spk_0: ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to glue pens first quarter twenty twenty one earnings conference call at this time all participants are in a listen only mode after prepared remarks by the management scene there will be a question and answer session today's conference call is being recorded if you have any objections you may disconnects at this time i would now like to turn the call over to your hosts today he learned die clue pens investor relations rep please go ahead
spk_1: hello everyone else and you for joining us father tiny tiny was a news conference call the company's financial and outside a result of for issued an interest release their new flyer services earlier today and are posted online you can download the earnings release and sign up for distribution that sizes are thing i our web sites such as a third time to taste call out the lead church housing send our founder and chief executive officer and let's just say the least chief financial officer management so began were prepared remarks and a call will confirm whether to and a session that's all i handed over to the management i'd like to remind you of cloak and safe harbors same and in relation to the day call except for that historical information contained herein certain matters disgust and this conference call are forward looking statements the same as are based on current trends estimates and projections and the therefore you should now place undue reliance on them somewhere local same as ends up and here and risks and uncertainties a number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from don't contain it a forward looking same as for more information about a potential risks and uncertainties please refer to the complete silence let securities and exchange commission i will now turn to call over two hours see our challenging cents please go ahead
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spk_1: hello everyone send you fire time and interests and clothing says i'll admit we're pleased to report for first father tiny tiny one red sauce flip over also farmers exceeding expectations our revenues for two hundred four point five million rmb surpass end up top and of our guide on strange and represented of fifty four point four percent increase year over year locally our first quarter sales manager reached forty three percent higher down to forty percent throws margin for the full year of tiny tiny as we benefit as sound of optimized says estimates and addition our dollar face not customer retention rates were covered some one hundred and eleven point six percent
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spk_1: our value proposition has always been very clear which is to provide enterprises floods intelligent cloud based products to able to and market it and customer services so as to improve their customer acquisition efficiency and retention rates as i have mentioned in our ip oh rochelle's were shouts of the phone runner and mouth said china based communications solutions provider to call tablets and the united states but this is not our and game we're not satisfied with fear and on their economy our goal is to be a chinese company with global influence using rss face tools to help transform said enterprise communications says industry
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spk_1: actually as okay qaeda during our ip our our strategic focus is on average and the vast capabilities of our cloud based on that center aussie seat over the last few years we have extended a foundry of see see some merely a communication channels it's a enterprises and customers to a more comprehensive short that include subsequent customer management the canada and such as see i am as as the or as see or and as the south florida manage customer information and communication backers whereas as see i am on social see and manage to try that on men traffic and south process east our see i am fraud as as name of a let's see i and and as or and products as name as you cross woman can you down have humming gandhian forty two votes years only odom thought you handsome said all hundred under song tom coughlin challenges we us allies
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spk_1: through the expansion of the functionality of the cc and establishment of products interconnections we can help enterprise customers improve their conversion rates from traffic to sell phillies and out in so others creating value some answers and income taxes communications customer their asses issues customer retention and satisfaction in frozen us for our product development we have adopted a cloud saves an ai to than approach we attach great importance of ai applications and consistently invest in our artificial intelligence or and eight cm while also it's exploring new ai faith avenues and use cases the average an our ha facilities were sadly enhancing the value proposition of our products science identify and accumulating data processing the associating connections as we're a healthy enterprises utilise say that says how intelligence operations ultimately empowering our enterprise customers were smarter a customer acquisition and customer service capabilities
