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Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: good morning and that evening ladies and gentlemen
spk_1: thank you for standing by
spk_0: and welcome to use use fourth quarter two thousand twenty two earnings conference call with us today or research showing lose show chairman and chief executive officer the supreme zones
spk_1: vice president of finance as as you investor relations director of the company as a reminder the south call is being recorded now i would like to him because his over to our first speaker today miss you i already have yunji please go ahead ma'am
spk_2: however was welcome our fourth quarter two sons on each your earnings call if only that does nonsense satisfy content bowl of is a man within the meaning of his had a satirical litigation reform act of maginot defined as a face on taxation and machine operating conditions and later event that involve known on the race or uncertainties and other success of he and his industries these the same and can be identified by terminology such as well as fast as dissipates something it or other similar expressions like each teacher discussion of history center site has this of pieces are related documents i was a us as he sees any for another theme and that we make on his coauthors assumptions as of today and specify size and entirely that causes a statement said sector and details of the company fighting with as you see easy to not undertake any obligation to say this they make such as a plan on a plate below please that i would not send over to sell itself chairman and ceo of easy
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spk_3: as a solo herself it it was so than today's the opportunity to use of woman it's illogical finale was crazy to me this is us possesses offices for me i of a little village of this is over the without a father facilities a lot of head
spk_5: during the fourth quarter for you is actually wetter the challenges posed as by for the it really the restrictions and the subsequent easing also sees measures in october and november coffee to control is as your downward pressure on our orders holding them in december our waters of human abilities were imagine were impacted as the country battle with a surge in covina cases are though we have a reserve the size of brought a micro stabilization and recovery there remain some lingering witnesses in household incomes and a private consumption nevertheless we are confident that our optimized corporate structure or enabled us to navigate through the market dumb tennis with a jealousy and accessibility as in time and a half gullibility and as isn't the resilience sleep as well positioned to receive opportunities when a marketable causes for defined by saudi foundations we remain cautiously optimistic as we look to the future
spk_3: soldiers in a good own soldiers in each she flew up for the new courses at ten himself admitted as on the it touches him up into the palaces from the budget honey holly's totally she did it had to subject i guess she yup several we do see much of it as a little as usual the issue to the yes office ancestry caption says she had called of his suggests usually shouted at a to mess to washington says or show so of june put us injured argento seem to get a pc our to summarize years us and ups and downs during twenty twenty two
spk_5: we continue to italy the our english case and i save her death and the math science for our health care plan we introduce a wide as a of flash offerings covering the weight management skincare and body of a specialization oh yes he is at an average consumer and nice the driving force behind our id and production processes places as services on a high quality healthy and a natural for products our efforts were extremely well received by our users say several of the new for as is generating over ten members and the into sales during a single sales event and by these you need an innovative offering you the mindset of eg health can't continues to gradually form
spk_3: say something september swiss army corps of the louise off until july shows up on a source in that houses church and i'm to magically the to this woman he also your major differences in sochi to your choose your own a little don't see booties election better usually over to you can share our team can land so yeah
spk_5: it's refreshing with and i was focusing our content marketing and a private labels and promotion in case we further developed and as by send the planets are probably traffic leveraging social media and our own you get me as he lay boost their use an international say generation attention grabbing how for content thereby friday housing use a series and our our presley
spk_3: so go near you to for tesla region to xinhua said resorts and they may simply move
spk_7: fiji necessarily the us
spk_3: soon as you never too late you just love so perhaps since as awful as ever go to some people from the you are trying to the for good it gets out alive seven the positive thoughts
spk_8: for our in hollywood
spk_5: the das election please are definitely launched our up going even mentions galaxy the policies and suspicious isn't an integral component of our main she's whether she was it's a maze of his on may four had a that strange and to citizens asia as as consumers
