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Q3 2021 Earnings Conference Call


spk_0: what very welcome that isn't technologies third quarter twenty twenty one up day conference call but like the turn to call would have been gmc and with lethal partner
spk_1: though it thank you for joining us today for zooms third quarter twenty twenty one update conference call with us on the paul represent the company today is amid the hemsky zooms founder and chairman at the conclusion of today's prepared remarks and made will answer some questions that were sent us by investors and other questions we think are relevant the investors as well if i will begin with prepared remarks just a couple of common raise call will contain forward looking statements that are based on current assumptions and subject to risk and uncertainty is that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected and the company undertakes no obligation to update these statements a sept as required by law information about these risks and uncertainties are included in the company's filing as well as periodic filings with regulators in canada and the united states which you can find on c door and zooms website could a discussion will include adjust the financial measures which are non i f r s measures these should be considered as a supplement to a not a substitute for i fr us financial measures it finally today's events is being recorded i will be available for replay to the webcast information provided in the press release
spk_2: with that said let me turn to call over to me but hemsky founder and chairman of zoom a meat please proceed
spk_3: thank you ben
spk_4: and good morning to all of you
spk_3: some highlights today i'm going to provide an overview of our chief meant for the third quarter and provide you an update on the opportunities that we believe he drives the growth and job going forward the hard all of our entire theme that vision zoom well for revenue and profitability grill in twenty twenty one and beyond it's we is the fourth and fifth you pick quarter of growth in both revenue and adjusted ebitda a tv as if you like cold as quarter of it will be anywhere and as a cool if as you growth rate of one hundred and bobby one of thank you the believe our phone revenue growth is coming from to france figuring duke clients and increasing our share of the acquisition budgets we bring our they could be decline i would get scarf each of these avenue separately first we will go to new flying over the past few we have focused on the the find our client base by the you caught the milky but goals such as equal know i gaming gaming and feed that
spk_5: leaf blower stop flying now the flu names such as tony entertainment
spk_3: the store and mall international brand they've also extended about your graphic footprint you to were going geography such as lucky america and asia what has he successfully improvised you live in cliff chiang out over the for and or go off would be messy driving you're there to the patient our you liquidation platform has been in belgrade and enabling the line managed and multiply like campaign do with legal safe than allowing for greater time saving and efficiency these real time on for our macy's data platform which underlies with hundreds of millions baby and as enabled our customers to grow greatly is limited edition and weaknesses giving the ability to scale immediately by the meant we live up to our big big cuts the mills they are increasing their requisitioned acquisition budget with us is there for you stronger returns on that investment we'll see it through exceed a location of advertising budget in our platform and thirty the fifth a testament to our unique technology which use driving the key concept of our platform which is will defy media integrations all users it with you should contain under one place david precious time and having clearly the belief the of all media sources when we're happy with our cool and pace of growth we believe that a good opportunity for the new multi in addition the line or the is valid but valuation extension is our phil from back or the in h one might be twenty one we aligns itself lunch which you to be bipartisan of faith of felt so far they've come pain management software you need cute three we successfully finalize the design partner faith and bedding and implementing all important for the insight into our up during the next month with learning to on board the filth bunch of flights from that my phone to fully probably free and open for the to on executing the company vision of automation and family they sent via cellphone or that before that will unlock our capacity to a lot more small and mid organization and customs before i begin with the my remarks regarding the details of our they third quarter i wanted to take a step back and provide everyone at be of an overview on our business doomed altos immobile fell to the acquisition platform integrated with the majority of global digital media channel two opponents focus on you the acquisition two more efficiently minutes add budgets and illegal then eighty tough the mills and going out a life in addition we provide the site felt engine to publish it it's also provided valuable data
spk_6: we have to make unique philly put the dishes
