spk_0: and welcome to the x financial first quarter twenty twenty one earnings conference call our participants will be in a lift and only mode should you need assistance please ignore conference specialist by pressing star than zero after today's presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions to ask a question you may press star than one on a touchstone for to withdraw your question please press star than to please note this event is being recorded how now like turn the car peterborough titania when please go ahead
spk_1: think they'll grander
spk_2: hi everyone and thinking about going on today the complimentary now have rarely leave earlier today and now going to go on a comment on a and i are picturing gop dot com on the a bike financial and only factor and meet that fender bender or because we believe we have green overview of the company think the operation for and had a broken program it didn't go to the financial they are available to until percent feeling that to infection i remind me what i call my company for were looking payment after that they the other policeman of the part of it difficult to with the gators of nagging the i they payment update on management current division in the car mckee and operating computer and they really cool event that you must know i'm not good uncle and he and other factors of be cool to protect him any of the top beyond hope the company control we can make hope the company that to rebel for comment on treatment could be from a purely for both in all containment for the equal literary got and live in been the and other for and quicker if included in the come with filing with you at the could hit any think contribution that combinator not on the pick and the obligation to up the any overlooking payment at the result can you even leaving the event or otherwise except that require other law you know my pleasure to introduce me to can lead the league could go ahead
spk_3: no reprieve to reporters dropped out of the year and our business be back only growth trajectory a to stop feeding cool noting and only in the first quarter of are under the new one photo paul both are operational in the financial without continued to show progress against our strategic up to objectives our popeye significantly improved on both the uri and the core the repeated in line with substantial increase are known for teaching amount we all home managed to turn pro profitable with moving comic feeding our guidance and alcohol mean compared with the fourth quarter of twenty nineteen thousand people know kobe
spk_4: and i can them and then
spk_3: during the first quarter or a total along for the eating amount to reach the rmt ten point nine billion an increase of fifty nine point one percent year over year and the do about two point two percent quota over color representing a record high in the last two years the to of money into it and by the strong growth of known for prototyping among the amount of showing our know which include one hundred forty five point four percent year over year and the thirty five point seven percent quarter over quarter than a year we have shifted our product okay to show your card know which your computer four hundred percent of total know facilitating amount of the first call around twenty twenty one compared with ninety two point two percent in the previous quarter our focus the products that it has proven to be clearly in gaining traction among borrowers and the dealer profitable girl as of the year of march and you can do one pogo of bending nonbinding showing car known reach the army be fifteen point three billion an increase our can do nine point four percent compared with a prior quarter we'll we'll continue building pants and to focus on showing cardinal product to address cause numerous growing financing me going forward in the meantime we have been working to expand our service or coverage by exploring more opportunities cooperate with more original financial institution a diversified into a graphic reach we are the kind of our business but it could pdp and help often advocate i'll for him do in the macro economic and expand our funding sources eighty one of our keep it going to be given development strategy in twenty of them be well i'm be innovation will will further strengthen risk management by increasing by introducing more than and effective data analytics and further improve the quality you may conclude that the one who received approval from the local financial regulator if you're single unit that muni that attitude to third option to showing microcredit of code limited showing microcredit will shoot the new established entity at one up our be ideal for the purpose of operating or
spk_5: microcredit business
spk_3: charlie michael could it be the first company i'll be kind of difficulty transform from what people did bit the need to an online micron created quite a bit and potential either major mouth going to are fully regulatory compliance either will expand our thirty pm consumer financing and the provide them all conference financial services to the large pool of micro lot more given it and they'll be employed in be legal in china which are keep and contributors about chinese economic ago the comedy that taking a period of a measures to promote of the development of micro and more people me and it clearly implored and individuals we will cooperate with other life and opponent these to teams to me to their financial need gate but i haven't million crack our credibility and give up that advantage when we cooperate with our other financial institutions including the benefit of current into media car we are expecting to comment operation in the third quarter of can do that you what moving forward market demand our product and service continues to grow and mean we expect to maintain our current girls momentum throughout the year china consumer financing than a micro and a smoker financing market have great potential we believe we are well positioned to catch opportunity to okay with our talk to to gran all fool regulator to comply and are deepening cop cooperating with the finding things to now i will turn to the can turn the call to crack will go through our financial you can and hello