spk_4: get up off the highest quality why year often since launch our fly for has a similar a wide range of wow love the for that style regularly repurchase i always uses power powered by indeed the succeeds in today's the last year to certify to pull put out our reproaches with rage reached and
spk_5: impressive eighty one point eight percent in twenty twenty two
spk_3: signs up on it was a but i'm talking for was and to this your food yes been pursued them to the fools coaches and concern you the two houses you could yield june the jeffery of what he he he got shot it's also do some a threat causes on and send it up as the just leads with of get our forces secret of without causing other bills would have been cut off on the under three hundred sell for journeymen go couldn't call showed us to have something to golf option had a problem
spk_5: take a closer look at our marketing please continue to innovate on and on a fine on the verge of community service is violence as same time we have launched additional value added services for them fully enclosed amanda's parts flying providing them with profession a house information and a nutritional advice for seen their loyalty and as as you section sit down between opposes our consumer marketing tool some classical nothing content to a short video format generalizing was as financial things happily content size in deflating these two weeks out in innovative features that make a shallow more convenient way you create highlights ten heightened a brand is potions and that allow our said it manages to promote a products more efficiently and afterwards
spk_3: go on ourselves four minutes have you done today it's all associate degree so units have you that one really says that a shelf it's an edgy for was she says related to the shelter this strategy that she said the book his own would you put his off the shelf it as does as uses or the and submit syntax is that you either that or had a usual gym future was also the to yes i will magenta to that journey to the real of shouted a tivo to judge whether to touch of aegean rigidify it was for the guy get to finish shove a to the gym handsome but she office and do such it's such a complete said yes i do not have been the news it's amazing is feeling that
spk_9: five issue
spk_3: these are just such a the water sources mp that capsizing option me that some to be don't you use wasn't just worth or simply has the logic to the dollar shouted at as emphasis on a bus load out how the minute
spk_10: he further into your time
spk_11: we have already
spk_10: this where since you're planning on both for and amassing sites on the for that size we are we missing and involving consumption plans were increasing numbers of economics are competing subsidy was participating cause him as nice as are purchasing own plant
spk_5: where does on the other hand of consumers are generally becoming more price sensitive and sending more cautiously him as a higher quality products as a value for money experiences against a backdrop we're confident that our travel legal strategy in there a unique on something surveys going to be i know fries at this point easing off a the it really good russian in the fourth quarter for the most became more health conscious and an increase their findings in the house category accordingly in line with a trend this year we are focusing on a flying be healthier and a nutritional therapy pedigree to further enhanced his thing that an our probably will further our efforts to date have a year to portray the results with the proportion of an hour to themselves accounted for by healthcare put off de cuisine importantly both our legacy and to put as proved popular with irritants hobby a maintain a healthy corpse math and margin
spk_3: forget if you don't sell political for your footage would enjoy oxygen in the room with us you know i'm the huge roaches on the mclaughlin said god should have a simple jenny good ole than images go to the senate recalling for social for me the war fought tooth and she was huge other solid year for no you need orthodox say you didn't handle you dollars from the central corruption by the ball on the are your blood cells or to know to bella i shall be your but she's out you know search it illegal to listen to the public will of how you should not have any obama in the middle good one jollies woman or cheesy he read in the us and should just some she was she passes out what he thought the children that are going to put up such as this is actually and gets sick
spk_5: amanpour that feel that it's mentally and physically mentioned the recovery of consumption that is actually whole process and i we have seen the trunk that has filed a most and refuse late on the marks internet site a local forty cm into his and channel penetration and abuse more keep
spk_10: or two people connections already past three years as to know countries prevented us from wherever you holding off line promotional events the a couple of weeks and limited number of sales manager is able to attend these events in happy elway cause him i said and brand is kosher as the as
spk_8: no situation has been recovered we have a resume our true plan of offline marketing events for them for in february least separately held them knowing sailed right and planned of lines kickoff meeting in georgia during a major weeklies and alongside his son our and new range of products i also with