spk_3: well developed sense data not only the wealthy or the quantity of the data that we have but the quality because we also forget our well data via own seifert clearly coming for my will publish of our queries are inventing that we are not doing much guessing our second unique filippo position is our platform we act as a layers on the mobile media ecosystem eat the girl a thing of beauty find somebody pulls media sources you to one unified late offering advertisers a user a good vision control center for managing on the customer acquisition campaign you the a figures slothful by unified all this media filtered into a single platform zoom save as the title significantly fulfill that would otherwise be spent operating multiple advertising sees them consolidating that of both with best by maximizing data collection and data insight while minimising the refill of stay on the of the on the operation
spk_4: our data platform point that is conflated to storm the ally
spk_7: mk vi to thoughtful for our line
spk_3: and now i was daniel impatient the old your own pension the some highlight while the bathwater the first quarter was another the court order for them as we achieved revenue growth of one hundred forty one percent year over year and forty three percent growth compared to due to twenty twenty one we are also focusing on the bottom line as we achieve one point six million dollar if any movement in adjusted ebitda compelled to minus one point nine billion dollars adjusted ebitda into three twenty twenty any pulled may have two point five million dollar and more than five million dollar for the nine month period ended that they'll be september twenty twenty one compared to the safety of in twenty twenty regenerate one point seven million dollars in cash flows from relations compares minus one million dollars cash flow and you're busy twenty twenty i want to be mine in fiscal but we are young company public played it all about doing it
spk_8: in l a short life our technology and for that
spk_3: as feel only the people he recognized by the industry it is our belief that our growth was that of that and we've more time and must be more companies will come down about our value proposition and didn't valid speak about financials you got i will give you the felt photo the fighting a built in beacon they believe avenue in the third quarter increase in one hundred forty one for then you will get a huge to speak the million dollar the you can leave it open you if banality as a result of on both of new clients in recent months boy existing account and the company companies expansion into gross geography such as nothing america in asia the nation deployment of new thirty seven feature combined with the declaration of our latest acquisition a generated so revenue growth during the fourth
spk_9: on our previous cause we know that that we have being successful a thought the new client employed fact those that is palmer
spk_3: i gaming gaming and feed that our recent engagement them of play that in value in high regard the new the liquid beginning to get done that before vida outline well we are enthusiastic about all the ability to we could be flying our goal is to expand and go these relationships we shout couldn't live in a infancy level of a new clients are in industries that are experiencing rebuffed gross going to treat at felt relieved i was fifteen with further freaked by the feeling the station and the ad trucking of strict we'll feed you anymore effect on us as our platform business logic is still in a more than where we are indifferent to reach integrated media thoughts and which repeat oh can use the mouse we i'm find out to any bleeding media giant we are getting a bigger boss and out of the budget worth noting most perfect margin was twenty ninth look then compared the filthy wife have been bought the same period in plenty plenty if like being a typical local malkin opposite by start big favor of new client relationships
spk_10: as for the allenby be such a development expensive for the fuck was that when one point three million dollar a twenty seven but then decline compared with the same period last year
spk_3: they the case in littleton development expensive mainly reflects that basic completion and launch of the companies son or that that's doing the court the we capitalized the awfully low point cool million dollar of all be expensive
spk_11: it is a lot of view that capitalizing off portion of the out the extent that the common in the report between technology book
spk_3: nc and eight daily general and of myth would be expensive for the third quarter well two point five million dollar and thirty one percent increase in over the of a selecting big senses hold on for that performance living here that with the same as well as increase in fate of the pokemon bonus that as up a significant goals in life india adjusted ebitda if you if climate if a of measure by day company's management to ensure it has the right structure to support you to go
spk_12: we find a job that if either if next lot less than that cliches and and a motivation and survey payment we are believed to have achieved equality if either of life on the million dollar of negative view point nine million dollar in que three of
spk_3: like the twin
spk_6: eat leaving adjusted ebitda was blackmailing attributed to storm the seventies we achieve the new three four five point two million dollar or the nine months ended september thirty twenty twenty one compelled to the same period in twenty twenty and and be fitted a continuation of
spk_3: just as evidenced thankful for the bill
spk_6: a phone call to the edge of the adjusted if you that is available in our mtn a spine