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spk_1: let us all that strategy in place we have recently inmates in this significant advancements we as just as our of nice a chanel structure excessively insults cells an operational efficiency we integrate and now motivations and and four major department says on the characteristics of our customers each of them has it's own heart sad us and a complete products as elements have dave for the time and includes one that industrial digital division which provides that contact standards as say the products and industry solutions for large enterprise customers to our new market and services division which provides standardized contact sanders and success products so small and medium sized enterprise ss the third bond as the as l e and governments nine operations division which caters to large state owned enterprises and sutherland agencies providing video and audio capabilities and safe learning phase video analysis technologies with applications integral such as fidel surveillance ensure production safety and in college and transformation of social governance the fourth as our overseas division haven't expanded our existing business to japan malaysia and the philippines were enthusiastic about our progress so far and the international markets and will continue to explore further overseas opportunities aiming to become a international company why are we aligning our organization of structure with our customer base we have also see and strengthening our internal team most recently our efforts have included establish an hour
spk_8: overseas cheese recruiting new cell sleepy organizing south seems saved on of for customer fruits and higher in new technology directory to enhance our i and the efforts no thoroughly we have also appointed a phd d supervisor from nankai university as our seats
spk_1: scientists that then we have upgraded our brand some wrong man se communications to downtown cloud our resign name and this that says extension from our and shit flying south dates communications to our current suit of to flash products and services so called frame market marketing and customer service
spk_4: include an industrial such it helps out new marketing services clouds and as a hokey and governments north south we strive to provide more valuable and multi dimensional products to clients and other to transcend our competitive position
spk_3: downhill for me on i mean sure that somebody father indulgence you guys woman kinda goes on junk one to as the see i am highlights is on the budget or major cheetos was a juggle or meal yields and only got the hint and it flew through the usually use them eat and you got into he didn't cheesy and de souza she long balances
spk_1: you wonder woman so you can do the job do was to just in summary we have developed as clear products or mess with he focuses on as the i am in addition to overseas expansion these are facts as well as establish a highly efficient on nice a of structure and as drought executive since we have considerably improved our up friday efficiency and are proud to see it that said and sold our operating and financial metrics thank you for joining our call and i will forward to having more discussions said you and the future
spk_9: i well now turn to call out there two hours yeah all stephen lethal closer review of our progress and integrating and let the or and and our first quarter financials
spk_10: intrusive than humans hello and thank you for joining us today first time he provide updates on our progress of the elites the or and tribulations seems the acquisition announcements and woman tasks has been focused on interpreting products and technologies without existing platform it is you regretting that interpretation is lucy was basically completed at a product levels and we have started to deliver on menu financial products as on next that we expect to compete with you that integration and has over move fast to be handled by leave their home in terms of the interpretation of ai technology his we wise the underlying technology as well as interface so that you leave their them to utilize this technology and the love it into applications we'll see if this was see that you deserve has already started to leverage our low key technologies to acquire customers we're are also excited that a potent you have written word the to leave their homes and our subsidiary in japan is almost completed
spk_9: since acquisition of elite see i am there have been quite a few new clients militia into finance industry that have signed contracts with seafood see i am on a further synergies from that position in customer acquisition or evidence by the solid pipeline of potential clients
spk_10: for combined with sees the embassy or
spk_9: now let's move to our first quarter financial results
spk_10: or reviews which two hundred and four point five million rmb in the first photo twenty twenty one easily when fifty four point zero percent increase was really driven by very strong performance somehow the club those different etc solutions business which saw revenues increased sixty three point zero percent year over year to seventy points you know the plenary due to a uk is is a under of fasteners as i mentioned earlier cause of revenues increased sixty five point six percent to one hundred and sixteen one six nearly as be in the first quarter of plenty plenty one from seventy one only and be the first quarter of twenty twenty which was primarily due to increased
spk_9: telecommunications resources cost of housing costs as is the stature and kinda because as the company continues to scale his business growth process increased by forty one point eight percent to see the seven point nine million rmb in the first quarter of twenty twenty
spk_10: while and gross margin was forty three percent in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty one now let's not have all expenses put another of plenty plenty was operating expenses were two hundred and thirty eight million rmb the presenting a ninety two point eight percent increase from one hundred and twenty three point four million i'd be in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty rmb influences increased by seventy eight point one percent to sixty eight point seven million have the in the first quarter of plenty for the was from harvard thirty eight point six million rmb in the first quarter of funny one is primarily due to a you create in the aren't be stop expensive for the development of course these