spk_5: you'll have to have a number of a for one to one discussions with some of these others managers and a moderate in attendance and present we are further energizing own way of offline marketing by running
spk_8: ttc the in one hundred days of like promotion campaign have you seen time we will attract public traffic and a boot awareness of and of a prep a label grants by rolling out a more of way through a stories where consumers can as for and enjoy our forget
spk_3: from the in it grew more than double a c less political how to gladly retirements you will go founded as you to the philippines the label should have known him for the to see less the one hundred you normally would have that can do a a gorgeous your encourage you to fill that to to shouted it says
spk_5: the number of analysis it's managers has now growing field or hundred and ten dollar and play continuously try to improve the management of and aware of his managers and provide them with more coming and and tamely services
spk_10: i thought we are developing more friendly towards and features implementing efficiency boosting technology and increasing the level of are supported they receive it internally
spk_3: or yourself a good leniency asserts woman to the union for me would be bunch of his appearance or what using their the of them was thousand for jimmy savile say you're hauling production shoes for the freedom to those it's semi final minutes help with on her someone with a difference on how would it costs twenty or twenty three year old
spk_5: resolution but also a year for of opportunities will be with our customers every step of to help them smuggling navigate the posted a pandemic as five we will support and how our service manages to receive rash of injuries in a special and three without our the poor to or to make sense to our vice president of my son has to go through the financial results
spk_12: centers on your hello everyone why goes well for initial results please note that or number surgery you follow remarks are you are unbeaten and all comparisons and present you change our your regular basis unless otherwise noted would be a lot of hi i'm michael environment during the fall quarter with pandemic really to switches in october november and colleagues were fully or a cliche do december navigating through the pandemic wiggins valuable experience as we continue to refine our products election developer of have a label optimize our of mix and explore new business opportunities importantly or repeats legislate increase to eighty one point a person and are both might increase to forty point nine percent during the quarter or the same time with adapted to the library moments but for to optimizing all costs just
spk_13: your center of your into our prudent cost control said it's safe to the surface we deliver significant efficiency problems with the with our operating expenses decrease the by degrading by hundred twenty two percent year over year old don't ask for this is unhealthy financial conditions for by
spk_12: the foundation for the further development of all this is now let's take a closer look at all at our financial total them you were two hundred eighty nine million compared to four hundred seventy one minute a year ago revenue from sales merchandise was two hundred forty one million and revenue from a multiplicity work for is revealing the decrease was probably due to our continued casual refine our for the flashes across four categories and optimizing orthodoxy of the players and merchants for the news and decreasing filth changes the consumer consumption confidence and have is during the coffee nineteen percent because or contributed to the decrease if i did challenges the meant and a stable growth merging at forty nine forty point nine percent compared to thirty nine point six percent a year ago it was a result of to stand the customer loyalty to our by the labels and know you set your product flourishing said no less a take a look at all pretty expensive women says was that a two million compared to forty seven million a year ago it was family do to reduce were holding logistics he says if you lower much a self self and nothing says his will for fifty nine million compared to send a meter you'll go live was merely due to the reduction in personnel costs as a result of having such a refinements and crazy member management fees and the decrease the monkey place business perform promoting senses technology and the content expenses was seventy million compared to twenty six mean a year ago the decrease was many due to the reduction in personal cost as a result of stopping just oh simon's and the reduce the cloud service costs genuine animals and administrative expenses will forty five minutes compared to forty four million a year ago soda operating expenses in the fourth quarter secret one hundred fifty three million from one hundred and ninety ninety six name is simply a little tiny tiny one we recorded or last summer facing us citizen minutes comfortable income from of race slew of formula you'll go nuts off was today's meeting compared with net income of the eight million a year ago slow the just in their loss was city one million compared with other just net income of seventy one million a year ago this isn't that what is loss could she attributable to ordinary shareholders will both to them compared with physical diluted