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spk_0: the morning and welcome to the allegiance second quarter twenty twenty one earnings call all participants will be in listen only mode should you need assistance please signal a comfort specialist by pressing star than zero on your telephone keypad after today's presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions to ask a question in the press star than one on your telephone keypad to withdraw your question please press star than two please ask one question and one follow up and after that you're welcome to answer the que please note this event is being recorded i would now like to turn the conference over to tom martineau please go ahead
spk_1: thank you andrew
spk_2: good morning
spk_1: thank you for joining us for religious sect a quarter twenty twenty one earnings call
spk_3: with me today or day for traders german president and chief executive officer and patrick shannon senior vice president and chief financial officer of legion or earnings release which was issued earlier this morning and a presentation which we will refer to in today's call are available on our website and investor data legion dot com
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spk_3: please go to sites two and three status made in today's call that are not historical facts are concert forward looking statements and are made for suunto safe harbor provisions of federal securities law
spk_2: crazy or most recent has he see filings for description of some of the factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from our projections the company assumes no obligation to update is forward looking statements
spk_3: today's presentation and cometary include non gap financial measures please refer to the reconciliation in the financial tables of our press release for further details david patrick will now discuss our second quarter twenty twenty one results which will be followed by a q and a session please for the queue and a we would like to ask each color to limit themselves to one question and one short follow us and then reenter the queue who like to have everyone and opportunity given the time allotted please go to slide for and alter the call over to days
spk_4: based on good morning and thank you for joining us today are we do delivered a very strong corner and i would like to think the employees are waiting for their contributions and efforts or employees are the greatest strength of allegiance their dedication to safety and customer excellence is outstanding in our teams have moved quickly to adapt to opportunities in a dynamic market before i jump into the financials i want to give you a high level update on recovery trends and the business overall the pandemic his change or world series created volatility throughout the last eighteen months both in terms of the economic contraction last year and the current economic rebound we're see starting few one and accelerating to to demand surge faster and stronger than expected this is a positive sign improvised provides confidence in the sustainable economic recovery in fact a legion is already returning to pre pandemics demand levels at the same time the as the man is constraining the global supply chains ability to fully meet the poll for labor and materials especially electronic components a region has built a record nonresidential backlogged in twenty twenty one which is a healthy sign of strong demand and we believe a legion of will be well positioned for the remainder of this year and for twenty twenty two in another positive sign a recovery or america's electronics grew more than twenty percent in the second quarter there were strong demand for electronic residential products and in the nonresidential retrofit repair and small project opportunities a legion is not immune to inflation and the supply chain constraints impact in industrial markets are we to navigate navigating well during two two these industrywide to the streets will persist for the remainder of the year and put pressure on margins for the short term we will never is the strength of our supply chain management capabilities as well as price to mitigate these impacts during a pandemic we were also able to restructure the business and make at wiener while keeping our front facing and and strategic investments allegiant stronger exiting the pandemic them when we entered it now let's turn to the second quarter performance for more details please go to slide five i'm pleased with the company's second quarter results we deliver strong performance in all areas revenue for the second quarter was seven hundred and forty six point nine million an increase of twenty six point seven percent or twenty three point eight percent organically the organic revenue increase was driven by the favorable comparable created by last year shutdowns solid price realization from the price increase announced earlier this year and the increase market demand which returned to prepare to make levels currency wins provided a boost to total revenue and more than offset the impact of divestitures adjusted operating margin increased by seventy basis points in the second quarter the restriction across management actions taken during twenty twenty along with volume leverage have offset the accelerated inflation we are also seen costs creep back from reductions experience last year during the pandemic mix is also a margin head when due to our strong residential growth adjusted earnings per share of a dollar thirty to increase forty cents or forty three point five percent versus the prior year do increase was driven largely by the expanded operating income with some benefits also coming from as a rule tax rates and share can here is a minimal castle team in a to and and forty nine point six million an increase of a hundred and forty six million versus the prior year the increase cashflow was driven by higher netherlands along with improvements in that working capital and reduced capital expenditures please go to slide sex last quarter or shared with you allegiance build borrow by approach to accelerating seamless access today i want to briefly focus on them borrow innovation engine in our strategic pillar to be the partner of choice allegiant participates in recognize secure industry leading platforms we expand our reach through strategic relationships with recognize experts in tech innovators and we leverage open standards by doing this we now know