spk_9: years and the foxes incompetency see the solution is on the flowerbeds use the see for losers and increase it's a other it's composition expense of six one one million are obese sense an increase in technology service expenses paid to the third party outsourcing service providers further developments of sorted
spk_10: non core features and functions in foul taste use them see solutions how about about expenses incurred five forty eight point seven percent to sixty eight point three million rmb in the first quarter twenty twenty wives from forty five on nine million rmb in the fourth quarter of twenty is primarily due to ukraine is it's composition expensive of seven point five emily are obese or increase in stoppage expenses any increase in spanish of online advertising campaigns and the marketing activities about how album he continues to scale as business and reach a wider customer base three on a prices increased significantly to one hundred and one
spk_9: are be in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty wife's from a thirty eight point nine million rmb in the fourth quarter of twenty twenty
spk_10: primarily due to increase in saturday compositions time of sixty four point seven million rmb relating to shell out is granted to village voice employees and the raptors certain distributors of the companies founders sanders a service reached an agreement and ordinary shares shoot to management employees for acquisition of at the interest you a may draw the on to succeed or it partially outside by be creative in by that expense resulting from reduce the impact on faction of accounts receivable from becoming lighting outbreak
spk_9: not long for first quarter of twenty four the while was one hundred and seventy one million rmb compared with forty seven point seven million rmb in the first call twenty twenty the increase was primarily driven by increases in noncash items of one hundred and fifteen point one million
spk_10: our and be including the gym cruise in change is fair value of warrants allow businesses of twenty one point eight million rmb of an increase of but it's composition of seventy eight point four million are obese and in secret you gain from disposal of subsidiaries with was forty and point nine million rmb that are marked basic and a diluted that loss per share was twelve science seventy six are a be in the first quarter of twenty twenty one for the second quarter of twenty twenty one super currently these facts used to be beaten two hundred
spk_9: and fifty five million rmb to two hundred and sixty we are obese which would represent a year over year increase of thirty thousand point six percent to forty five three percent
spk_11: the above all dog is based on the current market conditions and reflects the top news conference and the preliminary estimates of market and operating conditions and customer demand which are all subject to substantial uncertainties with that are like to open up a call to it's okay
spk_0: these we will now begin the question and answer sessions to ask a question you made press star than one on your telephone key pad if you're using a speaker phone please pick up your handset seafood pressing the keys if at any time your question has been addressed and you would like to withdraw your question please press stars and to when you ask a question please ask it first and chinese and then in english at this time we will pause momentarily to assemble our roster
spk_12: the first question comes from home g the would see i see see please go ahead ah second sentence for instance in plain sight in the center and so on and offline sometimes and my job i a sad songs you know sometimes i have no doesn't touch on a chance us and same songs and thing that comes with a certain item since how folklore our mentality that wasn't seeing certainly sounds like seasons i know exactly as international flights have met by chance
spk_13: so in some sense since happened in some ways hide some absence is inconsistent tons and and in that sense attack on could you get gets too much more carla aunts and upon a said ah thank you
spk_14: our local guys what i needed are teaching zulu on the danube who don't
spk_2: a gloomy and the so hum his or to a patient that three or time him some gas
spk_15: you know year on someone's jenny gumi is all seem so high as though that tweet room and that outfit on father cities i'm good
spk_2: long and guns and he didn't for the since i to you that your i got arguable high oh sees the good news i sometimes who don't
spk_4: yeah of i'm in that room and conceal a t identical jokes
spk_3: long end up cp some that you could i as the out as the i am families usually you know what at home
spk_1: some of the neon few asian seeing would only my niece come how they'll fluids yes songs the it some thought situation father not going toward us see a hopeful all products of truth and has entered tears as klaus on saw that sandwich and many sectors of us out including of finance energy as our industrial manufacturing and that tail and that streets are off from nonsense two our products we have already signed as or assignments has our customers as taxes and ever more and pipeline
spk_2: also we have collaborated with taxes task as enterprise version of we chat of status of our customers and have ten cents is our new customers twelve going crazy netanyahu the last woman going so far as and send a years song
spk_16: yeah cause i'm not into the for off on our manga sauces and is higher a use your thoughts cv that israel
spk_17: tumblr
spk_4: sega
