreased by eighteen don't you want to two hundred eighteen point nine million or and bomb three hundred sixty six point lead many or and people the second quarter last year that decline was crammed know i did you a decrease in south of show me brandy while could fire we've from up for the football golfing on a bill partially mitigated by itself increases in bellamy branded what if the buyer well due to their credit pathologist mum is only branded watch the fire we achieve year or beer and all over quarter increases in rural gross margin alcohol more to solution calgary revenue from consumable increased but eighteen point to put them to one hundred and two point two meaning or and be phone eighty six point five mini or in be for the second only have twenty one primarily due to the inquest female flower water purifier suited for that romney from more of houses and other decreased by twenty eight point eight put them to one hundred ninety one point five million from two hundred fifty eight point a meeting or and on a thing or that point one primarily due to continue product folly optimization for higher growth marty and category grab probably increased by forty six percent a three hundred fifty one point a mini or and be and work martin what twenty one point you print film compared to fourteen point three put down for the city for back year the year over year increase in gov martin was primarily to them by our efforts to ship the bit and put that make to what higher got margin product at this includes get being quit the revenue contribution from south of new bellamy brenda what it is fire and super bowl both as well as cut control measure and the market optimization a call up for that line total operating bounces increased by twenty nine point four put the and to three hundred and nine point they'll a mini or and be primarily due to the inquisitor selling marking a filthy in more detail oriented bounces includes by nine point one percent is is this point you many or and beat on sixty point dylan many or and before the thing or their about your are primarily due to the lean cuisine or in the act where they were like the salary and bouncy felt in marketing filters in quick bite thirty two point five percent to two hundred fourteen point a mini or and be on one hundred sixty two up when one meaning i get your goal crime really attributable to that includes though advertising and invited me activities are you already have become a grounding in a market where explanation d l a filthy increased by seventy two point six of seventy three point six for them to twenty eight point a mini on and be compared to sixteen point seven million or and people to think and or the last year primarily due to an increase of the up been made to allow it to account and note with syllable or together with and though this is that help me as expensive attribute to the leaving south exemption policies in that during the thing to rid of that year due to the calling nineteen net income edge food food to ordinary shareholders they become the new quit the by three hundred sixty seven point four percent you are for six point one many are and be and them down their income edge with to other shareholders have to tell me increased by forty four point nine percent few of fifteen night on find anyone additionally our balance sheet or remains healthy as up to thirty two and twenty one we had a cash and cash equivalent of six hundred and fifty seven points as many or him with the cafe or restricted parachute twenty one on by many army short term be pulled his at fifty six point one in a toy be and show goaltending attended national or three hundred and ninety three point emily aren't be oh now like to to our alec up with a quarter of twenty twenty one we currently can stab and that will need to be between one thing or and be bought and one point one feeling plan the oh week that the sell sell show me brand were provoked to decrease bomb the third quarter and the own brand new of a mobile but this to achieve bout tree growth all which will become one is our make had curry the about alec it but donna karan market conditions in the reflect the calm during and preliminary out the news of that market and up in a conditional the couch with the meal with the author but yeah to challenge oh was it concludes our prepared remarks in a out in the call few the coup and a issue the head of our finance department turley palm pilot going to shoot and help the classroom or operate turkey's go ahead
spk_0: thank you if you wish to have to question to signal by pushing star one on the telephone keep as if you use speakerphone pretty sure that your meat function is turned off again poster one for a question we were no pause for just one moment
spk_5: so of first question comes from lillian lou from morgan stanley to go ahead ah thank you i have a three questions of for so for can you give us a breakdown of the ayodhya the whole part our portfolio in particular how much are the contribution came from my arm the robots sleeper are part of our inside come for her and dumb i'll say or kind of for ourselves whole month i'm are we seeing in july august in the near term or that's all for one or two we saw the emergency law requiring he a woman the to which agita to go back quite a show rule or nominal bomb and a shot she go buddy out for ya that populate own here to the issue on earth since i seen the jake opiate late you know us out the to see that know geographical since i argued do that i should or shop the weather fancy by year like handle while woman to is here to help him later he got so she's enclosure some the younger
spk_6: double what with said d saw home he hired out valenti all at up maybe i just saw poison dumb i will ask the the rest of to question later okay thanks for a videos question
spk_0: how about the are you
spk_6: trying to the home portfolio all we have more than current more tried to use greeting