we set up a lesion is the partner of choice in a continue leader in the i owe to marketplace we also ensure allegiance has it's choice of strategic partners as well a region has a growing breath of strategic partners mega tax software product integrators argent your portfolio and technology alliance and industry consortium we are executing on our partnership strategic pillar in here a few recent examples a legion was showcased at apple's worldwide developers conference we're expanding our innovation with apple in both a residential and commercial marketplaces in a smart home space slight will soon be growing is connected portfolio with a new device that allows people to easily and securely unlock the doors with just a tap using home to use for for the i phone or the apple watch at the same time we're extending our work with student id in the apple wallets to offer more access control options to universities and colleges enterprises and their students plus employees a leader renewed or engagement with the matter where group a measure attack consortium through this partnership we're working to establish a secure connectivity standard for the future of a smart homes that will ultimately all our more seamless connections between more i o t devices we announced always adventure investments in both men house and maps mapped to start ups i new value in a post covered world to rudderless roof revolutionary experiences and technology and we completed a brand new clan macleod integration without into leveraging are engaged technology since like any in the alley mobile enabled smart aleck through these partnerships we're investing in promising him and innovation we're leveraging developer friendly eighty yards and open standards a legion is booming strategic commercial and technical relationships we are collaborating with recognize experts who also understand and embrace herald leader create value by securing people in assets with seamless was access wherever they reside work since us patrick and now take you to the financial results then i'll be back to discuss our revised twenty one hour and a rapper thanks david good morning everyone thank you for joining today's call please go to slide number seven the slide reflects orange for share reconciliation for the second quarter for the second quarter twenty twenty reported earnings per share was eighty cents adjusting twelve cents for charges related restructuring expenses the twenty twenty adjusted earnings per share was ninety two cents operational results increase earnings per share by thirty six cents driven by volume leverage along with continued benefits from cost control measures and restructuring actions taken and twenty twenty favorable price and currency also contributed to the increase the combination of these items offset headwinds from inflation
spk_5: bounce back variable costs related to reduce boy from the covert nineteen pandemic and unfavorable next favorable tax road rage drove a sixer increase in earnings per share divestitures had a positive one cents per share impact and offset the impact of other income in interest expense investment spend increase during the quarter and reduced earnings per share by five cents as a reminder the incremental investment span is predominantly related to aren't the technology and market investments to accelerate future growth
spk_3: this results in adjusted second quarter twenty twenty one earnings per share of a dollar thirty two sets an increase of forty cents or forty three point five percent compared to the prior year
spk_5: lastly we had a one sapper share reduction related to restructuring charges and acquisition it's integration expenses after giving effect to these items you arrive at a second quarter twenty twenty one reported earnings per share of a dollar thirty one we've got to slide number eight
spk_4: the slide to fix the components or revenue performance for the second quarter or focus on a total legion results and cover the region's on their respective slides as indicated we experienced organic revenue growth or twenty three point eight percent in the second quarter as higher demand in a favorable copper
spk_5: both rove significant volume increases versus the prior year
spk_4: we also experience solid price performance coming in over two percent which is off sequentially currency continue to be a tailwind to total growth and more than offset the impact of divestitures in total reported revenue came in at twenty six point seven percent growth
spk_5: please go to slide number nine
spk_4: second quarter revenue for the legion america's segment where five hundred forty nine point four million or twenty three point seven percent on a reporter's basis and twenty two point nine percent organically
spk_5: while the strong growth reflects the impact of covert related shutdowns last year
spk_4: it's also the result of accelerated market demand the region continue to deliver good price realization on volume america's nonresidential experience hi single digit growth driven by retrofit repair a small projects
spk_5: america's residential was outstanding again experience and growth of more than seventy percent
spk_4: the significant growth from the prior year was primarily due to for saudi closures and twenty twenty how are we continue to see strikes and retail point of sale and do home construction
spk_5: electronics revenue was up high twenty percent we express electronics growth and both the non residential and residential businesses like trots in touch with solutions will continue to be a long term growth drivers the accelerated to man coupled with labour in part shortages especially in electronic components is resulting in elevated backlogs as we entered the third quarter particularly a non residential the timing of when we see the revenue could shift as the industry works through the supply chain constraints america's adjusted operating income of a hundred and fifty point five million increased twenty one point three percent versus a prior year period and adjusted operating margin for the quarter was down fifty basis points the decrease was driven by head was related to inflation bounce back costs and unfavorable max more than offsetting the volume leverage
spk_4: for the price productivity inflation dynamic was slightly positive on a dollar basis it did have a sixty basis point to loot of impact on adjusted margins as do these incremental investments that
spk_5: please go to slide number ten
