spk_2: So ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by for the RLX Technology Incorporated. First quarter 2021 earnings conference call at this time. All participants are in listen only mode After management's remarks. There will be a question and answer session. Today's conference call is being recorded and is expected to last for about 40 minutes. I'll turn the call over to your host. Mr SAM Sang, head of investor relations of the company. Please go ahead. Sam
spk_1: thank you very much. Hello everyone and welcome to our X Technologies. First quarter 2021 earnings conference call. The company's financial and operational results were released pr Newswire services earlier debate and I've been waiting available online. You can also build the earning pressure lead by visiting the section of our website at I house dot net tax dot com. On today's call. How co founder, chairperson of the board of directors and Chief executive officer is case When you make some general remarks on our first quarter achievement uh and strategic processes going forward stand a chief financial officer mr childhood To elaborate further on a specific initiative and take us through our financial results for the first quarter. And the March 31, Before we continue, please know that today's discussion will contain four different statements made under the safe harbor provisions of the U. S. Title Security Education Reform Act of 1995. These statements typically campaign words such estimates will expect target estimates in pants believe potential continue are similar expressions Yeah, sort of in statements involved in human race and uncertainties. Yeah. The efficacy of these statements may be impacted by a number of business grease and uncertainties that would actually sells two different materially from those projected or anticipated. Many of which letters are beyond our control. The company does not undertake any applications to update its form of information. It's not as we part under the inevitable law. Yeah. Please note that our technologies earnings press release and this conference will include discussions of an audited gap financial measures as well as an audited non GAAp financial measures. Our technology has released contains a reconciliation of the unaudited non GAAP measures to the unaudited Gap measures. I will now turn the ball over to Miss Cape Land C. Four.
spk_0: Thank you Sam thanks everyone for making the time to join our earnings conference call today. First quarter 2021 with an eventful one for our company and the industry. In January we successfully listed on Europe's stock exchange. After lifting, we continued to the war on our leadership in scientific research, technology and product development, supply chain and production and distribution and regional network. Mhm. Our next revenues for the first quarter grew 48% quarter over quarter in March, the authorities made an announcement, speaking public comments regarding a proposal to revise relevant regulations aimed at strengthening the supervision of integrates and solving the quality and safety risks and forth advertising problems, among others. Just yesterday, the newly revised law on the protection of minors was enacted. Yeah, partial caucus addressed the prevention of underage use of alcohol and tobacco. He cigarettes included and relax. We have always been upholding user values, corporate value and social value as a key pillars of everything we do. Mhm. It is the rent list pursue of these values that makes us the most trusted brand of twice and a leading force in our in the truth the dynamic market and gradual A. Torrey involved.
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