a they were where for you have a deliberate a strong financial performance during the first quarter total revenue increased the when point three percent year over year and a six point five percent quarter over quarter to i agree to that hundred point three million our lacking come with a quarter would i be one hundred ninety two point eight million compare with and net lot of i'd be well where are you doing that he picked point three million in the same period last year and a net loss of i'll be hundred fifty five point five million in the period caught up in connecticut improvement that our popular and the bottom line without it mainly from a strong growth in our long but the the patient a mouse inherent operational efficiency and the in a perfect premium borrow beaches to a good for the the to proportion of the low amount we create a kind of like to party financial guarantees companies increase to forty eight point one pretend about thirty eight point eight percent of independents quota our efforts to a their partnership with that the party financial go companies to further optimized fair can cause for a bottle and a remain our again that throughout the year
spk_6: including been conclusion that progress that we have made it's core that has to end our position and the reputation in the market and improve our ability to be then and people copulation with the financially countries we are entering a new caprica our journey as our coworkers to work i've been bitten if get back on track and that we are waiting to explore additional of to the case in the microcredit that there as well we remain confident of the in north korea show up the industry and our could act
spk_3: his foot deliver of road and the cocoa our shareholder
spk_6: now i would like to breathe some financial performance
spk_3: total revenue in the play or the other twenty twenty one increased by thirty one point three perfect to be now hundred six point three million us like dollar when one hundred thirty eight point three million in the by hundred twenty nine meeting in the same period of twenty twenty hammer really do to change in the point of thing with the increasing todo lo put a leash a marked out there showing carlo in the quarter will compare with that in the a period of time a pony
spk_6: orientation and the third thirty three expanded in the fourth quarter of planetary when increase the by twenty eight that to i i'd be five or thirty two point five million us dollar eighty seven point four million
spk_3: i'll be four hundred forty seven point two million either been period of time and twenty pound area due to the increase in the commission fee
spk_6: without a from the increase total low fertility about in this quarter were compare with a fifth period of time you try to
spk_3: research for the controversy liberal and conquer factor in the first photo what i'd be seventeen point three million us dollars two point six really compare with be eighty two point one million in the same period of twenty highly primary due to a decrease out the average as them in before wage
spk_6: compare with that in the same period of time timing and the partially offset by the increase in the couch resealable found of the issue for publication so that it as a result of that increase in total long for can be patient a market enough in the first quarter of twenty twenty one
spk_3: coalition for the longest field goal in the first quarter of time you probably won't work i'm twenty six point six meeting you at four point one meeting compare with i'll be forty two point eight million in the same period of twenty five henry due to a decrease of average they're funny the full rate
spk_6: compare with that in the same period of time to time income about operations in the first for the of twenty twenty one what i'd be two hundred fifty one point two meeting you are taught us dollar thirty eight point three million can pay with the law fund operation of i've been working with hillary meaning in the same period of time you try to net income a treadmill with to exponential shareholders in the first quarter of twenty times where would i be like and ninety two point eight million us dollar twenty nine point four million compared with that lot actually do that financial shareholders hosting hotel are and be one hundred ninety three point three really in the same period of time the tiny now care of get back in time actually were attributable put a financial shareholders in the could be the first call up twenty twenty one what i be two hundred twelve million
spk_3: you it really two point four million compare with the loud get a jet net loss to a financial shareholders of i'll be when i get fifty nine point nine million in the same period of time plenty
spk_6: cash and cash equivalents was on be
spk_3: hundred ninety nine point eight million us dollars one hundred twenty two point one million as of march thirty foot tiny tiny tiny tiny would compare with i i am i i'd be a good forty six point four million as of december thirty first twenty five the now the for our business of
spk_0: for a second quarter of twenty twenty one we read the guidelines for the total long put the petition to be in the range of i be twelve point four billion to i'll be thirty delayed and in their income attributable attributable to the exponential shareholders to be
spk_7: one that then i'll be two hundred climate getting get forecast to distract our current and clearly abuse which accept get changes now is to improve our for pair with my and they like open the portal question operator please
spk_0: we will now begin the question and answer session to ask a question he may press star than one on your touchstone phone if you're eating a speaker phone please pick up your handset before pressing the case if at any time in question that's been addressed and you would like to withdraw your question please press star than to at this time will pass momentarily to the tumbler roster
spk_2: again if you have a question please press star than one
spk_0: as there are no question this concludes our question and answer session i would like turn the conference back over to tanya when for any closing remarks

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