spk_4: second quarter revenue for the legion international segments more hundred ninety seven point five million or thirty six percent and up twenty six point six percent on an organic basis the organic growth was driven predominately by strikes across all european countries and businesses as markets continue to read
spk_5: about
spk_4: part of the year over year growth was due to the comparative impact of covert related shutdowns in the prior year
spk_5: favorable currency impacts also contributed to total revenue growth and were slightly offset by divestiture impacts international just an operating income of eighteen point five million increased more than eighteen million versus a prior year period
spk_4: adjusted operating margin for the quarter increase by nine hundred and twenty basis points the margin increase was driven primarily by solid boy him leverage benefits from lower operating costs to the restructuring costs control actions taken during twenty twenty
spk_5: as well favorable currency impacts all these offset the higher inflation about fact costs which had one hundred fifty basis point impact an incremental investments which were a twenty basis points had want
spk_4: please go to slide number eleven
spk_3: here to date available cash flow for the second quarter twenty twenty one came in at two hundred forty nine point six million which is an increase of one hundred forty six million compared to the prior year period
spk_4: the increase was driven by higher earnings improvements in that working capital and reduced capital expenditures are cash flow generation continues to be a strong assets for the company
spk_5: working as a chore to the right to chose working capital of percent of revenues decreased based on a four point quarter average this was driven by approved asset turnover in both receivables an inventory the business continues to generate strong cash flow it is well positioned to deliver five hundred million available cash for the year
spk_4: oh now handed back over to day for update for a full year twenty twenty one left thank you patrick please go to slide number twelve at the end of two two leading indicators continue to be positive i'm increasingly optimistic on the economic recovery the americans residential business continues to be hot on a nonresidential side of america's demand accelerated for retrofit repair and small projects and his recovery in new construction however labour in heard users are proving to be challenging and we're building a strong backlog that will benefit us in the future with these parameters employs we're raising around look for total revenue in the americans to be a foreign after five percent and organic revenue to be out for to four point five percent in twenty twenty one in the legion international sacraments markets continue to recover led by our germanic and global portable security businesses currency tail wins more than offset the divestiture of our to and my door business and contribute to total growth for that reason we are raising your our for total revenue growth to thirteen and a half to fortuna have half percent with organic growth of a they have to know a up for says all in for total legions we are now projecting total revenue to be of seven to seven have pursued an organic revenue to increase to five point five to six percent we're also raising the early we are also raising earnings per share our work with reporting dps at a range of five dollars and fifteen cents two five dollars and thirty cents and adjust the dps to be between five twenty five and five dollars and forty cents guide incorporates press pricing actions to mitigate be inspected the expected impact of direct material inflation we anticipate these inflationary challenges will persist for the balance of the year and we will continue to monitor and adapt to change emergence conditions or outlook lot for available castle is also been raised in is now projected to be four hundred ninety two five hundred and ten million the i work assumes investors both are approximately twenty cents per share the for just a effective tax rate is is expected to be approximately twelve percent the our for outstanding deluded cheers continued is to be approximately ninety one million shares we've got a slight thirty a legion continued his great start and twenty twenty one we have managed to business extremely well and leading indicators and surfing market indices related to our business continue to be positive looking forward we are prepared to navigate the pressures related to accelerate inflation and and labour impaired shortages we're encouraged by the positive brazilian see him our supply chain and we'll continue to manage these challenges for the balance of the year
spk_0: thank you now patrick and i for me happy to take two questions we will now begin the question and answer session to ask a question you made press star than one on your telephone keypad if you are using a speaker phone please pick up your handset before pressing the keys if at any time your question has been addressed and you would like to withdraw your questions please press star than two again please ask one question and one brief follow up after that you are welcome to rejoin the kids at this time we will pause momentarily to assemble our roster the first question comes from
spk_6: josh of when see with morgan stanley please go ahead hi good morning as for just
spk_0: i just first question on the margin france you're obviously there's the air canada tyranny of the math on on price cost you know cause on the dollar basis and i would imagine the a little bit out of next had went on them as a side as well by you have you just can't take out a jacket sat back and he had put somebody get a mechanical items inside the you feel like getting
spk_6: rice or managing inflation in would just sticks and all the other kind of inflationary had when labour
spk_5: is your any different than it is as the normally your or that it has got gotten a little bit more challenging sort of hard to parse through your some of the different not yeah movie pieces there yeah i would characterize it this way underwriters lot of charity in the masses that's what we've seen as an acceleration of inflation are predominantly not commodity costs and material proponents for packaging
spk_4: etc it's it's continue to be a went