spk_0: refrigerators washing machines water heaters she with the both and the charter and now goose wrong with that visual punch brilliantly around twenty percent revenues of are you to your own
spk_6: lol to he branded washing machines punch building around ten percent and only brand issue with a rowboat contribute around ten percent
spk_5: wow me read this weekend were both was the biggest drive with your out your homepage used it is no place with wax and last year that new contribution and the revenues from well is what will have increased by multiple kids sure to the city boy of last year
spk_0: ah thank you and the any any color on the near term trend in terms of tr the growth momentum arms including of oh what's her solutions as well can we have a look at some
spk_6: yeah
spk_0: at this sweet as you mention as emotion we we continue to ask a quality of them for the optimization it's a cooler
spk_6: so we go out with the she will be pulled out of the of higher margin in the high eighties peace keeping them he can be or including they he wanted to close
spk_7: in addition to our to more hi to him while he was televised we also shifted the focus a bit more on supplying more large florist shop water please lives at what margin
spk_8: and thus to improve the author or e s p and was margin and to get up the a look huge contribution will become a police
spk_5: okay thank you
spk_9: the second question this on the yeah
spk_5: the s p n the modern trend of as or do you have any plans for on any price changes i ye given the rising robitaille cause ah that's one and done i think the implication to margin facility in second quarter we have a very good dumb rj improvement with others are makes shift and are just now on the pineapple fall you are we gonna
spk_10: see a similar pattern of merging especially in the in the second half on the argument he shook wage a good job girl who are
spk_6: do you a to shit woman tried yoga cannot get her out on their social the do that in high style your meal or juggle be league that you while why i shall bunyan the the would be a t show dude he's on the woods hole in the midst of unusual crusader a woman to see the do the time he dribbled at how jamali do has you could handle the rg to jump on ya know
spk_0: that original songs from the
spk_6: on your some we we have the a molecule on you be easy the second quarter that invented the amount of weight compared to the previous months this also contribute to the increase of the as piece of course yeah
spk_0: industry as well as was some of our products for about a year about the margin of we we have started some more advertising and marketing at this is the second quarter to
spk_6: to in hands in house out read the positioning and the conviction
spk_0: are you investing more selling and much news twenties compared to last year but in the pu them a reasonable that way
spk_11: we that such expenses we increased there's no way
spk_0: majid wow we have as we have taken for the of the mcleish is get hitched and the over gross margin has been living and you looking for to out and to do improving with me this new mitigation it into a piece of paper which basis
spk_6: on net profit margin
spk_5: oh we don't see the on the to me cause increasingly impacts on the margin of what to the first quarter and we had tickets the risk was control measures on the days and in the to interest from when such kind of them costs in particular
spk_9: a central out of my last question as on your your part as strategy on a single mr chan the are in the opening remark motion quite a few your part i'd be in the late and and put a market in our second quarter and the first half i'm so what kind of from
spk_2: strategy in terms of a hallway actually make others on you as keys are more meaningful contribution to the revenues ah was illegal adhesive blazing be not and don't say it i should i should have a o t t army from a new one the high should which will on my door odds issue tossing those mp the my sideboard oh why why
spk_0: naomi or real holiday bullshit all day by you don't seem kinda shit on twitter and it's the law are you in a circle no way to illegally like a social show local gmt dummies you're lazy about anti seizure
spk_2: a woman to me and to to the google up you may those your thompson that hundred or the italian and been another cheap it's all you do with leaders agreed be dog and that gotcha what the showed would you go to synagogue on that he had highlighted computer want to eat shelter the jay good oh gosh bigger modi to go to guy it should be a major that on on your quarter to go to the you release you use your to gentlemen to diego theological on a his image caption later versions of the t i o two children had a city says she hired you saw on the leisure before show they say she either to as you're concerned that hundred a woman came on as usual
spk_12: chain from as you can call treated him to the show food male djibouti make option they they showed ruled on wtf the would have been the wizard it a lot number to the shirt with it's a church of added sugar coated noted had to delhi with a huge agree with you or two miniature going gemma voted i continue that she them to the that about hazards on she loved by an urban
spk_1: glad to get on to build up okay it on thursday translate or so hey
spk_5: oh yoko chuckling as churchill to comment though we have this will be no team products or this year also first of this sub fields will be no of her dog can help out to ah make the marching band she'll what you can see from the qualities that and collider and the macau were or put up a fully more diverse
spk_0: on second thoughts thoughts on that can use out of this innovative products that showed the superbowl both in the out what be a fiery up by out the all direction air conditioner can also ah help increase the have any contribution in that category as with that to the like also would think this of this new up to you