a better earnings per share such beautiful to in their shareholders have recently the same period of ten is only one wheel to liquidity as of december thirty first and even only to with had a total of six hundred sixty nine million cars in cause you couldn't restrictive cash and shot some investments a lot better shape than her to five hundred seventy one minute as of september said a he attended any to do is the fourth quarter we refine all christians and optimize our working capital controls or liquid assets were sufficient to cover are terrible obligations than we do not hold any long term settle don't that's a lot and the shit looking ahead yes we will continue to cultivate i'll read your private label products and introduce more novel offers offering for with strong religious potential and custom of here as we navigate through the current metro challenges were for the reply all costs costs such a while exploring new opportunities for them by consumption recovering twenty twenty three we are confident that are resilient business model any innovative said he just was deliver lonesome that all shareholders this concludes our prepared remarks for today operator were now ready to take questions
spk_1: thank you we will now begin with question and answer session to ask a question in a press stars and one on your touchstones home
spk_0: if you're using these features only ask you to present the handset before pressing the cheese
spk_14: to answer your question please for a star them to
spk_1: when as he was launched in cluj the question in chinese first little repeat the question was losing millions of everyone on the call it offers question today council is a new at first such china please go ahead
spk_15: i don't
spk_16: church i think so far he can i purchase we see that hello fellow competitors in the markets are starting to engage in subsidies worse i just curious about was to me on the then the would you can do the and death
spk_15: billion dollar has elicited campaign like like didn't do anything to do in any the future
spk_17: think it's
spk_18: let me quickly texas is precious mother i can they do it also has allah
spk_19: you he do that you know what you know those days essentially some cough apple's you know and
spk_3: you to connect such as soon as i don't really a while and then as that officer was involved
spk_5: table tennis shoes a case officer a so that it a hostel for millions of able to do you put a judges huge his age ages so useful martin got him to make three hits moussavi it's in the time to consumer power as they are throwing recovers and times during summer reading program
spk_3: the prison kind of okay thanks to your coffee like way of an hour to is the value of the southern tier consumer market as nationally and some standard product categories such as my songs and electronics and some in power consumption in silver shortage in the
spk_5: due to the last jazz or dies consolidated this saturday something the team to fool subject to taking the shoes you are yeah it on the losses and the prices of cool are an important element in consumption decision
spk_3: the demand for a production quality customer service and put afternoon turning features to depart important and it's right changeable boys mumbled as a purchase for mister my journey that you're wishing that was a genius and assumption change as a huge is on assumptions and daughter she got you got for me i thought it was a chance of having a us or citizens the all time in the project for some him to the in a us
spk_5: your what your the woman assumption made it to the please don't believe in blindly somebody sizing prices our goal is you establish a mindset among our consumers about our products are not only affordable but also your waist high quality wise and also you cry subsidies we focus on society
spk_3: i was at a senators and maintaining the quality of and offered us so that our customers the about their purchases are worth it for local yeah she's you shine some for deaths some social for that long cause it outside on the financial elites and not actually the way believe the initiative of the government is more important to have to transition fouls high speed similar to high foolishly development
spk_10: one that i didn't call myself i'm a silly your dorothy will combat pay say that she's a city cc is as to they're going shops sell would do something to that yard with a fool proof encountered some called allele scream and with your what's your goals would also the to yes and bushy off either fabregas
spk_20: when he has a right she also present labor
spk_5: healthy cells and a roommate was headed costly managed to applying by a professional vertical communities
spk_21: one stop shopping and marketing duke physicists at some cost control and an operation of those over productive policy pricing and services we provide you with and we have a high salary field without relying on ten going subsidies cause any let us
spk_22: centers are question
spk_14: thank you for your
spk_2: those are the ones this includes or was merged recession i was determined conference back over management forty four zero marks
spk_1: thank you for joining us today seats in the hesitated from had asked if you have any further questions and we're looking for what you talking with your next quarter facts

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