spk_5: joe as you know of worked for aggressive you know moving on price of were take a similar actions you know in the back half of this year we went ahead and announced a price increase our take effect at the beginning of que for so there's gonna be some march and pressure i would say you know given the acceleration inflation particularly and que three
spk_4: i expect priced offset material inflation
spk_5: the issue is really at some of the other components as it relates to packaging for a those type of thanks will drive productivity to help mitigate those type of things like we have previously but it's gonna be a challenge will be some march and pressure in the back half of the year but i feel very confident relative to marginal improvement as we go into twenty twenty two predominately because of the syria overpriced and will continue to pricing actions next year will have an improved myths profile as relate to the nonresidential residential does this growing faster and accelerating more so than the residential business and one i could have been bounce back costs which would issue for us and que to and will taught us linger during shoes rescue for this year so i think he to answer questions jobs will continue to manage of business or walk walking through some of the supply chain of challenges of death in of itself also put a little bit of march pressure because of some of the inefficiencies of the factories but you know well managed to ruin margin sequentially will improve the second half relative to the first that still down year over year of
spk_7: but then or twenty twenty expect a margin improvement to accelerate god is that cell phone and i guess it's a follow up on the accommodate days you made on on bachelor backlog
spk_6: yeah maybe if you can unpack that a world without magic some of that is read the where you probably don't really want a lot a backlog there's more indicative about
spk_4: yeah a times and supply chain stuff than it is necessarily like a walk cycle business so if maybe breaks down the components of that as how much is non drowsy as a market getting better and reopening and retrofit vs yeah we're just hearing more backlog him as he because he had a devil supply chain places thanks so have i want to be clear as the backlog issue is not a residential problems are or residential backlog slightly above what we normally run the backlog creation has been on and the commercial side of the business and the rapid build has really happened or last sixty the ninety days
spk_8: that the commercial backlog predominately on the americas business is double
spk_4: normal and it was really driven by the acceleration of order demand that we started seeing in april give me some backdrop tier did you go back to surrender january february march and we would have talked about this in the queue one call commercialism seasonal demand in the americas business was down download double digits and it's like someone turned on a life and it's extremely pleased with that you know demand acceleration were doing a good job of i think processing that through for their supply constraints this resulted in a in a record backlog that i think will continue to see there's been an was staff serve that i said we've done a better job of managing this and i believe that to be true or supply chain is strong and we're going to benefit from that truth i'd also sure one other comment is the macro economic forecast on what i'd say you know that commercial break facts was not enough particularly clear in fact i've got economic reports that would suggest that the the repair or replacement would have been soft even today
spk_9: that's which came back on we've game that opportunity
spk_0: you know so why couldn't we have seen it when you shot off access to college campuses hospitals and commercial buildings for four hundred days you get ten on demand and that's what we're seeing reacting positively in the marketplace
spk_10: got very helpful because i feel
spk_7: the next question comes from chris snyder with you be yes please go ahead
spk_0: ah thank you and i did a hegemonic us
spk_6: and thank you and i don't want to follow up on on the margin commentary but when they become a bit of a different angle on so guidance implies a pretty material ram
spk_0: in margins entered the back half of twenty twenty one time you know my back to the envelope math puts a marginal low twenty one percent range first a low to mid nineteenth and in the first half
spk_11: can you just kind of help on passage drivers of the step higher
spk_4: his guidance is not implying much volume leverage into the back half i'm so this more price catching up the cost rates normalizing mix normalizing any color on that step higher into the back half of the appreciated yeah so that land is not on characteristics you know from a season out a perspective
spk_5: margins if if you can look over historical time period stronger are you know back half of the year so that's not as usual i think he knows we characterized
spk_0: sequentially margins are expected to increase it's the year over year comparisons and we would expect some degradation discounted given some of the things we outline relative to to inflation i'm appreciate that and then i guess follow us on the record backlogs arm it sounds like revenue on some level was constrained
spk_12: despite the supply chain issues that that everyone is feeling on and it also sounds like the back half or the full year of growth guidance is also reflecting uncertainty as to when the backlash will be released whether the back half of twenty one or two twenty two i'm still you provide any color on
spk_3: on the you know maybe how much or how significant revenues were may be constrained in the quarter just because of the supply chain issues and then you know how we should you know what level of maybe supply chain conservatism is baked into the full you organic growth guidance
spk_5: it also we when we look at these yeah demand relative to what we could shift is there is going to be a disconnect they're just kind of given the supply chain constraints and i think your were crushed you know we normally theory of light backlog in a highly specified junior product quick turn over in our manufacturers for saudis to the customer that is has been elevated you know kind of given some of the constraints but to answer your question is are specifically these are it could be was one of the half percent how a total revenue allegiance that's constraints that will get the ravenous says it's not a question of yeah it's just a question of timing so we look at his timing kind of transitory issue