spk_13: young dog a dog the margin extension can also help out to eat are you from the of or the other about the margin of our business as war out to help got our other ago thank you tissue or them and he will i love sex on as all my questions next question comes from rude way from c o t c to go ahead hi thank you for representation and i have two questions here a difference instance that be notice that the company has a lot promotion recently like cooperating with folks media and we can also see the trans from the financial report though
spk_2: do we expect a hired selling and a marking federal show a big that ratio this year and like would be at be in a higher in the second half of that year and the can you share with as the promotion plans or a strategy with more detail with a needle and you should share the economy
spk_0: poli sci of usual a totally different got to let us leave and matter of the all new treaty will you'll be like a show you when we can say go
spk_2: with have made in control and in the coming into the fail them a way to be so many lp can call majesty not the only easy
spk_0: a woman that you feeling help on the an agenda i should sickly child actors or that the link a hot well what age are you what would say to you that punctured on one done a lot to present julianne pace you told gee and the somebody am to noon today shouldn't judge you the couldn't do coaches will do you shoot shovel have been a bit on egypt it was you that a new to go on good tv jump don't which he dug it out your mission much a little shit to that you've been around shit getting beat up on the holiday said gonna seizure or june so gentle the you under by the by which it out it too much in a little to the shirts you could either and the been so you woman little got to the to social media coverage in bed and tintin teaching need to talk him occupy they and they could you hold i punctured the watch about a get one copy medical use a majority that obama so what oh would you the high school you popular for you that has been on the museum been a major she gonna go to gym at a due to don't cheat or she'll meet and that you abundant
spk_1: i'm on newegg comments on shoulder a go to the attention to that kind of what other he showed up elite ashley assumption that are you develop wish on t golden that you to show look elite vote on some to view on it will immediately choose to get people she dumped you would all be who watch social to a good guy some even went on to to chicago to jamaica to me eager to lead a total too many social punisher the whole the ugly truth to has used it on but back to the budget can benefit you realize that magic wand to the diversity of of action by comment will have been it on the in and fatty the windows in total white woman who you say to go to gigs to the good old bug do that though usually leisure little didn't she shouldn't kill kill oil fields see that i'm usually on the back to go you could either it'll which he got say to ya the truth out with each minute on you need a couldn't hope i can we get to meet a commodity week to woman will be a real guy similar to the child you to happen to me got child would you long to me that to make requires with the to non a committed to that she should give a shit see a good read on to your they got to go back i'll cook until point out the last year yeah for have a year we can see a live in law the younger generation they had there are more likely kidnapping know in the my home conduct young girls my home me like the are hotter topic among them the with a collie we are you bite you one out time you are very popular elaborate his as our put that out purple and a we also do a lot advertising on the you can see him up and joe engage in town gas and there are too young to he heard the blend in the nation
spk_13: okay then you you measure that increase on the a market and you bounces and the we feel as such in duckling in advertising in a month ago i wrote them did increase such defensive but ah this what the partially mitigated by ourself capture optimization the out the ball out some are coated and
spk_14: oh measure there are ineffective habits year will go the continue to develop the some are related nowadays on advertising and a will go to the advertising on television on some other channels and del some internal dead how are they can see that alexander a commission has increased the did you are a lot bigger
spk_13: marketing and advertising towards
spk_1: though we have audit will outdoor how about to to enjoy our brandy image at the bill okay thank you and the my second crashes about overseas market a the event and more detailed updates about our kids did distribution channel development online and offline and or thought other any negative impacts due to their shortage of the shipping container yeah on npc south georgia highlights without don't watch ankle played by that he does she dish i am kennedy go into awkward can't have that the whole on a on your shoutout countered or the pudding oh okay i'll it out to the punches bob dole or in the quarter point one to for of per quarter of the year or at we mention the we already entered into more than ten countries in europe or asia mean don't get the opportunity up and the path of bill maud the we also are he founded in two oh addition know eight country are included in gab hello i'm not around around a european countries in the united states
spk_13: oh so our export it put product that sold on both in online and offline channelled know and the most of the eloquent hazard so we sold our put on to build houses and it still on the apply at what else on my channel