spk_1: cause and the years and forgot all not some be the year ago
spk_3: we have also signed a strategic close collaboration contests where small vial telecom operators and several provinces are retired and that our man outside the ice yes messages and ourselves self promoting our see the product twenty one
spk_18: his own of goods off on the seasons gang
spk_19: sega ah the young adulthood
spk_4: the un
spk_3: always the answer is yes
spk_1: so science question ah we're also a flour and
spk_20: the affect so many to have just said that a sense that say castle and eyes company
spk_21: well that the retail basis
spk_0: i hadn't seen him the next question comes from dai li li
spk_22: with city please go ahead and you're gonna he's on the house and he gonna non job in such a job the argument you going on and say to you some changes says company behind center from time challenge the only man seymour use how don't see see that you can cause i showed you should drink the stones tom many eagerness to feed her because she did you do a shovel on the i either two shoes are you among ziegler see you say energy montage you could see shit on seems in the last straw man yeah that was a woman second universal to choose to the international woman's to plan to shore difference and help and as you do you should was insane okay i'm a chance in my question high maintenance cesspool your presentation out of to clash and spoil your a see citizens groupies share some say that was gen our tree into for running through space cause such as the timor he marked out or seven more klaus and do don't see see all was for the house the customer jason or a sauna reducing three sons the how could you shares an honor on the market from the juice and recently
spk_10: when you get a new orders from the clouds a specific and how do we differentiate ourselves in terms or us i thank you are or what will work with our digital was the only goes up with allegra the rnc allow alonso says faster than the are as the older answer the second question so for your first graduated ah
spk_9: we got our or seven was a to see michelle you'll see increased by over sixty percent in the first quarter of for twenty been a while so how far we are strong summers in comparison it rings is actually increasing faster compared to to set him off because we did we mentioned that the fourth movie say focusing on large enterprise customers a large and of our customers are very fast customers is as good as the our industry in china
spk_10: so out there will be many many more cross any on upset opportunities for are a large enterprise customers so as a result the out lucy is the best news for for the first quarter or twenty five they want these are free increasing faster than the off the emails or does the sixty two sixty three percent ah ah some more is out leave the smaller as as if i remember correctly having some are increasing around our fifty percent by going his staff are going over seventy percent of we we will we actually packages trend will continue in they are in the future as for the off the the retention rate ratio all of the term ah the are the first world as we mentioned the of researcher at night i'll reiterate is ah
spk_9: as back to are older one hundred percent article mean i think the other the impact of going to operate is very odd for saddam was in a things the ah the all of the our revenue from so more ourselves which around the news so lot of these are that the ah the that dollar retention do
spk_10: furthermore it is is roughly the of the number actually i as i just mentioned was from terms of off the as a number of customer remain with as ah i think my knowledge is around seventy five percent of the customers so seminar odds are has remained way that
spk_23: so it wasn't easy because we see this money being out there was large difference customers so old know we we almost never lose a large different customers
spk_9: the yard
spk_2: and ninety eight when that enough for signs of large immigrant customers will stay with us
spk_3: ah ok as all nicholson know that when i started on having of the arguments equating gym don't know how know what i got bigger city hired a nigger jim than eighteen months now one nice young gal years a lot in the daytona was loyal to good shallow belong in the also the last season i just a woman c o t passes and nods
spk_24: she added so i see that handy in the concerts even dances too bossy pacifism and amina desert sweden is a woman jungle huge advantage in nasal one that over now collisions he also that yard cod and just a woman die as i'm in and whole room and on me or meal
spk_3: eve i don't mean they either on else he was a tv for family and illnesses
spk_18: on the almonds in lot
spk_4: know you know them to see that on door does need a little juvenile these i'm gonna just one the know jungle do woman who simply most young young age not lotta a meal i'm and orioles that i mean those zelzal
spk_3: one thousand that we are in a login diesel they all got doesn't do
spk_25: he said the whole managers a woman a couple forgot or many see olden days
spk_4: yeah we just hope who does seem odd a bill a modern and and
spk_3: and these love that
spk_4: yale sega golf some yes ah yes was a c of order cigarettes and it holds moving symbol of would have forgotten or you will go home and i guess a one meals and gonna see i am or as the end up hanging the woman seated sure that those region in his own your meal neva says would us
spk_26: you know what goes on the heels highlight a would use for men and they all sounded like either