spk_4: then it but for supply chains of constraints process will get than twenty twenty two which means revenue and twenty two would be accelerated more southern than the overall market demand i would thank you for that i would add a couple other comments on clearly supply constraints and it's the rapid acceleration of demand that we saw how build backlog i would say
spk_13: we will you know over this entire pandemic and downturns the resiliency of the allegiance supply chain i believe was stronger than the competition and you know we're going to come out of this better
spk_4: so do not feel good about that i think the other thing gotta think about the we're not alone in this year of in the retrofit community in new construction and you know the entire project
spk_14: is the affected by this in
spk_0: we just got to navigate in that environment
spk_15: appreciate that thank you the next question comes from bryan grandson birth of imperial capital please go ahead
spk_5: yeah thank you very much
spk_4: so i have two questions i can you talk about the commercial office performance and the for the how much was the sector down here we year how much gates commercial office represent in terms of revenue and what i'm trying to get us a data point where you are
spk_5: so we don't really provide revenue by vertical arguments are like you know i would just say in terms of market demand
spk_4: i order and take activity will receive specifications such a commercial office space is lagging institutional segment and job you know a lot of that is are just not gonna keeping pace with what we're seeing in terms of rebound and retrofit to construction so hopefully hopefully that provide you with or maybe give you a little bit more again we don't want out of their commercials segment as a as a stand alone could destroy the we saw in the first half was really driven by strong wholesale
spk_16: small project and and center retrofit business
spk_4: in a weird and and businesses are you know we don't have precise debut and but there's you know this man back to that volume would say do you know even in the commercial office space there's there's the just and going in there to read purpose to reposition in i like the opportunity for a legion as we move through their from an electronic standpoint
spk_17: you go about six months ago i was concerned about the returned office on and in of workers says town of our a lot of vacancies out there
spk_0: the capital will go in and redefine and space and it's going to be good for our industry right well thank you are the second question i have just coming off as i see last i'm meeting with a lot of companies private and public we see a lotta competition coming access control with a total solution white and there's one of the trans i'm seen as white label a of hardware
spk_4: i added discounts and integrating software so it's all about delivering a couple of solution the hardware lady named as mean as much that's what i'm hearing at least as seen some of these companies that aren't that in large sums of money and as total access control solution that's what we're saying can you address what your seen in the industry and how your dressing this this sad the threat i think you know in today's presentation we try to a precise you know our our real borrow by emphasis and our partnerships with the you know the mega tax
spk_18: i certainly see this new know private label him why away when phenomenon
spk_19: i would just suggest the core part of our business has a level of can there are of complexity and connectivity that
spk_4: i'll bet on over the long haul when you get into a complex business or and a complex of space like you're at it i see worst
spk_15: it's easy to look at this and say okay i can have a small offering of oil products but when you start adding code requirements master key stones that activity with an apple a ghoul a one hour
spk_0: the game gets a lot tougher break well thank you very much for addressing those are really pushing good luck and the next question comes from julian mature with barclays please go ahead hi good morning dumb just wanted to learn circle back to the americas revenue guides for the year
spk_20: i'm in a your embedding i think maybe very low single digit growth year on year in the second half in the americas just trying to understand what's embedded in that a residential versus non residential
spk_4: and what sort of places and slow down of residential growth i'm assuming yeah so so true just as reminder
spk_5: last year as were coming out of the pandemic and demand started to surge for replacement a man on a residential product backlog accelerated channel women tories were depleted
spk_4: so a lot of the revenue growth last year was channel self
spk_5: the big box retail commerce etc so you're getting a top top particularly in the second half it's related to the residential business
spk_4: and so that's going to impact how to her ability particular when you're looking at overall the legion america's business
spk_11: we relocated nonresidential business you're starting to show good demand
spk_5: little bit constrained relative to the supply chain issues that will start seeing some growth
spk_0: yourself
spk_12: it's it's really that the guys have to take into account last year had a higher growth components associated with channel fill related to the residential business
spk_0: sure but i think isn't from understand that you assuming that residential revenues a down year on year in the second half no other thirds are still increasing okay that's is what i wanted to check thank you and then on the margin france you know looking at yeah we keep attacking it different ways but let's look at it sort of second half margin year on year because i think that makes more sense in terms of the information you provide him in the same q and so on
spk_5: so it looks like your second half operating margin some white maybe down something like one hundred two hundred this year on year in the second half
spk_20: is the way to think about that it's about two hundred bits headwind from our inflation that of price productivity and then maybe another one hundred bits headwind from investments spend those roughly the right and orders of magnitude yes
spk_5: you know i was just a little bit more colorado
spk_4: price for activity inflation dynamic