spk_0: oh so we also are you the north american market would just the launch day i'll tell you at the amp the door and the we are also picking up corporation opportunity for applied can notice it to have this year i'll buy the candy on go for the selling condition of on amazon oh oh output crutch you about a shortage of the shipping container ah yes it did some impactful some delete those but we often my the is truly are and delivering time you are as loud as the down to get out them like holding the were healthy to mitigate pat so generally i dug out any feel the impact on our alberta marks him okay thank you for answering that question you you next question comes from prevented you from medium a company please go ahead i've got point on that issue that she won or know what she she didn't want you will enjoyed rigid which to the ten inches you should odinga good larger the is illegal know what she she's young can teach that you i wouldn't want it never came back to the to field a go woman arch dj the miss just jersey mr mcgregor it had large issue can started of money from them an undershirt out at your for one on jake that kinda the to miss it you thank you do choose to divide us to see a male to the challenge or the are merely but again i do not need to killer she's a woman gender issue tendon center take the are you us to visit a one reason that you the soviet the eyes and from the yo yo yo he hated the ascension your whole out just young when he gets it all out if you're buying reject the i'll be a leader them not to the challenge average length and can i couldn't come buy your shit i a gunfight out
spk_2: i'll check that and bench and into that she soon i adjusted that i have an eye color ugly to sunday on the cannot of the me i have been increasing that not woman since they have been found him as a result i did should you know that without him as a good then have the and how can then to shoot at that i you got bad and on a desert some the outdoor concert
spk_0: john honor on our a pilot ah thanks jack and i measurements thanks for taking the question so i have two questions and the and the analysts and sneer at three and had already i mentioned i'm so a but i would like to i discussed that have been more our the first one is that looks like we need our guidance ranks with or by both commencement of more about like which segments didn't perform as well on as the previous except it's and the on it did our model of innovation contribute to the top line miss aren't as well and the question is a ottawa people about ah the margins i'm so in terms of but ah in all as on a spending commandment show us how didn't want the church chance in august compared to sit in politics and to we think that we have seen that peak in terms of raw material prices think you ah watch played i got ya valenti actually that had other to get to that you set them up by up and should i have in cash and i did a bottle of had knowledge about the tree the county she up be don't we don't get it wrong
spk_15: a woman hundred a day she direct killed
spk_1: coasters and jacoby initially any man column i can tell you which we had such we have the grim but it'll jump up and equip our some the patriots cavuto me to contact you for had auschwitz shoot cheap she went to me that to me that she said check the to juggle and how do you want you to buy you want that you the committee for you audio social that omega too many each number one than what monday through our judy car options and an image where the tradition they can count on the how did you go out the you digital channel i deserve to her teeth or gender station or she'll eat in a huge leap in our to eat any say what you to take out and that was out which is your out an editor to the chuck todd she got which to go digital which will idea to go to the another way added to introduction of our to that we got a hottie to cheat on you did have to to jolt how she not yet would watch their feet on the bus what's wrong with you that tynan a cashier to i bought a day the pompom it illegitimately yoshi assume that it lakers how did he has it shouldn't judge you that hundred and your timing or they publish it's still get a to visit you determined or had a captain d quit article should have been on us on our leadership the without a tonight show before they got yes see them to how am i actually bought you got somebody he touted g ago which which on the that kinda he deleted were ongoing at all how is it lock out chuckling girl comment for that for your second question for the about our eye on the current health how we are already observed the creation of the world matera calculate devastating are more game over until august out our at the industry in fact we also thing that caught don't know matter like how had really high potential and been not likely to include a lot
spk_16: the fire truck quite hear about
spk_17: not that guy line on the second quarter revenue and at a college guy them are don't we have our we are shifting are focused on the up for you are a gap out for that the northern quarter and delhi have like two men point of the when we will include that
spk_0: south up some new products await potential growth and eight work at some time can include the young and contribution up the ah new product and actually as that can well we'll have that the more are i agree with flexing our own branded products is in particular down or like in melbourne what if you fire and home been my food and go with tell you that you know it hadn't been a cat billy crudup can how about to guide the other of grow up in long term out the other know in the third quarter open the outdoor concerned about our gallon and guide and younger to remain the control
spk_17: down the put that couple of know