spk_1: i think it'll take a class zynga heists as well i'm your hand on your knees i mean she has a nigga so high that some go we think that we have ah thousand sex six advantage over our competitors are for as long as that we have we also have see past saw that line which means that we can provide our customers less on telecom this scientists out however our entire state don't have full since products so that the last hour contracts last either mobile operators to provide as tired hungry size and the sad and else are we also have a very strong i the chance and we have salary or we have varied as we have a very strong ai capabilities and that third long we think our cells and as larger and sadder than our competitors we have ourselves him as over four hundred staff and anna fourth advantage they think that we already have read all range of customers we have several more for small to medium enterprises and also receive the lives enterprise customers and assessed advantage we have with thing as a we have recently acquired and let's see i and as we can provide the fear and sanchez to our customers while outcomes at our while i can tatters can not
spk_22: the last month as our we ourselves have had overseas businesses gym japan malaysia and the sale appears that alison status as as currently they just assault us and china
spk_0: i think in one way or we can provide more to our customers dentists us s c flair and does and that's shit okay
spk_12: thank you very much thank you very much
spk_1: again if you have a question please press stars than one on a touch tone some
spk_12: the next question comes from akita american with china securities please go ahead
spk_21: didn't want it to would you didn't have to ask you know
spk_12: siegel to see the that he cannot see to the sanctions on something that or something like that i go mentioned go to the mouse with that if you want something i don't know that they could you come across as a consensual chapman to come inside you don't slam supply from arctic ocean oxygen to the fully for your whole genome actually asked you to sit some the aussies as i can help us who says that to serve some functions and something for them to the jokes economy since have near the flash he was unconstitutional me to jump from and mitchell san sam
spk_27: my chances with injuries which you can begin
spk_12: yeah hockey someone should have lots of shoot on the panel to the theme song how could she is or isn't the i mean is that sounds interesting yoshinori the counting for some added sushi that some like milk to nonsense about the got center
spk_10: i'm going to mess myself and i have three questions and six one as a fat sauces business out what is excessive selfless as costs and is insufficient in the next two to three the or somebody to financial market size and seen the mid to long term and my second time soon as our what the consequences
spk_4: and to show that as my about the long term extension strategy as martin says also and content it's others yeah i'm sorry
spk_10: the mechanics of what are our competitiveness and differences as you said i am in a sense that's nonsense ass silence and so where are the chances of the question the past few years said he'd seen a very positive shrimp the fourth quarter and how should they look at the time in the mood to long term in how much can leach as a simple say
spk_28: she has is lot of for a while i'll take off with our before the sunderland you our resources or whole you got the our lives in a way to us
spk_10: that was what she had a fan digital foundry shooting and you don't go to the you don't even watch a little signal that
spk_29: so for the first person we we will actually had a huge industry reports in our office access you know are being or i feel
spk_30: the argue that reports i think if i remember correctly by the authentically for the fcc market will increase to ah
spk_10: words thirty five billion aren't these are in indeed in terms of the overall market size
spk_9: with the
spk_10: i think when they
spk_9: or the other annual growth rate of a lot thirty five percent and offer for romance out of for for few was our of it's arrival increased by over sixty two sixty three percent so for the nice the two to three years we expect our obviously investors will ah
spk_10: increase as somewhere between fifty to sixty percent or well above the average because others that busy see as we are as mister saddam is an earlier we also have off like a vertical solutions we have to say i am as or have we have a many many other features are is a day
spk_9: you shouldn't to the are the basic fifty solutions a we can also a total solution was many product modules that's our competitors catch ah
spk_10: yeah so ah that's why we think the on also the ah the the overseas markets are we think of the ah the over seas market for the next are users will also become one on one of the other key drivers for our business so the in general that's why are we are very confident our our city revenue you will increase in the range of fifty to sixty percent for the next or two to three years ah as your third plants or news regarding the or the dollar based nights or retention rates are all i think are probably are as you know our or this this percentage of was not very good for offer from us are plenty plenty of due to the call mean i think of regular the community things are have a very big macs of you pack the our business for last year
spk_9: thoughts we have laws you know as the coin i feel great has has been disappearing
spk_3: our fifth percentage has come back to to the normal level as
spk_2: you have the by the fact that an our
spk_4: on are based on average hitter rate for a few was is over one hundred and some percent and we expect these percentage will continue to get that are in the future
spk_3: are they don't know well the reasons why would i to be got the i would be quite unique on sam for the going to to be initiative on a snake all due to such a huge utah on woman deal only so sony downtown core that been at the i am does he them up to nine it's yeah out that all men size insincere tweets who