spk_21: included in that guy would include some of the effect of these bounce back cause we've we've been highlighting
spk_0: it's much more pronounced to to but you've got kind of some of those costs are continuing to three to four so that some of us suppressor as well you're over here
spk_22: perfect thank you
spk_0: the next question comes from david mcgregor with mondo research please go ahead
spk_4: hi this is ellen ellen on for david mcgregor the morning joe how's the morning i was just wondering could you talk about field inventory levels in those the residential and commercial business and then just are you expect the timing of the channel resource way out on the residential side you know big box or rest for a partners i think of the restocking you that supply chain is a socially complete there is pressure on any type of electronic related products again which were navigating well better
spk_23: no doubt will be a problem moose through in the next door four quarters on the commercial wholesale sides
spk_4: i is i talked about you know the dumbfounds smack the mayor and i think seen a part of that is wholesalers in a scene the confidence in the marketplace and restocking but i think much of it's going straight through
spk_24: because of the availability
spk_0: or really dreamliner small projects that were dubbed the devil delayed over continue period so i spy wouldn't suggest that the the restocking or the wholesale and contract supply chain will be you know completed over the next two to three quarters
spk_4: i've got thanks for that
spk_0: and then also just on your education business given the year ago for forward in the timing of seasonal maintenance into to few twenty with that a growth headwind said you experience than two to twenty one this year and do you think that becomes a tailwind hearing freaking stay or question again you wake up
spk_23: outside the down the education business didn't a year ago poll forward and the timing of seasonal maintenance into you twenty
spk_4: with that a growth headwind with here into que twenty one and is that become a tailwind here in the third quarter i would like okay opportunity and k through twelve as part of the bounce back on five more positive as we move into twenty two and twenty three america is going to continue to invest in escape through twelve infrastructure for a minority of reasons age increase security
spk_0: more automation and a legion will benefit from it
spk_25: it's clearly a positive
spk_26: thanks
spk_7: the next question comes from an to open with think of america please go ahead
spk_4: hey good morning
spk_0: the morning after of
spk_27: ah for a while i thought i would have to use word i'm packing my question i was wondering if there was a memo that one out you know choose the time on pac man
spk_4: i a fired yeah sorry you're gonna remind me that are you had to right on this bounce back of i'll take that are to thank you i guess the question is on pricing i historically you know your pi he has been fairly close to that of your large competitor in north america odds this quarter they seem to be ahead of you and i was just wondering are is there a difference in approach to channels between are the two of you have it's just a matter of far timing as a sad because you know the industry seems to sort of move in lockstep ah i wouldn't say you know they're ahead of us you know my my words to heart you know our our leaders worldwide is use all tools required to address the extraordinary inflationary forces we're out with a normal mean up to one price increase we've added surcharges on certain products and we've announced a
spk_28: and up to three price increase
spk_27: you know to price increases in a year and the other tools and were using to mitigate price
spk_0: i think the industry has been disciplined and
spk_27: you know our stewardship of making sure that we respond to that incredible incredible inflationary forces or work for us
spk_29: ah gotcha thank you
spk_4: the second question as you and i think as as discussion couple of times but as you face supply chain constraints are you rethinking you know either your approach to your internal supply chain i eat you know sort of more automation or i use sort of rethinking sourcing you know any a long term impact from sort of cause current disruption in the channels are you saying you know once we sort of get rid of the ball with her fact thing go back to normal family fast i thank god the a week and supply chain is always a strategic item as we think about positioning the business world number two five point two are detrimental during the downturn are doctor minerals on a top one basis where softer than any of the competition meaning you know of the markets collapsed our revenues were stronger on those detrimental and i would point to supply say third is i say clearly a lot of war going on i'd say managing that complexity of what we do if it's everything from board stun grenades to casting enough
spk_11: part of was the legion franchise is built on is managing this complexity art supply chain does an important part of you know places out a critical part of that but it's you know rethinking knows partnerships making sure era that we've got the availability of
spk_13: have any type of part to be able to move
spk_0: we've made some pretty significant industrial investments in automation those will continue i think as we go through this labour availability is going to be a
spk_9: in scarcity phone a worldwide basis and so automation industrial investing with stop strong suppliers and for do seem in region are key drivers for allegiance interests
spk_22: on a banker so much and i appreciate compliments i don't get those often thank you
spk_4: i'm going to i should read about twice i generated to live
spk_30: the next question comes from joe richie with goldman sachs please go ahead
spk_5: the think sagamore to guys and there's no need to fix the comments on this line i just as quickly guy quick question year on the margins and the as if they take a look at the americas margins than your commentary around quite saying ass or for you i guess it wouldn't be think about the sequential i'd change and margins in the americas a there's a kind of like embedded in your expectations as said sequentially and essentially stepped down in three key because it is inflationary pressures and then back up and forty you just trying to understand the cadence little bit better
spk_4: yeah so so you got it right here
spk_17: march