spk_0: or have that help and hi this is your eight know what saved by with again when she might not just a woman she know i'm andrew they object girl a girl they neglect hosted allergic to see the can get a whole me a cheap goods i ah you're using that you with a logical someone just keep open that you've got yourself a on should lead in awesome the algae altidore ah our whole who a high so woman they have to the southern yoplait go come out he it's a nice healthy on sunday get the show who was always under each she knew perfectly your huge asshole quite get the not a week when a human a fine just as he thinks doesn't measurements on lenny i'm full of one more question so we mention that we are messing he restores time you spoke to the spokes person and how he says have this stance is already including singing coders point he won and the will will receive fills and mocking spent his our yoga basis i'll go faster than
spk_18: the like total total revenue growth thank you
spk_1: ah pug eat healthy oh shit yeah the that woman told julianne that did actually occurred catch to would job at each other the at element a change our at the end that watches it it up at you they have the job is and get the with i thought you'd address it your helmet hello to them and get a casual on the leash or damage you are or how our little than and to bother by two minute hold back to blunt all happy birthday nutrition holiday party the shows you got it on monday and coverage and hunter a cup of tea judgmental and to be a student or what a sweet hey we can have that cheap and and a google coordinates you go could make it without you to teaches have had a that you other genes are actually got had a that they would get one in an attorney with with this didn't get on an item on my shopping and i usually watch it below trump trump federal employees are to teach you that you to a toy you got what you wanna go to school general to do with after she got here that with iraq how do you have issued a report that do people the lush i'm a student body they want me to the tower to challenge it on to set up to the gym i'm gonna didn't should allow it as he does she got him hasn't had amnesia
spk_17: ah okay
spk_0: as sell for the tele marketing without it sounding council the api thousand and larger are so for the in that melts and up a channel you know why we call pray to with the march him to to open up like your and dealt my kill himself to take care act outdoor operation and of in what they want like were and in our operating downstate are now it's why on that part and full time marketing like we have think that period
spk_19: advertising and fighting that smoke for them as is the second order or sell the already killed some of the selling my consensus in the second quarter and in a second half of this year when your house some ongoing or thou said on that part out the compared to for have a good years ago with about this about include lot of the also to that is that our family tree know that how by up or athlete advertisement that came out no help our out doubt online and offline hell with the disease in fact and that was up continue to do such as because he had come to nothing yeah how get a bit
spk_0: thank you very much of aggregate thank you ah shit not be contingent teacher next question comes from sue go for from blue lotus please go ahead yeah i'll show deal that my god you feel i lectured on that apply to actually do mean probably related the how your employer ah money eligible your a lot to fill out a calico way you don't all or go for three local water is a your individual powerful have a drink with
spk_1: great the vote for football to hear how i got laid off choose your way you got boss
spk_20: i'm wearing international failed clear equally the role of that the management fee even met good company you orbit for even a pandemic measured had the internet like would blow their it
spk_1: thank you a woman to and the time as you don't take to to other just sent have laboratory or much you don't last year how to get a little got a vote on and yeah modi grew more that under the i got him to talk emerge universal managers and book he had memory chalet you envision a new are you from a nickel
spk_19: whether to a to go after deleting each i'm glad a going to do to tennessee you wouldn't be so to google to go to can it really adore them my stop again the hot and to these your project was a beautiful see shopping and the to go when the box you that you to the november good as new your someone up which it easy route going to go to avoid you want you to each in the fall you are to clean up with wouldn't you know how much on watch and the chitwood a couple i can watch it show the like a hot some change all the church other social and get a total saudi what men jag att network she got the hockey to conduct to not she said about much be a tragedy that and up that will magic solution but you don't be a and the the paid to the editor ah okay so for the first have him fear we can see them are bosses dallas is now our super robot don't have it is my cat ah the field you dare oppose the endowment situation some of the other countries about entering into doubt that puppeteer we also see depend down
spk_1: to the issue it is some can do this over time now they'll be ugly mean conservatively on there see beer are in did some african kids in the global market but so far down the self did lv internally odd that the purple know his beard and got me our expectations are bad when you are couldn't keep up wow did selling our big market about will the also i think that we are good measure than the prove couldn't wait to make out the motion and the much we had to be targeted and it
spk_21: oh i'll eat when the on the ball or to change your what the bible gonna gain advantage or do you care you a visual want to suitable i was a little and your or my god if you're than a one off or you couldn't go the total yeah yeah yeahs me watch it all three or four or
spk_0: i was wrong
spk_1: is there any particular can shoot for much needed to you at monte thank you
spk_0: oh thank you are showing target the u s market by the know that our products were just selfish a large luckily go out your door oh so our one part we will cooperate with our down our local third party operate her on to operate our i am the

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