spk_3: guess no luck but we have three point two million dollars in cash on the fall on chief as of september thirty twenty twenty one innovation we had trained to the feasible of the and point seven million dollar does this four point six million dollar for the same feel loved it either given our patient to remain adjusted ebitda coffee in twenty twenty one we feel comfortable with the cooling cash balance and now for some concluding remarks will remain excited about our posts eleven you in twenty twenty one evening for me to keep budget for our coolant live blogging on of a deacon with line you bought a new gotham adequate reality conflicts with he said oklahoma live in you as well as potential for kill them emanate give it we also happy that we have stolen be the interest flow positive in twenty twenty one
spk_1: i want wanted thanks to all our employees or the hard work and dedication as well as our will investors who have supported us with duct that i will impose some of our investors question in some courses that may be of interest to our that they can meet we have some questions for you
spk_3: humans him part of a strong revenue growth is coming from taking larger allocation of clients a user acquisition buckets of water what it is compelling these client to take resources away from others and giving it to zoom well as clinton was close close or gliding new you will still be usually they start with a test budget and go from that point we find to achieve our but promote healthy i mean our platform as the intergalactic two hundred of media thought it would have been needed off eventually for almost any budget practically all geolocation as we keep archiving customers kp i've
spk_13: they was blowing spend five boxes with them but then to fly to be men on top of that as mentioned ne the new iowa it changes have made of get a bigger portion of the budget as advertisers of the people have you thought that for acquiring new user
spk_1: thank you
spk_3: can you talk about why you're so excited about the south south so fast far the south is based on our platform and develop fulfill says for that we are looking be a point sauce a business model it was in fourth one thousand into play the to the advertisers add up we'll focus on live a white people think says teaching avoiding valuable insight and abilities or maximizing their budget
spk_1: david game time by automating ongoing the cbp and of the this income pain management stuff
spk_3: thank you you mention zoom was less hurt by the i was fourteen ounces key changes apples are about the explain and simple words why is zoom isn't her that's most digital media companies are better rolled out must be changing of the limitation what if you think he published cause a food in august even a giant pen billions of billions of dollar only use the ever thought they are changing the way advertised and media company you can't and belga see what been set you up the thirty companies that hold their own meet ya up it and even though it's such it's facebook and google is the all it because each the media companies woman his apple changes if of value and targets in less accurate way as effort positive clothing the device and give identical that mean that the media some it couldn't know defeat the you'll love with i'll be looking for platform off as a laser on the digital media ecosystem he seemed to be eighty two hundred of media sources as they lay eyes on top of them when running a user acquisitions campaign or customers will follow the platform
spk_14: the budgets between the media channels
spk_3: excellent changes just cause the speech on them platform to be fun not to be less but be fun the focus on bit before the sofa but have changed and on changed automatically a book example if he thought by of to the change it is also called the implantation or our cutting the budget to go if a customer the are able to deliver it goes better and more than fifty and then other option taking into consideration the junior empirically one major media wilson
spk_15: it makes sense to manage it it on some platform easy on me missing any media it just saving time and focusing on blondes the tool because this is john is ah
spk_1: thank you me
spk_3: how soon getting ready and prepared for the future market changes based on mother same feeling of forecasting what do you think about the future marketing this boston based on was the of theme really good for the thing we are perfectly positioned is a huge a because of deep spain recent one you should shape i was hoping it's the other old his own media our platform in the nail on all media son every change the media centered will be the thought i'd be changes were zoomed will enjoy build them fancy the advertising was hosting the some fancy areas for the leaf to you both luck to you that means that a proposal want to know we've been budgeted going in both luckily what bobby she'll be became the eighth and wave and how much he did you keep a convention course the feared in the compared to a situation where the other guy got a only for we both performance without knowing where the as will be late and without knowing how much stuff inflation costs they are paying job for you know our says birth that working a full transparency either by those we will know exactly where the as spent has been be displayed and how much each bout of the convention and final costs please take felt more than a and amount of companies the fed operating the complaint by themselves advertisement are looking to manage author fifty thousand empathize with funded eternity to pay for the software on you thought that he wants but the opening by himself
spk_1: i will fulfill closer with plant and be made it to encourage you to be treated equally advertisers and not only to agency
spk_0: they can meet at the time yet of how we have today my thanks everyone for waiting on today's call they look forward to hopefully sticking with the all shook so i guess

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