spk_31: decrease zero zero much more pronounced
spk_7: thank you for to for because of the price increase in some further actions still down
spk_14: five but it proved not as far down as kids as
spk_4: i guess i that's that's super helpful and in i guess maybe that's one maybe one broader question idea know that you guys you have consistently get compared to yours you know your european here and a in the us that it if we took a step back in the thought about the industry is the whole and in the potential consolidation in the law market in the us as a dj vu the market has been on e a fairly well concentrated today at or opportunity say it's easy to expand either vm and in a yeah the within the market you see teachers and salvation this is teresa on your brought it up there i think you know over the last decade this is an industry that consolidated
spk_9: i would suggest that that's not moved at a pace that other industries have so mean others opportunities i have staffordshire says
spk_0: i think you know the brightest growth aspect for allegiance is in need of the scene was access technologies
spk_27: part of the corporate spent this year is a we're investing to try and better understand the future of seamless access and where it could be five to ten years out because i'm are unique position and
spk_32: my message to the an asterisk i'm gonna continue to consolidate consolidated but i believe through innovation of are unique position on the door electronics year as device that it will continue to drive nice girls for allegiance
spk_0: okay that's that's how holiday thanks guys the next question comes from tim weiss with their please go ahead
spk_4: hey guys get it and morning the morning to you
spk_5: mit maybe just start suffers questions on on investment and i guess it's parser agates first could you just elaborate a little more on where you're making the actual incremental investment this year and then secondly to just talk about the pipeline spills for future investments and how the pay tax on those are are you know kind of prospectively vs system history or the other kind of same better or worse just kind of curious there yeah charm so the majority of the incremental vestments would be centered around already the technology type of investment centered around driving electronics revenue growth
spk_33: and market segmentation i were the opportunities where we can expand our business
spk_5: leverage our franchise or globally cats are ya think about that in relation to some of the things they've talked about in terms of advancing our partnerships to have broader connectivity to electronic seem was accessed ecosystems and solutions very important for the business going for us we're putting money is is that i thanks position as extremely well off or growth don't force and will help us continue to grow faster than the broader market is the plan their your question on our i see as it's always been a really good
spk_4: that's not always i want to just sort of a lot of cash on cash basis and you know good things to do that will consist of us or the marketplace up for further growth and you know historically did you kind of seen our revenue kind of friend probably a little bit north of our peter yourself and would expect that account to continue given the level of investment so we're making a position are franchise don't force
spk_13: i feel a bit him to say
spk_4: we've had enough take out the prime pandemic we've had you have five six years of double digit electronics growth and clearly the market moving that way we've got over the next twenty four months a nice pipeline of connected products you know coming now that a one hears specific investments in in software capabilities what i call software stacks that enhance the partnerships that we talked about today you have to have the eighty i just see case that allow are locks does at work in our own ecosystems and work in the complex ecosystems that may be present at a hospital a college campus
spk_5: we believe this differentiates us vs in a one horse ponies that you know come in was a solution in in important part of our future growth i did one other is
spk_4: segmenting the market in understanding you know the future five ten years out in multifamily k through twelve college campuses and hospitals we think we have an important role to play in our install base and this connected environment
spk_5: that will leverage allegiance growth
spk_4: i just got some also just think about that movement and technology how fast things are changing and be part of a broader ecosystem where we can our products can seamlessly plug and play into a broader set a solution is very important and so you know investments or incremental investments will continue it's part of our dna towards the how we think about accelerated growth yeah things are moving quickly and with we want to be a market leader that second on in the death partnerships with the mega tax the which are important
spk_15: partnerships with the integrators white are now
spk_0: our venture arm i think you saw the announcement on open path to sail to to motorola solutions and excellent example of how we're playing that game and then continue investments
spk_4: in in the digital players that are help driver girl okay great know either i really appreciate our on on makes sense i guess the second question just on on maybe bigger picture could you just frame for us how how you're thinking about a recovery and and maybe rather do contribution from the specification business so you're obviously seen you know and take on the specification cycle when do you think you could start to see that
spk_9: the a meaningful revenue contributor is that a for your benefit next year or it is it's skew towards the second half
spk_0: i think you'll see that you know really gaining some speed to to of next year in through the traditional construction susan
spk_34: ab i've been up for
spk_35: three four consecutive months at really records high sixty i mean we were from there for a piece takes about twenty two months based on the sculptor those projects for us to really start seeing the momentum okay okay great look good luck as thanks a time this thank you
spk_36: the next question comes from john walsh with credit suisse please go ahead
spk_4: ah yes the morning the morning maybe just to follow up here one he had a little bit of a discussion there on t k through twelve he talked about the each the security are more automation but you know one thing he didn't mention was stimulus and just curious where we're hearing that there's a lot of stimulus already been