spk_4: last on god you could i ever see i'm nuts and he's swinging that gives it a decent i guess a woman's home see that hand in the end and don't see i am as the on some guy down until tuesday all young sanchez or don't know who don't want to sell to watch gotten a little guy needs is a sega unser i'm the youngest so are you woman saw beyond hundred thousand so go you have seen handing the entire how you as he got one enough for me away says he got a site on the a woman your fiancee go home in the genes the also
spk_3: sit of ah mi amor season i just one young un sanctions yeah dogs and young couples
spk_24: a woman is i mean by yeah us now woman see this is a woman
spk_3: until now you the legal useless yeah
spk_4: a a woman the old school i see that you'll see i am i'm in the wow moments younger you think that's one son who was the i am i'm in the booth to lie down or meal see that i'm in a nice you'll pass us a nice meal as on a nice ohio sun city needs only the in the womb jesus for money tambien whole do and say the cigars the i am concerned that your husband do wanna see good one and does channels and know your thoughts or the song of our men than women deal line sanders doesn't the young families alcove we get hoboken jimbo kokoda also teaches city she's the one them cause you in see the adults will either sweet
spk_3: since he got seats in the olds also neither as them to a halt love highlights and daisy the juices are could have gone he goes the i am the shells the ones that nigga boosie the a half dozen cigarettes comments or would you buy beta
spk_4: he says of our managers who were miriam was the i am the sega
spk_3: some been the time
spk_31: as the old wasn't enough not to the woman size is on them and clique hundred dollar your houses is your sunglasses easily the got evil demons
spk_4: the to be them councils always some good want us to the tongue dark sunday to beat seattle
spk_3: don't old us to go thinking that one a yard the our latest salvo be to see this year
spk_4: see really see any manual from way
spk_3: ah yes those his hunger time kinda see feels it's yes self rule
spk_4: ah
spk_3: he just uses those you thought the andean does nega see i am the of
spk_4: not few you can on just kind of algae or the games on single one thousand ways years or thirty two i don't see that people to see the fools not young zero policy and show you email sources to use kids are so did some know i mean does sound of the got odds yes not your the on sunday the name of was homeless man
spk_1: a woman as these assets in the city to sit down and and a little says i see this is how shinzo cleo you got high high the sins of omission good as the see to see just as those your tongue know couple that the i am here's the woman the high arches abuse or on her not south always be to be that sunday we have hung in the the i am the seagull glenys are young you're done don't blame on couldn't do it on dollars hi help him some leads you know the and us see got to those those it's one does sound us nigga see i am for them as the i'm not big of sweet a site uses i'm a woman's the old hi honey shinzo south woman tweets war could our as the i am cigar ties to the juliet as didn't see that antenna me ten goals that l cancel woman's as it any real woman yoshi since them go some way toward it's yes as is it the extension from our a cc products to the i am actually that show and results and this rationale is so health and their fries and less their customer acquisition until saturday at customer retention
spk_32: we have competitive advantage and falling assets are the first one as we have more than thirty thousand existing customers
spk_1: is that a lot as sad we have contacts and their products such as a accessibility terrible and etc we can survive a lions fan solution to our customers set up here last year and professional company
spk_3: also we have established a country has sell sell sell sell sell with satellites saw different kinds of customers
spk_1: since the last one and sat there i see our ancestors target since to be of features see customers and ever there so kind of men can tag currently acting sit see our ancestors are the first long as they're doing see i answered some thought the to be enterprise as such as a cell shows and a second second x that and as data set see i am said sense for pizza see enterprises which stuff consumer products such as away not idle says we have actually targeting different customer base camp sharon let other major players weed shows that features see enterprise
spk_33: i said close and customers have long as as a cycle such as signed as a sign that as as trade all cousin that says madison we are confident that the come one of the top players regarding our some has as advances to was always do just joseph
spk_34: just as though these hundred the on the see that time been of look see when i was a tom sawyer woman dies a good has salt and under don't plot sega or views know google of the ocean the joys on the else
spk_0: we were like to add that out why we'd still have beaches the enterprise private and customers have long does this as i call the cops out long does it as i told there are many
spk_35: many up trading activities and we can optimize from a fire a firing that custom axles
spk_12: so that customers final seal so we decided to choose to feed does the enterprise as less launder that or cycle okay
spk_36: send you a thank you
spk_12: visit our answers to that question moline once thank you the next question comes from tina holmes with goldman sachs please go ahead oh come on isn't she yeah she's yes always oil and she's a genius