spk_35: approved for that vertical a lot of focus on each back but there is a big demand on the infrastructure side for access control you seen any of that it yet for is that what you're kind of talking about might come through and twenty two and beyond
spk_36: as we try on pass the stimulus package we certainly see access control school security as a part of that again is dominated i think you know you know my modernization of things that he talked about a fact you know we're going to benefits as a result stimulus i would also say there will continue to be a drive in the cave through twelve sector to modernize the average k through twelve structure is forty years old says security
spk_4: threats persist and
spk_37: access the schools is becoming more sophisticated because of people's as device electronic locks in a are going to benefit from this
spk_5: great thanks and then i'm you know obviously you've lived through several inflationary cycles
spk_2: you know we can argue this one's a little bit different but can you talk about your ability to hold price when you come out of these inflationary cycles there's probably some regular pricing activity i think he use the term surcharges for some things as well that maybe those are a little
spk_5: more transitory and go away when inflation a bates but you just talk about your historical experience there you have to think about margin next year does for jobs are historically
spk_20: price increases announced that are common in nature stuff
spk_4: going forward
spk_5: even in deflationary periods prices remain the same
spk_4: and you know fairly to supplant industry year if we did now some surcharges on particular products are more heavy steel related components
spk_38: in those of course go away assume does
spk_4: a price of still comes down but the majority of our price increases are permanent price increase that we expect full stack going forward even when inflation calms down i would add to that the scene of the majority of my industrial country career in the electrical industry and now security
spk_3: we have
spk_0: it as a guiding management principle as our input costs go out i expect to capture that
spk_39: class
spk_0: we're very driven new on the imports as well as the pricing systems here in it's part of our dna if it's nice you know never been more important as we face inflationary pressures thanks appreciate you taking the questions
spk_4: the next question come from just sprague with medical research please go ahead hey thank you good morning everyone
spk_5: a maybe just a couple do censor live rounds have a first the maybe will shut up to the international friends or if you could give them a little bit of color of you know how ohio think about the margins in the back half their right usually we start fairly low in the first half and stuff of materially i'm assuming from this you know kind of better run rate here in the first half the not expecting a you know the same magnitude of stuff up by sending margins are going fire you just elaborate on the other to get me there the place cause dynamics you know in those markets collectively in what have any other resorts in genesis you have coming through yeah just so thanks for granted off the outstanding performance by the international team particularly when you're looking at not only margin increase by the top rope and that's been a key contributor to to the margin expansion there as well
spk_4: but you may recall i knew of every kind of look at that segment in isolation they were probably opt out in front of this pandemic quicker
spk_0: in terms of reducing costs you managing outside of the equation restructuring programs that kind of went through both and europe and asia pacific we also are seeing the benefit of the amalgamation of are both that the asia pacific european segments your company gathers a an international
spk_6: all that combines is really accelerated of marginal improvement year over year
spk_0: did the restructuring actions the benefits we saw the first half cannot laugh if he will be getting into three so you're not going to see the stuff up and and march and expansion or year over year season ways you know their staff that the margins expanded queue for off
spk_7: segment is in particular would expect the same seasonal increase of but of the year over year of origin improvements
spk_40: you're not going to say there some one time benefits and queue for that are not record this year bounce back and cause harm flash of these type of things but yeah this is a great performance first half we would expect how this guy continuous margin improvement going into next year to and so really life
spk_4: what the team is done their how their executing driving top one growth of stuff of grateful for
spk_41: right now understood and then just back to land the whole backlog top line calculus year
spk_4: does your guy the census find it indicates revenues and she's really into for will not be similar the key to which is you know not a typical for your business but then i guess i'm also during those hours for hot you're suggesting the top wise it's just governs here by you supply and other constraints is that is that really the message that they're you know time in normal circumstances there would be more upside into the back half to some law okay spare clog the just the physical ability to get it out the door whether it's your own fact your inputs from suppliers just was keeping a lid on on where you can actually execute on twenty twenty one
spk_42: you read that correctly
spk_0: i think we've you know assessed okay what's possible here will move them backlog through
spk_4: i think we are mindful the constraints on our supply those were also i think our grounded the labour maybe the tightest element in all of this affects our customers and suppliers so you gotta kind of take a stiff do it is when our are people going to come back to work and availability improve we think that's a long term problems we think the culture of allegiance how we run our business and the strength of our supply chain will do better in the competition in a battle right thanks to the top thank you
spk_0: this concludes our question and answer session i would like to turn the conference back over to date for traders for closing remarks

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