spk_36: no no she's a child so sad a see see see her you see some girl you would require them are you do you handle the an easy to the money loser know somebody junior shall lead in the south
spk_35: i'll it's actually asian man
spk_37: oh yeah they should ah when you see past year with are you on that kind of has shield to easy to has you'll sit on challenging that you that some down a hold on either side ocean as your dog little amount don't know shes adventures is adjourned that you are you can own hours hopeful i don't want know he mentioned that oh how nice your future migrants you go our how about you that your will such as three summonses as a surprise your mail or a ghost that you guys that are your hobbies and girl is going to go up there have been i was allowed to his ass over the should be ship or she cited how to show lulu and
spk_10: on those reasons i see see to will eat and know what should have was not easy to on saturday or to wash our show you i'll hope that you'll have allowed should support house again inside ccg julia will get on the whole you the one she is she a guy you know are you do that she is your job you showed us
spk_4: comes out with them down does as up as and just ah so sure though she does this is way off to the hell do you see to that don't choose to yours was our father challenges are always lovely as was our last been said you were archie to woman for her being in guys your one chess on your jigsaw as your view that i was under the widowhood age
spk_10: the show would be a nice shirt to our sure that you got that quite sure you can know those you could be is you can go mais yes
spk_9: aren't know what a chinese out
spk_10: i have all four questions or the first one is could management treat it's the gross margin i see past see and you see sex minutes on and then the second question it's regarding see past as or during i pure all we've mentioned that he would probably not focus too much on see past ah business but the now it's still have very strong growth so do we have any update it's our thoughts on see pass and then the third one it's regarding our a crm or went we integrate stop our revenue numbers are into the first quarter without how much was sad and then the last question is regarding the second quarter our revenue or guidance because the growth has slowed down from the first quarter ah percentage so wondering what is the main drivers or main reason for that most slow down thank you edit there are overlooked groceries or so the first person the these are having the ah the good that is also a four to one news or see food around thirty reserve solar is a little be a fire the or the last year anniversary so it's a business or thing is thirty five for the eight percent
spk_9: or the suited as good as on the other of for vr you can see those those is be to fifty two fifty five for says well are are free the other reason is i also you were close enough the other the does not refer to love for twenty twenty is around of the
spk_4: thirty six percent bad because that is author of the to well this or this of thirty three percent of actually for to wild last year
spk_10: due to the coin i too i think the fourth quarter of twenty twenty fifth probably the water that about the most elite impacted by the coin i got great sylvia levy the gets larger numbers for that father is a not a group that is very good indicator of the the the
spk_4: the gross margin for the overall best days of the companies are like for example are there are probably some that revenues or contracts or like that before
spk_10: revenue in the first it's way about are some of the far may be recorded in that different fathers due to the vr the a vr like the a friend says scenarios related to the calling okay so lot of that's the although those margin for error or twenty funny is is only a luby last forty percent fat father was murdered for to was have increased for thirty three percent are agree fully expats argos margin for we are the remaining quarters of this year over the whole your twenty twenty was er will be in line with our original he's got fisher's aw of those your second class roots are the think hospice nurse i got have have it happens as the company's strategy or or strategic focus has been the same are compelled to before i love
spk_9: as or see on it's a measure of the a business will still be the major does those photos going forward on the reason why the revenue for as a pass into one you crazed rather significantly was merely do to we have several
spk_10: very vague strategic clients
spk_9: he has a very big the mares fallacy pass into was and off
spk_10: with a three posits in the future will become love the other the the conversations are one of the a total solution offerings of our our total cc solution
spk_38: so as results we we serve those are very large strategic our customers
spk_10: aw our wait rethink vr that that that's the reason why the revenue for fetuses for to was increase are pretty big such as that either that we we have not changed our search a focus
spk_21: regarding our own business
spk_37: your concerns regarded as you live you live
spk_0: all we we actually completed vr all finalize the acquisition of the end of march so too was there were almost no robin is recorded from or this accusation for sure was always spots are started from true to the other avenues will be one hundred percent included in our in our c c business software for your or her last grassroots ah
spk_1: vr we we put some very old a great seller for to wind the revenue and everything increase a lot
spk_0: it's apparent reason news you know due to as a much earlier vr that the to one of twenty twenty was probably mostly impacted by the the the the call him as job operate

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